Rules & Policies

The High School Student Handbook is one of several publications students are responsible for reading. The  UNCSA High School Bulletin and supplemental art school and academic program handbooks or handouts also include student policies and expectations. In the event of a conflict between this handbook and the actual policy or procedure, the actual policy or procedure controls.

High School Student Handbook       UNCSA High School Bulletin         

& Sign-out
Students are required to sign out anytime they leave campus and must be specific about where they will be going. Students are required to sign in upon their return. Students must have parental permission to leave campus overnight.

Room Changes
Most residence hall rooms are set up for two  people. On occasion, rooms may be converted
to house additional students, i.e., a large double room may be converted to house three students. UNCSA will make every attempt to notify students in advance that their assigned room is being converted to house additional students. UNCSA operates at full occupancy, therefore room changes are not easy to accommodate. If a student experiences a roommate conflict, the Residence Hall Coordinator or Residence Hall Director will work together to resolve any conflicts.

All residents must stay in their assigned rooms. Room changes are only granted in the event of extreme incompatibility/extenuating circumstances that may affect a student’s ability to thrive at UNCSA.

Courtesy & Quiet Hours
There is a 24-hour Courtesy Hours policy that ensures excessive or irritating noise is not allowed at any time in the residence halls. If someone asks you to be quiet, please comply. During quiet hours, the noise level should not extend outside your room. Quiet Hours are:

  • Weekdays from 10 p.m. – 10 a.m.
  • Weekends from 11 p.m. – 11 a.m.

All guests - including parents and relatives - must sign in and sign out at the Connector Desk. On Friday and Saturday nights, students may have overnight guests by completing the Overnight Visitor Permission form 24-hours in advance. Students are not allowed to have guests who are UNCSA college students, over the age of 19 or younger than 13 years old.

Curfew Checks
The Residence Life staff will check to ensure all students are accounted for immediately after the last curfew each night. Curfew times are listed by grade in the High School Student Handbook.