Commuter Student FAQ

This is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you have additional questions, contact the High School Life staff.

Where can I hang out between classes?

Commuter students are welcome to visit the High School Connector building every day during the hours of 8 a.m.ā€“11 p.m. Commuter students must sign in as a guest upon entering the Connector building. To gain entry into the building, the student will swipe their One Card at the Connector front door.

Commuter students are welcome to participate in all programs and events sponsored by High School Life and have access to check out games from the Connector desk. Commuter students are not allowed to visit the residential areas for college students. The boundary is identified as anything past the Elephants, including The What lounge.

Do I have a curfew?

Yes, although you do not live in the residence halls, commuter students must leave campus by 11 p.m. each night. This is to ensure your safety traveling home and to help enforce the curfew for residential students.

Can I have a car?

Licensed high school commuter students may purchase a commuter register their vehicle to receive a parking decal. Commuters  park in the designated Commuter ā€œCā€ lots on campus.

Can I participate in programs and events?

Yes, any program or event sponsored by High School Residence Life or all-campus event is open to every student. Commuters can come to the High School Connector building, sign-in at the Connector desk, and join in on the fun!

Can I be a Student Leader?

Each academic year, around Spring Break, the High School Life staff will send out applications for student leadership positions. Commuter students can apply to serve as Commuter Peer Leaders or serve on Student Government. The applications for Student Government positions, and the election process, takes place prior to Spring Break each year.

How can I become a residential student?

It is possible for commuter students to live on campus; however, this is only available on a limited basis. There must be an open space. To inquire about becoming a residential student, please reach call 336-770-3371.


Do I have to have a meal plan?

High school commuter students may sign up for the 10-meal plan or one of the block plans. High school commuters who are classified as NC residents will automatically be assigned the 10-meal plan.