Rights & Confidentiality

Client Bill of Rights

  1. Access to counseling services covered by Health Fee and free of additional charges. Session limits apply.
  2. Choose freely among counselors, and change counselors after services have begun.
  3. Be valued as an insightful, competent individual who is not disordered, diseased, dysfunctional, or deficient.
  4. Confidentiality in accordance with State and Federal law.
  5. Be fully informed about:
    • your counselor's qualifications (e.g., licensure, training, experience);
    • your counselor's areas of specialization and limitations;
    • your counselor's therapeutic orientation and approach;
    • your diagnosis, if your counselor uses one;
  6. Set the counseling pace and agenda and ask questions at any time.
  7. Experience a safe setting, including freedom from discrimination; verbal, physical, or sexual abuse; and blaming or shaming by your counselor.
  8. Choose your own lifestyle -- as long as it doesn't impinge on other's rights -- and to have your choices respected by your counselor.
  9. Disclose only that personal information which you choose.
  10. Continually evaluate the therapeutic relationship.
  11. Summaries of your therapy at your request.
  12. Access to a medication-free counseling experience.
  13. Information about treatment options, including medication and outside referral sources.
  14. Know about and refuse observation through digital video recordings as exercised by your choice of counselor.
  15. Transition in or out of counseling at any time.
  16. Assert these rights without retaliation.