Engaging Guest Artists Procedure

Guest Artists are engaged by schools/divisions to offer enhancements to the student learning experience. Typical guest artist activities generally occur outside the classroom setting.

Some examples include:

  • Presenting a Master Class or lecture
  • Choreographing a dance piece
  • Directing a play
  • Instruction in a specialized technique/skill
  • Performing

Guest Artists can be engaged by various methods (i.e., independent contractor, honorarium, hosted by school/division). Contact Financial Affairs (if using State funds) or Foundation (if using Foundation funds) for procedures to pay Guest Artists as independent contractors, pay an honorarium, or pay for travel expenses. 

No matter the method, a Notification of Guest Artist Engagement must be filed with Academic Affairs at least two weeks prior to the Guest Artist’s arrival on campus. Schools/divisions should give additional consideration to time requirements for criminal background checks as described below. 

Criminal Background Check & Policy Acknowledgement

UNCSA requires a satisfactory criminal background report and signed Policy Acknowledgement for Guest Artists with unsupervised student contact prior to engaging in services. Unsupervised student contact is defined as student contact during which a current UNCSA employee will not be present.  Guest Artists may not have unsupervised student contact until cleared by Academic Affairs. 

Criminal background reports can take up to three weeks to complete. See Procedure for Engaging Guest Artists for more information. 


Notification of Guest Artist Engagement

Disclosure & Authorization for Background Investigation

Policy Acknowledgment

Procedure for Engaging Guest Artists

1. School/Division

Complete the Notification of Guest Artist Engagement and submit to Academic Affairs via guestartistforms@uncsa.edu.

If a criminal background check and Policy Acknowledgement is required:

  • Give the Notification & Release for Background Check and the Policy Acknowledgement to the Guest Artist for completion and signature.
  • Upload the completed Notification & Release for Background Check and the Policy Acknowledgement to the “Guest Artist Criminal Background Check” secure folder. You may also provide this link to your Guest Artist if they prefer to upload the forms themselves.
2. Academic Affairs Conduct criminal background check and notify department when complete.