Tuition Grant Program

Tuition Grant Program

The Tuition Grant Program provides free tuition for in-state students graduating from the High School Program. Those graduates who are accepted into and enroll in college full time at a constituent UNC System institution can attend college at UNCSA or any other UNC System institution tuition-free. 

Program Q&A

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  • You must be a UNCSA High School graduate for the appropriate school year.
  • You must meet the requirements for North Carolina in-state tuition.
  • You must enroll full-time (minimum 12 credit hours) as an undergraduate student at one of the UNC System institutions, starting with the academic year immediately following your high school graduation.
  • You must meet the Selective Service Requirement, or be exempt.
  • You must be continuously enrolled. The grant is provided for a total of four academic years. There is potential for appeal based on extenuating circumstances related to non-continuous enrollment.

The current governing law for the Tuition Grant Program includes funding being allocated for high school graduates through 2027.

Qualification is determined based on the appropriate graduation year. The number of years you attend UNCSA is not a factor.

No. Graduates must begin attendance at a participating university and receive Tuition Grant funding during the academic year immediately following their high school graduation.

No. You must follow the standard application process for the school(s) you wish to attend, including UNCSA.

The Tuition Grant Program does not have an established minimum requirement GPA. However, a student must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements of their institution to maintain matriculation and financial aid eligibility as a standard.

The participating institutions do not waive the cost of tuition. The North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority's release of funding (disbursement) dates for each semester are not based on the varying billing cycles of each institution. Therefore, families will have to work with their respective institutions to determine processes related to paying tuition.

Typically, institutions reflect awards on student accounts as "anticipated financial aid" once they are notified of a student's award offer and eligibility is confirmed by the school. However, this process can vary from one institution to another.

Graduates must complete and submit an electronic intake form (application) when it becomes available for their class year for the first year of consideration and awarding. Once available, the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority will provide the appropriate link to UNCSA for each graduating class for distribution to the appropriate population.

This is expected to happen during March of each year. The form will be linked on this webpage, in addition to being communicated directly to students and parents via e-mail.

Tuition Grant funding for the Fall 2021 semester will be retroactively released to schools on behalf of eligible students. If a refund is due, the student/family must communicate with their institution to determine the refund process.

Participating universities