Tuition & Educational Resources

Tuition & Educational Resources

Being an educational institution means we value learning and nurture an atmosphere of continual learning for our workforce. Here are some ways you can be a continual learner. Permanent employee working 30 hours or more per week are eligible for the Tuition and Fees Waiver Program and can take up to three classes per year tuition-free.

Educational Resources

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The State Academic Assistance Program in not an employee benefit, but a management program for workforce development and planning. Courses should be related to current job responsibilities or the development of future skills for future use at UNCSA. Reimbursement includes tuition and other academic-related fees.

Academic Assistance Application (PDF)

The purpose of the Tuition Waiver Program is to provide an opportunity for an eligible employee to have the tuition waived for a course taken at any of the constituent institutions of The University of North Carolina System. Participation is voluntary and courses may be taken for career development or for personal interest. Read UNC System policy 1000.2.2.1. (opens in new tab)

A total of three courses may be waived per academic year (fall, spring, summer) and all student fees for the term will be waived. Law Enforcement classes are unlimited. Student will be responsible for the cost of required textbooks and/or class materials.

Tuition Waiver Application (Word) or (PDF).

The College Foundation of North Carolina offers the NC 529 Plan. Your NC 529 account earnings are free from federal and NC state income taxes when used to pay for qualified higher education expenses such as:

  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Room and Board
  • Books
  • Computer and Associated equipment
  • School-Required Supplies and other equipment

NC 529 features and enrollment

Through the UNCSA Staff Council, eligible staff may apply for the Janet B. Royster Memorial Staff scholarship, which provides up to $1000 per academic year for assistance in obtaining a degree or certification to advance career goals. The scholarship can be applied to the cost of tuition, fees, books or registration fees.  Application deadline is Oct. 31.


The UNCSA Writing Center is available for students, faculty and staff to get help on a writing assignment. The Writing Center is in the Teaching and Learning Center above the Library Café.

Writing Center

Testing Services
Faculty and staff taking online courses, distance education courses or are enrolled at another college or university or can take their exam at the Teaching & Learning Center for an hourly fee. See test proctoring services.

Tuition Waiver Program Process

 Here is how to get started:

  1. Apply and be admitted to any UNC university that you want to take a course(s). The course can be online, distance learning or in-class. To take classes at UNCSA, apply for admittance to UNCSA. If taking liberal arts classes at UNCSA, you can be admitted as a special student. Refer to Classes at UNCSA section.
  2. Enroll in the course by contacting the Registrar's office at the school that you will be taking the class or follow your program's processes for enrollment.
  3. Complete the Tuition Waiver Application (Word) or (PDF).
    1. Your supervisor will need sign the application.
    2. UNCSA Human Resources department will need to sign.
  4. Send the signed form to the appropriate school's Students Accounts office that is in charge of billing to have the tuition and applicable fees waived.
  5. Verify on your student accounts bill that the tuition and applicable fees have been waived. Note: Depending on the school where you are enrolled, you may need to pay for books or other materials.

Classes at UNCSA

Employees taking a class at UNCSA

Employees can take classes at UNCSA, but must first obtain permission from the class instructor. If permission is granted, they are admitted as a special student.  The employee then submits the Tuition Waiver Application.  After obtaining signatures, the form goes to the Registrar's Office. The Registrar’s Office will work with the appropriate Conservatory or Division of Liberal Arts to get the student registered.  The process is managed through the Registrar’s office rather than the Admissions Office.

If you are wanting to take a class at UNCSA in order to transfer the class credit to another institution from which you are seeking a degree, it is not guaranteed that the institution that you are seeking to obtain a degree will accept the transfer a class. If the institution does accept the transferred class, clarify if the UNCSA class will apply toward your degree, toward your general education requirements or as an elective. You are strongly encouraged to confirm with the institution you are seeking a degree if and how the UNCSA class will transfer.

Employees seeking a degree from UNCSA

If employees are seeking a degree from UNCSA, they will need to first contact the Admissions counselor for that conservatory. The Admissions counselor will verify with the Conservatory if part-time/special student status is accepted when seeking the degree. This acceptance will vary by conservatory. If acceptable, the employee will go through the same admissions process as a prospective student. The will need to submit a completed application, pay the application fee, and upload all support material needed by the conservatory deadline(s). They will then need to interview or audition, if extended an invitation. Refer to Apply & Audition web section for detailed application and audition/interview information for prospective students. After being accepted to UNCSA, the employee follows the Tuition Waiver Program Process.