Wireless Instructions

The following is a set of information and examples to help UNCSA staff, faculty, and students to connect to our wireless network. You must have a wireless card in your computer (internal or external - we support 802.11a, b and g standards, with 802.11n in many locations) and have a valid UNCSA email account.

Please note that if you must go through these steps in order to connect to our UNCSA wireless network. It is possible to pick up unsecured networks on your wireless-enabled computer that are not controlled by UNCSA. The Information Technologies department has no control over these networks and offers no support on them. Furthermore, you may encounter security risks when utilizing these unsecure networks.

It is always a good idea to keep your machine updated with the latest patches and security updates. You may experience difficulty in accessing our network if you do not have the latest patches and security updates. Please verify that you have these latest updates for your operating system before continuing.

Wireless Details

The Wireless Network Name (SSID) varies depending on your relationship with the school. A profile will have to be set-up with these SSIDs. They are:

  • Student/Faculty/Staff: UNCSA-WIFI
  • Guest access: UNCSA-GUEST

The network security type is WPA 2 - enterprise.

The authentication type is PEAP.

The encryption type is AES.

For faculty/staff, username and password are the same as your email username and password. For students, username is the first part of your UNCSA email username and password. For help and instructions on how to how to configure your specific device for wireless access, call Help Desk at 336-770-3300, or come by during office hours.