Working Remotely Resources

Working Remotely Resources

The following technology resources will help employees do their jobs with few interruptions. Technology Support offers a Knowledge Base of how-to articles and instructions. The Technology Support Center (Help Desk) will be available to assist you. You may call 336-770-3300, email or submit a support ticket.

help desk Support ticket

UNCSA Single Sign-On (SSO) allows access to the most frequently-used student, faculty and staff software and cloud-based applications. Log in once and move in and out of different applications like UNCSA email, Art Hubs, Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365.

Getting Started

You should test these services at home before starting to work remotely.

Move your data online

Move your own work files to OneDrive. Do not store files on your computer or in a folder on a network computer.

Remote access to UNCSA network server

A direct connection to UNCSA network server, such as Superman or Banner Admin, requires a virtual private network (VPN) access. VPN is a limited resource. Remember to only use the VPN when needed and disconnect when finished.

Forwarding UNCSA Phone and Voicemail

Email, Calendar, Microsoft applications

Use Outlook Office 365 to access your UNCSA email and calendar online when you do not have access to the Outlook desktop or mobile application.

Microsoft Office 365 offers web-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Microsoft software. Desktop versions of these applications can be downloaded and installed on personal computers.

Collaborate remotely

Chat and video conference online

Microsoft Teams is available as an app for both Android and iPhones, a desktop version and you can access it through your Microsoft Office 365 account.

Zoom is available to all faculty, staff and students. To set up your UNCSA account, please contact Technology Support.

Share files

Microsoft Teams. Employees working on an established team can view, edit and collaborate on Word, Excel, PowerPoint files within the Team desktop, mobile and online apps.

Practice safe, secure computing

While working off-campus, you are not protected by the on-campus firewall and other security measures that Technology Support has instituted. Maintain the security and privacy of your computing and network use. Technology Support suggests:

Unencrypted WiFi. While using wireless networks that are open or public:

  • Use a web browser that starts with https://
  • Use the UNCSA VPN for communicating to on-campus resources. Note: The UNCSA VPN does not secure your connections to other websites, FTP, etc.

Unexpected Emails. Think carefully before opening an unexpected or unusual email message, and think extra carefully before clicking on links or opening documents sent to you in an email message. Review instructions for reporting suspicious email messages to Technology Support, and use that procedure any time you have any question about the authenticity of a message or its sender.

Providing login information. Never provide your username or password to anyone via email, text, etc. UNCSA Technology Information Systems does not need to know your password, and we already know your username. Should we need to know your password (very rarely), we’ll do it via voice communications, so you know it’s us.

Contact us. If anything seems suspicious, contact Technology Support. We’ll give your report immediate attention - and we’d rather deal with any number of false positives than clean up after a breach or infection.