Featured Composer: Kyrie Antoinette

Composer Kyrie Antoinette has a lot on her plate kyrie Antoinettethese days. Besides balancing a full-time course load and rigorous work schedule, she’s preparing a new composition for UNCSA’s annual Collage Concert, scheduled for November 18.

The Collage Concert gives audiences a quick dash through everything the School of Music has to offer, from virtuosic solos to enormous ensembles, with a special emphasis on collaboration with the other arts schools. “The piece is called L’éclat,” she says. “Literally, that means ‘sparkle’ or ‘burst.’ I wanted the music to convey a burst of energy.”

Looming in the near future is Kyrie’s senior recital, an ambitious undertaking that will include lighting design, choreography and film. The number of logistics involved will keep her very busy between now and the performance, which is scheduled for February 20.

Meanwhile, Kyrie is also planning life after UNCSA. She wants to pursue graduate studies in Europe, eventually incorporating her compositional skills into a career in arts production. But she knows there are a lot of hurdles to overcome in the meantime – including deadlines and performances pretty much every week for the rest of the year!

Kyrie's work on SoundCloud

To view a score of Kyrie's orchestra piece, Vortica, click on the image below: 


November 07, 2017