Featured Composer: Ash Paris-Carter

ash paris-carter

Whether it’s traditional art song, avant-garde electronics, folk music or punk rock, Ash Paris-Carter is a composer-performer who slides easily among genres, finding what they call the "wildly energetic, angry, flirtatious, overjoyed and animated" spirit that unites them.

Trained as a pianist and vocalist at Mannes Pre-College­, Ash became entranced by composition at an early age. In the fifth grade, they joined the Manhattan Girls’ Chorus, then spent a summer at the Walden School learning about John Cage, inside-the-piano music and improvisation. "Since then," Ash says, "composition has brought me so much life and joy and connected me to so many amazing people." They are now a high school senior at UNCSA where they study with Lawrence Dillon.

Ash’s music is performative, outrageous, memorable, and political. They have written for "Après moi," ICE, The Walden School Players, PUBLIQuartet, yMusic, the Reynolda Quartet and many other individuals at UNCSA and Walden. Ash has also participated in Curtis Summerfest and Berklee Summer Songwriting Sessions. 

"Currently, I'm trying to figure out where I fit in the composer-performer model," Ash says. "If I can sing, improvise, and tell a good story, especially while I'm collaborating with others, then I can find that flow and that happy place."

To see a sample of Ash’s music, click on the following image:

Ash Paris Carter quartet

To hear their music visit the SoundCloud page:


March 17, 2021