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Peer Tutoring


Due to current regulations regarding COVID-19, staff in the office of Learning Resources may be reached by email communication only.

Please note: Peer Tutoring is available and all enrolled UNCSA students may access one of our many Peer Tutors by phone, email, Zoom, Facetime, Skype, Google Duo, Facebook messenger, or another electronic source. Email the office of Learning Resources at to connect.

The office of Learning Resources offers free peer tutoring in a variety of courses for all enrolled UNCSA students. Tutoring is available for the following courses; however, if a tutor is needed for a course not listed, a staff member with the office of Learning Resources will provide support until a tutor has been secured:

  • Anatomy of Human Movement
  • French I & II
  • German I & II
  • History of Musical Styles
  • Italian I & II
  • P2P Philosophy of Science

Peer Tutors

To become a Peer Tutor for a particular course, students must meet the following qualifications:

  • Completed and mastered the content of the course.
  • Received a referral from faculty, recommending and approving student for a Peer Tutor position for their course.
  • Be in good academic standing overall.
  • Be in compliance with all student conduct codes as per the Student Handbook.

Tutors work with tutees to provide the following:

  • Clarification on concepts
  • Review homework and class notes
  • Discuss class content
  • Ask questions
  • Share study strategies and resources
  • Exam preparation

Tutors are hired and trained by the office of Learning Resources. Effective tutors are welcomed and encouraged to return as tutors for additional semesters. Effective tutoring:

  • Is a collaboration between the tutor and the tutee (student) where the tutee can build and develop their skills and knowledge of a particular course.
  • Allows the tutee to become an engaged and self-disciplined learner.
  • Is to be as comfortable as possible for students who come for assistance. The atmosphere is to be friendly, interesting, and understanding of the anxiety many students experience about a course as well as asking for help.

Tutoring by Appointment

UNCSA students can arrange by appointment to meet with tutors. Email for more information about peer tutoring or to make an online appointment.