Moore & Sanford Halls

Moore and Sanford Halls were built in 1965. Moore Hall contain floors that are all female and all male high school students are housed separately by floors. Sanford Hall is all female.

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Floor Plan

Floor Plan for Moore and Sanford residence halls

Rooms: 10' x 12'
Windows: 44" x 48"


  • Double occupancy rooms
  • Live-in professional staff and student Peer Leader staff
  • Full-time maintenance and housekeeping staff
  • Utilities include: basic cable service and Ethernet computer connections (for access to the campus network and Internet)
  • Laundry facilities on the 3rd floor
  • In each room: two twin beds (standard length), two desks, two chairs, two dressers, two built-in closets (40"x 72"x 25") with storage space (25"x 40"x 26"), window blinds, sink and mirror, bookshelves over desks
  • Communal showers and toilets