Requirements & Forms

  • Students are required to have health insurance through either a private carrier or the UNC system's student health insurance plan. A special health insurance policy is required of every international student except applicants from Canada. See the Bulletins for international student specifics.
  • Students are required to have certain immunizations to attend a university in North Carolina.
  • Students must complete their Health History and Immunization records through the Patient Portal within the six months prior to initial matriculation.
  • See the College Handbook on requirement for students registered for fewer than six credit hours.

Immunization Requirements

North Carolina and UNCSA require documentation of immunization. Failure to comply will result in administrative withdrawal from school and/or a delay in your registration.

The Director of Student Health reviews all medical forms and reserves the right to request tuberculosis skin tests or a physical exam if the medical history should indicate a community risk. 

Immunizations information may be submitted to Health Services via the patient portal.

Patient Portal

Acceptable records of your immunizations may be obtained from any of the following:

  • High school records – These may contain some, but not all of your immunization information. Your immunization records do not transfer automatically. You must request a copy.
  • Personal shot records – Must be verified by a doctor’s stamp or signature or by a clinic or health department stamp.
  • Local health department
  • Military records of WHO (World Health Organization documents) – These records may not contain all of the required immunizations.
  • Previous college or university – Your immunization records do not transfer automatically. You must request a copy. 

Health Forms

Health Policies

High School Medication Policy

High School Illness and Medical Confinement policies are listed in the High School Handbook.