E-Z Arts Login Instructions

E-Z Arts Login Instructions

E-Z Arts is the school’s official student and employee web portal.

  • For students, you will use E-Z Arts to access your finalized course schedule, final grades each semester, and unofficial transcript. E-Z Arts is used by both college and high school students.
  • For staff, use E-Z Arts to personal payroll data, leave or time recording, and benefits information.
  • In addition to staff usages, faculty use E-Z Arts student information, course rosters, and enter grades.
Log in to E-Z Arts     


First-time users

  1. The first time you log in to the secure area of E-Z Arts, you will be asked to enter your E-Z Arts ID as the User ID, and your six-digit birth date (MMDDYY) as the PIN.
  2. A pop-up window, informs you that your initial pin has expired, and you will be prompted immediately to change your PIN to a number you select. You will also need to create at least one security question and answer. This additional step is what will allow you to reset your PIN on your own.

Forgot your PIN

  1. If you forget your PIN,  enter your E-Z Arts ID on the login screen, press the Forgot PIN button and follow the instructions. You may change your pin at any time by clicking the Change Your Pin option on the personal information tab.
  2. If you have tried to login more than three times, your account will be disabled. You may request a reset by sending email to registrar@uncsa.edu. When sending a reset request please ensure that you are emailing from a UNCSA provided email account and/or you provide your User ID, which begins with the numbers 96.