Information Technology Forms

The Information Technology department is in the process of converting most paper and PDF-based forms into electronic forms using Dynamic Forms. Dynamic Forms is a modern cloud-based e-sign/workflow solution from NextGen Web Solutions for converting complex paper-based forms into web-based forms and document approval workflows. Forms and workflows created using Dynamic Forms include digital signatures and routing of complex multi-signature forms and are available to all faculty, staff and students. Dynamic Forms requires one to log into the system to submit, sign or review forms. For this reason, it is ideal for administrative or HR-related forms that may require multiple signatures/approvals where an auditable record of approvals, including digital signatures and timestamps, etc. are required.

Dynamic Forms integrates with Single Sign On (SSO) meaning any student, faculty or staff member can access Dynamic Forms using their existing UNCSA credentials. No other software or digital signature service is necessary. It is available to parents, vendors and other people without UNCSA accounts to submit and sign our UNCSA forms - they will just need to create a Dynamic Forms account first. Dynamic Forms also keeps a PDF version of one's form history. Using the 'MyForms' link in Dynamic Forms, one can review forms they have submitted or signed and easily access forms awaiting their signature.

To review your forms log into Dynamic Forms(opens in new tab) and choose 'MyForms' in the upper right.


Banner Access Request Packets

Banner Access Packets should be completed and delivered via inter-office mail to the corresponding Division Coordinator:

Once received, division coordinators will input any additional form information and route to the Information Technology Banner Security Coordinator for account creation and filing. Note: Access Packets should be hand-signed, as digital signatures will not be accepted.

Building Access Control Forms

Client Services in the Technology Division manages UNCSA's access control for door security and building access using Blackboard Transact system.

If you need access to buildings using your One Card, contact your Building Access Coordinator (BAC), who is the departmental-head designee who have the authority to:

  • approve access via Building Access Authorization Form
  • make schedule changes to departmental plans
  • approve and make door state change requests to locations and plans within a Building Access Group.

Building Access Authorization

When an employee is hired, moves to another department or their access needs change, a Building Access Coordinator completes a Building Access Authorization Form and submits the form to Client Support Services in the Technology Division. Building access authorizations and other access-related requests should be submitted through the assigned Building Access Coordinator (BAC).

Building Access Authorization Form

Note: Complete the Building Access Authorization Form using Adobe Acrobat Pro; it cannot be completed within your browser window.

Emailed completed form to for processing with the cardholder's name(s) listed within the email. An email will be sent to the form originator as well as anyone copied on the original email once the request has been completed.

Should you like to request additional training on any access control-related process, contact

Building Access Coordinator Delegation

The BAC Delegation form is used to assign or change authorization or approval authority of BACs. There are three classifications for BAC: Fac/Staff BAC, Student BAC, and Backup BAC.

  • Faculty/Staff BAC is responsible for access pertaining to Faculty/Staff (new hires, access changes within department, etc.)
  • Student BAC is responsible for access pertaining to students (special access requests, such as practice rooms or editing locations)
  • Backup BAC is authorized to perform duties of either the Faculty/Staff BAC or the Student BAC, but must always copy on the email the primary BAC so as to maintain clear communications.

While most Building Access Groups have only one set of BACs, there are some groups that have multiples; these are primarily administrative departments that share a single Building Access Group. These same administrative departments are less likely to require a Student BAC, but one may be designated should you so desire.

BAC Delegation Form

Mass Access Assignment

When a group of individuals need to be assigned access, the departmental BAC completes a Mass Access Assignment Form and emails the form to The form must include the E-Z Arts/ Banner ID number.

Requests to change the hours that a building is locked or unlocked will need UNCSA Police approval prior to submitting the Mass Access Assignment Form.

Mass Access Assignment Form

Note: An additional form will need to be completed should access need to be removed.

BlackBoard Transact Access Packet

The BlackBoard Transact Access Packet is to be completed when requesting and/or modifying access to the Blackboard Transact system. This form may be completed digitally and then printed. All signatures must be hand-signed and original forms delivered to the Client Services in the Technology Division.

BlackBoard Transact Access Packet


Request Equipment Loan

Staff and faculty may request IT equipment such as laptop, projector, tablet, camera, etc. Requests require department head authorization. See process for requesting a loaner.

Submit Loan Request Ticket     


Off-Campus Equipment

This form should be completed and submitted upon receiving, returning, and/or refreshing any equipment that is taken off campus that is assigned to a faculty or staff member. Refer to the Fixed Asset Policy.

Off Campus Equipment Form


This form is to be used to request a school owned phone or mobile broadband device or for requesting an MCD allowance. Contact Nakita Green for current budgeting figures and equipment costs.

Mobile Communications Device Form

Remote Computer Access

SYSTEM Access Request Form

This electronic form is to be used by UNCSA Managers or UNCSA Sponsor (for vendor requests) to request Virtual Private Network (VPN) access on behalf of their employees. Once digitally signed and submitted by the manager, the form is routed to the employee for their signature before Security and Networking team reviews. Once digitally signed by all parties, a notice is sent to our Technology Support Help Desk to schedule an appointment with the employee to configure VPN and/or RDP so that the employee has remote, secure access to UNCSA network services. Our VPN service requires Multi-Factor Authentication.

Microsoft Teams

To request a team to be created for your department to use, please visit the Technology Portal. 

Technology Portal