January Playlist: Inspiration for a new year

The start of a new year is an opportunity to hit refresh on goals, plans and wishes—looking to the many possibilities that lie ahead. It’s a time to be inspired, according to UNCSA saxophone faculty member Robert Young. “I always have something or someone that I can listen to (or watch) that will stimulate me in a particular area,” he says.

He curated this month’s playlist to showcase performers and compositions that motivate and inspire him as a musician and as a teacher. Hit play below for inspiration as you make plans for 2017:


Here’s a closer look at Young’s selections:

Old school: “An die Entfernte D765,” composed by Franz Schubert. “I am attracted to the sounds, colors and textures of music of all styles and periods. I find that I can draw on the music of Schubert, Schumann and Franck (for instance) to heighten a performance I may give of a more modern or seemingly abstract piece.

Coming soon: “… a mesure” by eighth blackbird and Philippe Hurel. The acclaimed contemporary classical ensemble will visit UNCSA’s campus at the end of the month to coach students and to record the works of student composers.

Smooth like jazz: “Without a Song” by Joe Henderson. “Composers require the classical saxophonist at times to channel the style, sound or very nature of a jazz musician… it’s important for me to know how to translate that on the stage. 

To perform: “Violin Sonata in A Major,” composed by César Franck. “I will be playing this at my upcoming recital—it’s the only work on the recital not originally written for the saxophone. It’s full of great melody and beautiful harmonies.” 

Robert Young

This month's playlist is by Dr. Robert Young, Saxophone Faculty.

by Hannah Callaway

January 17, 2017