Free screening of student films is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 9

Seven student films showcasing the diversity of talent in the School of Filmmaking at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts will be presented in a free screening at 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 9 in Main Theatre of the ACE Exhibition Complex at 1533 South Main St.

The semi-annual “Best of the School of Filmmaking” event is curated by Film Dean Susan Ruskin, who said it is no easy task to select 90-minutes worth of films. “We are training storytellers to develop their unique voices and project them onto the screen,” she said. “I am always amazed at the broad-ranging storylines, and I am constantly impressed by the creativity they bring to the task. It’s always hard to select the final program.”

The screening includes work by second-, third- and fourth-year students during the 2016-17 school year.

Films to be screened are:

“The Little Giraffe,” a second year animation about a hungry little giraffe who needs the help of a friend to reach the tasty leaves at the top of the tree. Directed and animated by Anna Kamoroff.

"The Little Giraffe"

"The Little Giraffe"

“The Patient,” a third year film written by Kate St. Onge and Marylea Wiley, directed by Savannah Giselson and produced by Moriah Hall and Charles Witosky. A closeted homosexual doctor practices aversion therapy to find a cure for himself. But when his attachment to a patient jeopardizes his reputation, internal conflicts and societal pressures become too much for him.

“Iron,” the story of a deteriorating, middle-aged bodybuilder who fights to overcome the fantasy of his past while a free-spirited woman offers an opportunity to live in the present. The third year film was written by Corey Graff, directed by Brian Ferenchik and produced by Dorian Thomas and Shelby Tyre.

“Redaction,” a third year film written by Jason Thomas, directed by Tyler Holender and produced by Shelby Tyre and Emmilee Millhouse. A young man uses a found toy to travel back in time to correct his mistakes, creating the perfect New Year’s Eve date.

“Tin Man,” a third year film about a young father-to-be who struggles to overcome his grief and his fear of becoming a father – specifically his father. It was written by Shamus Sass, directed by Nathan Knox and produced by Sass and Moriah Hall.

"Tin Man"

"Tin Man"

“The Harem of Harry Javier,” a fourth year film written by Graeme Pischke, directed by Jared Sprouse and produced by Darren Dai and Tom Coradini. Fourteen-year-old Harry is a boy with a wild imagination who must choose between a harem of women in his jazz club fantasy and the edgy new girl at school.

"The Harem of Harry Javier"

Watch the trailer for "The Harem of Harry Javier"

“Tethered” depicts the whimsical journey of a seventh-generation scientific inventor and an amateur pilot of a hot air balloon. The fourth year film was written by Beth Fletcher and Chris Dold, directed by Fletcher and produced by Ilayda Yigit and Lauren Henderson.


Watch the trailer for "Tethered"

by Lauren Whitaker 

January 22, 2018