Free screening of student films is Friday, Sept. 21

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts will present a free screening of student films created last year. Best of the School of Filmmaking, a 90-minute program curated by Film Dean Susan Ruskin, is at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 21, in Main Theatre of the ACE Exhibition Complex on campus.  

“The screening represents just a fraction of the very high caliber films our students created last year with the mentorship of our world-class faculty,” Ruskin said. “It becomes more difficult each year to choose only 90 minutes worth of their wonderfully diverse work.”

A second screening of last year’s films is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 8, 2019. Films created this year will be screened Thursday, May 2, 2019 (third-year films) and Friday, May 3, 2019 (fourth-year films).

“No Sanctuary,” a fourth-year film to be screened Sept. 21, explores human nature and behavior through the personal lens of those who have been affected by America’s indifference to gun violence. Directed by Nathan Knox, produced by Emmilee Millhouse and Moriah Hall, cinematography by Vishal Parmar, editing and sound design by Jay Batchler and music by Caleb Gardner.

No Sanctuary

The fourth-year film "No Sanctuary" will be screened on Spet. 21.

The following third-year films will be screened:

“Curls” -- A young, mixed-race girl comes to find and accept herself by reconnecting with her late mother through Irish Dance. Written and directed by Michelle DeGrace, story by Roxanna Peykamian, produced by Thatcher Johnson-Welden and Emily Drake Padgett, cinematography by Malik Dowdy, production design by Emma Friedman, editing and sound design by Roxanne Peykamian, music by Tim Carlos.


"Curls" is among the third-year films offered in a free screening on Setp. 21.

“Expressway West” -- Whisked away on an impromptu road trip, Mel and her little brother Brian struggle to understand their father’s intentions. Directed by Luke Lowder, written by Luke Lowder and Joseph Tarnacki, produced by Katie Sanderson and Joseph Tarnacki, cinematography by Jared Freeman, production design by Noah McCormick, editing and sound design by John Machado and music by Jean-Luc Swift.

Expressway West

"Expressway West" will be screened at Best of the School of Filmmaking.

“Moondogs” -- After learning that her family doesn't want to see her last show, comedian Deborah Gibbs must confront the reality of her life after stand up. Directed by Riley Fitchpatrick, written by Riley Fitchpatrick and Chris Stephens, produced by Mike Rodway and Sam Varriale, cinematography by Stacia Bohnert, production design by Riley Paterson, editing and sound design by Brian Sheehan.

Second-year films to be screened include:

“Forms”-- A minimalist exploration of the most basic forms and concepts that make up our perceived world. The film is itself contradictory, repeating itself under opposite titles, meant to express the binary of the film’s simultaneously large and small scope. Alexander Catenazzo is editor and animator, with music by Bryce Richardson.

“Huma” -- After her son leaves the nest, a Tamil-Indian housewife living in America attempts to save her loveless marriage while suppressing her need for self-love. Directed by Raunak Kapoor, written by Aliyah Bryant, produced by Benjamin Mailloux and Jacob Fleming, cinematography by Jack Layer, production design by Aliyah Bryant, and editing and sound design by Mayra Rodas.


"Huma" is among the second-year films to be screened.

“Scout’s Honor”-- When Jack and Sam, two troubled brothers trapped in an abusive home, stumble upon D.B. Cooper on a Boy Scout outing, they must choose between helping the dying man or taking his money to run away. Directed by Gage Welch, written by Billy Costello and Andrew Blom, produced by Billy Costello and Epiphany Huffman, cinematography by James Hashimoto, production design by Emma Manzer, editing and sound design and music by Will Smith.

“Tanglefoot” -- A young and fragile dancer attends a prestigious dance audition, prepared to do whatever it will take to achieve her long-term goal of becoming a professional choreographer. Directed by Rebecca Walters, written by Rebecca Walters and Brandon Rieff, produced by Patricio Camara Rubio and Eric Randolph, cinematography by Raunak Kapoor, production design by Caroline Knight, and editing by Eric Randolph.

by Lauren Whitaker

August 30, 2018