Portfolio Requirements

A portfolio of original work is required at the time of a Visual Arts interview. Portfolio reviews occur in person and physical artwork is required. A digital portfolio may also be uploaded to an application, but this is optional and not a requirement. If pieces are too large to be transported, photographic documentation is recommended. Applicants should prepare examples of the following for a portfolio presentation:

  • Present 10-20 pieces of work.
  • Examples should include drawing and may also include: graphic design, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, or any medium of choice including sketchbooks.

It is suggested to show a diversity of media (drawing, painting, photography, sketchbooks, sculpture, design, etc.), a diversity of subject matter (observational, abstract, and nonobjective works), work that demonstrates your level of craftsmanship and formal considerations, and work that exhibits your individual voice. Be prepared to have conversations about the relationship of form and content in group critiques.

Not all applicants have formal training or are accustomed to having their work critiqued. This is perfectly fine. Faculty ask that you demonstrate the desire for serious discourse and a passion for artistic engagement.