Portfolio Requirements

A portfolio is required by the application deadline. The faculty will review your portfolio prior to your interview. The portfolio should be tailored to fit the area of study in which you are interested.

Creative Producing or Screenwriting

Upload two writing samples in PDF format when applying for either the Creative Producing or Screenwriting concentration:

  • One work of creative fiction (screenplay, theatrical script, or short story). Maximum 25 pages.
  • One expository essay (film analysis or film criticism). Maxiumum 10 pages, single-spaced.

Film Music Composition

When applying for the Film Music Composition concentration, submit a portfolio of three to five original compositions, preferably demonstrating an aptitude for storytelling and/or emotional representation in music as well as a proficiency in contrasting musical styles, to be submitted in the following digital formats: film clips with original score (mp4 preferred), live or MIDI audio recordings (mp3 preferred), and accompanying musical scores in PDF format.

Prerequisites for Film Music Composition applicants: Qualified applicants must have an undergraduate degree, preferably with a concentration or major in music composition. If asked to interview, applicants with undergraduate degrees in concentrations other than music will be required to take a written and aural proficiency exam in musicianship.

Physical and Cognitive Abilities: Applicants must, at a minimum, possess functional use of the somatic senses, have adequate motor capabilities to manage situations in which these senses would be employed, and be able to integrate data acquired via these senses. 

Rachael Garrett
Filmmaking Admissions Counselor

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