New Staff Enrichment Initiative

Dear Staff,

I am happy to announce the launch of our new Staff Enrichment Initiative, a yearlong program that will include significant opportunities for both professional and personal development as well as wellness activities. This initiative will launch next week and will be completely voluntary. While the enrichment initiative is not mandatory, I am asking supervisors to allow and, most importantly, to encourage staff to participate in Staff Enrichment offerings if they so choose without fear of penalty.

I know how hard our staff has worked during the past two years due to COVID-19. I know that you’ve continued to work hard for the success of our students and our university. I see that every day when I’m on campus, and I hear that from your Staff Council leadership.

I’ve also heard how difficult it is for many staff members to participate in professional development and other community-centered activities that conflict with departmental schedules. We have heard you, and have been working to find a solution.

With Health and Wellness a top priority of our 2022-27 strategic plan, UNCSA Forward, we are well aware that the health and well-being of our entire campus community — including staff — is integral to professional and personal success.

So, with my full support and that of my Executive Team, the Quality Workplace Committee (QWC) has put together a slate of activities that will start this summer and that will build capacity over the coming year. The QWC will be offering skills training and wellness activities in two-hour blocks twice a month for eight months. The activities are designed to allow maximum scheduling flexibility by offering options on different days and times throughout the year: the third Tuesday and third Wednesday of every month (except August, December, April and May) from 10 a.m. to noon and from 2 to 4 p.m. We are hopeful that every staff member will be able to participate in at least half the time allotted each year, which amounts to 32 hours. You may select the times that are best for you based on your departmental needs and individual workload.

Training and activities will be available in person and online. There will be modules for professional development/technical activities such as Excel Tips and Beginning LinkedIn Learning; personal development activities such as Using the Makerspace in the Library and Social Media Do’s and Don’ts; and wellness activities such as tours of the Campus Landscape and Tour de Fitness Center. If you choose, the time may be used to complete mandatory training and activities such as the annual Policy Review and benefits Open Enrollment. In addition to the modules provided through the initiative, you may also choose relevant self-directed training pathways using LinkedIn Learning. Not all training will fit this model. But the QWC has built this initiative to be flexible for you.

We are committed to building and retaining the incredible talent that exists within our staff, and that starts with enhancing the skill sets necessary for the future, including improved operational efficiency and effectiveness. We also know that enhancing staff well-being and fostering a healthy community dedicated to the UNCSA mission is a win-win for all of us. This is our commitment to you.

If you are interested in providing content for and/or leading professional or personal development/training or wellness activities, please contact Jim DeCristo, QWC chair, or email

Please make a note of the days and times set aside for the Staff Enrichment Initiative, and make sure to check out the Quality Workplace webpage frequently for updated offerings.


Brian Cole 

June 15, 2022