Wolf Method Transformations

Author: Harry Ngo

When I first started at Easton Elementary school teaching the Wolf Method to Pre-K students, I was quite nervous. I had never interacted with children this young in an education environment, and I was trying to make doubly sure that my delivery of the lessons and activities was perfect, coming up with responses and plans for any possible scenarios. That said, as soon as I led my first group and then a one-on-one lesson, almost all my worries went away as I realized how open and accepting they are to all of us. Their sparkling eyes staring at us, mirroring our actions and our attitude perfectly with excitement; it felt to me like I was directing the most energetic orchestra with so much curiosity and intention to play and learn.

Each time I step into the classroom, I feel myself being pulled forward by their loud and somewhat chaotic "Hello Mr. Harry" which releases whatever stress I have regarding my career and auditions, and just have a fun time while being in their company, because how could you not? The best part, however, is watching them improve so fast just after a few lessons. There were students who did not speak one word of English before, and after two to three interactions could recognize the pictures and recite them in English with accuracy and confidence (in their own adorable voices and accents).

March 09, 2022