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The Wolf Method

The Wolf Method

The Wolf Method is a pre-phonics arts integration and instruction program created by Ann Louise Wolf, voice and speech faculty in the School of Drama, to serve high-need pre-K students.

While children are all taught the same phonics lessons, not all children come to those lessons hearing the speech sounds in the same way; these differences put some learners at a disadvantage in their reading capacities for years to come. Entire sounds in standardized English don’t exist in some languages or dialects, and such learners are often left confused and frustrated when they cannot differentiate sounds as their peers can.

To provide an early intervention against this learning roadblock, the Wolf Method uses a “Feel and See” approach under the premise that all speech sounds can be seen, heard, and felt. Music is utilized to help activate the overlapping brain areas for language learning and to develop and strengthen fine listening skills. In practicing the various sounds of the English language, a wide variety of words are used, intentionally building vocabulary and context in conjunction with developing phonemic awareness.

The Wolf Method is in its third year of service at Easton Elementary School in three pre-K classrooms, currently instructing 40 students on a daily basis. ArtistCorps members provide the instruction under the guidance of Ms. Wolf.