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Camps & Outreach

Camps & Outreach

The UNCSA Community Music School is committed to engaging with the community through day camps, school visits, and musical exploration opportunities. Individual clinicians and student ensembles are available for your classroom or community program, contingent upon scheduling and availability. 

2019 Summer Day Camps

The Community Music School offers a variety of summer day camps that provide introductory ensemble opportunities to students ages 7 through 18.  Students interested in jazz performance should visit our Youth Jazz Combos page. 

Beginning Guitar Day Camp

Summer 2019 — July 22 to 26
9 AM to 12:00 PM with snack break
Instructors: Juliet Gervasi and Tyson Morrow
Ages 10-12

New guitarists with little or no prior experience receive a comprehensive introduction to the instrument in a fun and relaxed small classroom environment. Students explore the music fundamentals of melody, harmony and rhythm as idiomatically applied to the guitar. We will also delve into the history of the guitar and explore some of the many varieties of the instrument and its cousins in the string family.   

By the end of the camp, students will be able to tune their guitar, replace strings, play both single note melodies and chordal accompaniment, identify and draw basic components of music notation, and develop a basic understanding of playing in a group context.

Families are invited to a student/faculty performance on the final day featuring original arrangements and songs by campers!

*Family discount available only after minimum enrollment of 8 full price students is met.

Rock On 4th Summer Day Camps

July 29 - August 2,  and August 5-9
9 AM to 2:30 PM with snack break
Instructors: Tyson Morrow, Devin Forkel, Doug Rowe, and TBD
Ages 12-16

Work with established local musicians to learn repertoire, create original arrangements of your favorite songs, and perfect a set for performance in ensembles of 5 to 8 musicians.  Open to vocalists, guitarists, bassists, drummers, and keyboard players.  Each Monday to Friday session is comprised ensemble rehearsals, sectionals, and group classes that cover important topics for musicians interested in rock performance. 

Daily schedule:


Band #1

Band #2 

9:00 AM

Arrival and Set Up

Arrival and Set Up

9:30 – 10:15  AM

Sectionals (or group class TBD)


10:00 – 12:00

Rehearsal on the 6th Floor

Rehearsal on 4th Floor

12:00 to 12:30


12:30 to 1:15

Music Theory or other class topic (guest teachers possible in Electronic Music, voice technique, etc.)  - Use basement or 10th floor.

1:15 to 2:30

Rehearsal on 6th Floor

Rehearsal on 4th Floor

2:30 to 2:45 

Wait with students in lobby for parent pick-up

Required Skills for Rock On 4th student musicians:

Musicians attending rock camp should arrive with basic skills already in place on their instrument.  Young musicians who cannot yet play in time with a metonome or backing track, read basic chord charts, play (or sing) in tune, tune and maintain their instrument, or construct major, minor, and pentanic scales and chords should first enroll in private lessons before playing in an ensemble. Drummers should be familiar with a variety of styles, and be able to maintain steady tempo at varied tempi and dynamics.  

The Community Music School provides drums, keyboards, mics, cords, and amps. Guitarists and bassists should bring their own instruments. 

Invite a Community Music School teacher to visit your classroom!

Community Music School teachers are available for instrument demonstrations at schools, pre-schools, and other community functions.  Contact Outreach Coordinator Court Wynter to inquire about available teachers and times.