Campaign Impact Report

Campaign Impact Report

Five years ago, UNCSA began its first major fundraising campaign in decades. With a lead gift from beloved Chancellor Emeritus Alex Ewing, Powering Creativity began quietly in 2016. 

Launched publicly in September 2019, the campaign was the most ambitious fundraising initiative in UNCSA history. With a goal of $65 million, it was poised to make a transformative impact on students, faculty, staff, and the wider community. 

Thanks to the generosity of thousands of supporters, Powering Creativity soared past its goal, and the funds received are already hard at work, helping our emerging artists reach new creative heights. 


Powering Creativity Donor List

Alphabetical by last name

# - B

21st Century Fox
5th Wall Inc
Ms. Jane A. Aarino
Ms. Andrea H. Abbott
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Abbott, Sr.
Mr. James M. Abbott, Jr., '00 and Ms. Alisha Murray, '95
Mr. Brandon Abbott
Ms. Emilie K. Abel, '05
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Abelman
Mrs. Martha C. Abernethy, '95 and Mr. Jones Abernethy
Mrs. Nicole E. Abram, '01
Mr. and Mrs. David Acenas
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Ackerman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Adamick
Mr. Thomas R. Adams
Ms. A. Hope Adams '87
Mrs. Janet H. Adams, '74 and Mr. Jerome R. Adams
Mr. Timothy W. Adams, '82
Ms. Sheri Adams
Samuel Adams
Ms. Vallye  Adams
Mr. John Addis
Mrs. Erica L. Adkins, '87 and Mr. Anthony E. Adkins
Mr. John-William Affourtit
Ms. Vivian Aganbi
Dr. William R. Agosto Padilla
Ms. Maggie Ahmed
Miss Kathryn I. Ailion, '16
Ms. Patricia Ailstock
Ms. Janna Ajam
Ms. Helen M. Akinc
Alabama Dance Theatre
Ms. Anne Albano
Mr. Charles D. Albano, '92
Albemarle Foundation
Ms. Miriam Albert
Ms. Martha K. Albertson
Ms. Hannah K. Albertson
Ms. Jane Albrecht
Mr. D. Alexander Albright
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Alcala
Mr. Kenneth W. Alcorn, '79 and Dr. Beth Atkinson
Mr. and Mrs. James Alcott
Mrs. Anita Y. Alday
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Alderman
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Alderman
Alderman Company
Mrs. Sylvia F. Alderson*
Mr. William Aldridge
Mr. Robert C. Aldridge, '78
Alex.Brown, a Division of Raymond James
Mr. and Mrs. Welborn E. Alexander, Jr.
Mr. Michael C. Alexander
Mr. John Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Alexander
Mr. and Mr. Steve Alexander
Mr. Robert Alexander
Alexander Isley Inc.
Ms. Leslie Alexiadis
Ms. Jennifer Alford
Ms. Courtney B. Alford
Alfred Benesch & Company
Ms. Kaitlyn M. Ali, '18
Alice M O'Brien Foundation
Allegacy Federal Credit Union
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Allemeier
Mr. Terrell G. Allen and Mr. David Stewart
Dr. and Mrs. Elms L. Allen
Mr. Ross O. Allen
Mr. Robert Allen
Ms. Carol Allen
Mrs. Kristen P. Allen
Mr. Charles Allen
Mr. Matt Allen
Ms. Hayley K. Allen, '19
Ms. Tiffany Allen
George Allers
Ms. Tiffany L. Allgood, '03
Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Allison
Chancellor and Mrs. Darrell Allison, J.D.
Ms. Nancy Allred
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Allred
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Allyn
Ms. Melonie Almengual
Laura Almond
Mr. Talal A. Al-Muhanna, '87
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Alphin
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Alspach
Ms. Sarah J. Alspach, '13
Juanita Alston
Ms. Kortnee Alston
Mr. Harry J. Althaus
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Altic
Mrs. Emily Altman
Ms. Jeanne Altmann
Barrie Altman-Timmins
Mr. Mando E. Alvarado, '01 and Ms. Sarena Kennedy
Mr. Brian Duggan and Ms. Helen Alvare
Ms. Lauren Alzamita
Ms. Lauren A. Alzamora, '01
Amador  Foundation, Inc.
Amazon Smile Foundation
Ms. Patricia G. Ambinder
Mrs. Sheila Ambra
Mr. David Amburgey
AMC Hanes 12
American International Group, Inc.
Halle Amick
Ms. Paige F. Amicon, '16
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Amidon
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Amigone
Mr. and Ms. Jason Amsden
Ms. Gabriela M. Amy-Moreno, '19
And Just Because.
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Anders
Ms. Lenora Andersen
Mrs. Jill Andersen
Mr. Marius Andersen
Mr. and Mrs. Ruskin Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Alf Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. George Anderson III
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Anderson
Ms. Mary H. Anderson
Ms. Joanna Anderson, '83
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Anderson
Mrs. Shirley A. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Anderson
Mrs. Shauna M. Anderson
Ms. Mary M. Anderson, '92
Ms. Barbara J. Anderson
Nathan Anderson
Ms. Teresa Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Anderson
Mrs. Diane L. Anderson
Mrs. Donna Anderson
Ms. Cathy Anderson
Ms. Linda Anderson
Mr. Paul Andrew
Ms. Heidi J. Andrew and Ms. Connie J. Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Andrews
Ms. Emily Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. David Andrews
Mrs. Mary H. Andrews
Ms. Megan A. Andrews, '12
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Andrews
Mr. Alan Andrews and Mrs. Lynne Fuller-Andrews
Mr. Michael S. Andries, '07 and Mrs. Bethany Andries
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Andrus
Angel Care Natural Healing & Acupuncture for Pets
Angel Works Pediatric and Adult Counseling
Mrs. Vera C. Angell
Ms. Shawn Angell
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Angermeier
Mr. Patrick C. Angle, '17
Mr. Giovanni R. Angotti, '09
Ms. Pamela J. Annas
Mr. Aminata Sougou and Mrs. Mame C. Anta-Sougou
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Anthony
Ms. Evelyn Anthony
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anton
Ms. Debra Anton
Ms. Rose Apelskog
Mr. and Mrs. John Appel
Mr. and Mrs. Valentin Apple
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Apple, Jr.
Ms. Martha Apple
Ms. Sharon R. Applegate
Mr. Erik J. Rasmussen and Ms. Susan Appt
Arbor Acres United Methodist Retirement Community, Inc.
Arbor Investment Advisors
Arch W. Shaw Foundation
Ardmore Baptist Church
Mr. and Mrs. William Arena
Mr. Edward A. Arend, '94
Mr. Fernando E. Ariza-Castillo and Ms. Alejandra Dore
Ms. Debra Armbruster
Ms. Alyssa Armenta
Ms. Margaret W. Armfield
Ms. Caroline Armijo
Donald Armitage
Mr. Steven Armstrong
Ms. Sierra N. Armstrong
Robert Armstrong
Ms. Crystal D. Arnette, '09
Mr. Stephen D. Arnold and Mrs. Laurie Arnold
Dr. and Mrs. John B. Arnold
Ms. Susan Arnold
Mr. Dylan H. Arnold, '16
Mrs. Shira L. Arnold, '01 and Mr. Joseph B. Arnold
Lisa Arnold
Mr. David Arnold Paris and Mr. Rob Paris
Mr. Jonathan W. Arras, '10
Alan Arthur
Ms. Janice Arthur
Arthurian Trust
Arts and Science Council of Charlotte/Mecklenberg County
Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County
Arts-Based Elementary School
Mrs. Erin A. Asbury, '03
Mrs. Debra C. Ashe
Ms. Hannah L. Ashford and Mr. Michael Odor
Ms. Sandra Lee L. Ashie, '75
Mr. JT Rogers '90 and Ms. Rebecca Ashley '90
Ms. Jean Ashley
Asnis, Srebnick & Kaufman
Ms. Daya Asokan
Associates in Dermatology, PLLC
Mr. and Mrs. Pamelo Asuncion
AT&T Higher Education/Cultural Matching Gift Program
Cameron Atell
Mrs. Jaren Atherholt
Ms. Elizabeth A. Atherton, '84
Ms. Vicky Atherton
Mr. and Mrs. Preston G. Athey
Ms. Anne Atkins
Ms. Dany Atkinson
Ms. Jayne Atkinson-Gill
Ms. Katherine C. Atkins-Sanchez
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Attayek
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Atteberry
Ms. Colleen Atwood
Mr. M. Alex Aucoin '09
Ms. Talia N. Audley, '98 and Mr. CR J. Audley
Ms. Erin Augenstein
Ann Auld
Kathryn Auman
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Aurand
Mr. Alan S. Austin, '86
Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Austria
Mr. Lewis Autumn
Mr. Larry K. Averett-Clark, '89
Mr. Lawrence H. Averill
Ms. Donna Averitt
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Aves
Ms. Tania Avolio
Ayco Charitable
Mrs. Jody Ayers
Ms. Hope Ayers
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Ayers
Mrs. April A. Ayers, '83 and Mr. Keith D. Ayers
Mr. and Mrs. W. Timothy Ayres
B. Albert Lieberman Trust
B/E Aerospace, Inc
Ms. Amanda Baab
Margaret Baba
Ms. Tonya Babb
Bruce Babb
Mande Babb
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Babcock
Ms. Lynn Baber, '81 and Mr. Jeffrey Parker
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Bach
Ms. Eleanor L. Bach, '04
Mr. Jonathan B. Bach, '19
Bachelor Benedict Club, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Zack H. Bacon, Jr.
Mr. Diedrich Bader '87 and Mrs. Dulcy Bader
Mr. Spencer K. Badesch, '08
Ms. Sofia F. C. G. Baeta, '19
The Reverend and Mrs. Douglass M. Bailey
Mr. Andrew and Professor Cheryl Bailey
Ms. Elizabeth K. Bailey
Mr. Hugh M. Bailey, '83 and Ms. Rachel Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Bailey
Mr. John H. Bain
Angela Baisley
Ms. Kelley Bajillan
Mr. and Mrs. Rick S. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Baker
Ms. Sandra L. Baker, '85
Mr. and Mrs. Martin M. Baker
Ms. Anna Baker
Ms. Elizabeth Baker
Mr. J. Graham Baker '21
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Baker
Ms. Laura A. Baker, '79
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Baker
Mr. Graham D. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Baker
Ms. Janice Baker
Baker Hughes
Mr. Larry S. Balcom
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Baldwin III
Ms. Kristy Baldwin
Ms. Betsy Baldwin
Balfour Beatty Construction
Mr. and Mrs. Rajaram B. Baliga
Ms. Kimberly Balkus
Dr. David P. Ball and Ms. Susan Pochapsky
Ms. Patricia Ball
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ballard
Ms. Julie Ballard
Mr. Henry W. Ballard, '18
Mrs. Deborah Ballard
Ms. Janiece Ballard
Ms. Jessica Ballard-Culp
Ballet Conservatory of Asheville
Mrs. Susan R. Ballinger, '72
Ms. Susan Ballinger
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ballish Regueiro
Mr. and Mrs. Garnet O. Balwah
Ms. Gertrude Balzer
Ms. Janis P. Banister
Bank of America
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Rick Bankhead
Mr. Isaac J. Banks, '15
Mr. David Banks
Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Banks
Mr. James Banks
Dr. Leslie Banner
Mr. Edwin R. Barbash, '07
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Barbee
Ms. Melanie S. Barbee
Ms. Merita M. Barbee
Mrs. Nancy J. Barber
Mr. Clifford Barber
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Barber
Ms. Sarah Barbour
Ms. Mary Ellen Bare
Mr. James Barefoot and Ms. Wendy Miller
Ms. Hannah M. Barefoot, '08
Mrs. Thelma M. Barg and James T. Barg*
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Bargoil
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Barker, Jr.
Ms. Mara Barker
Ms. Christine Barker
Ms. Geraldine B. Barker
Mr. Derek J. Barker, '14
Mr. Eric M. Barker, '11
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Barkley
John Barksdale
Ms. Amanda Jones Barnard
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Barnes
Ms. Rebecca Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. J. Norris Barnes III
Ms. Deborah Barnes
Mrs. Norma J. Barnes-Mackin, '80 and Mr. James F. Mackin III
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Barnett
Ms. Nancy A. Barnett, '83 and Mr. Gordon McConnell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Barnett
Ms. Ann H. Barnett
Mr. Thomas Barney
Ms. Sarah B. Barnhardt*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Barnhardt
Mr. Huiman Barnhart
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas S. Barone
Ms. Holly M. Baroway, '82 and Mr. Erik Cederlund
Ms. Elizabeth Barr
Mr. and Mrs. Winston E. Barrett
Mr. Edward Barrett
Ms. Carole Barrett
Mr. Michael Barrows and Ms. Lynn Coburn
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Barrows
Mrs. Alice B. Barsony, '99 and Mr. Alain D. Barsony
Mr. Matthew N. Bartels and Ms. Katrina Eisinger
Mr. Alpheus R. Bartholow
Rebecca Bartik
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baskin
Mr. and Mrs. Roberts B. Bass
Dr. Joseph Bass
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bassett IV
Ms. Hadley Bassett
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bassi
Mr. Ken W. Batchelor, '76
Mr. and Mrs. James Batchler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bates
Jennifer Batshoun
Mr. Nick J. Battiste, Jr., '97
Mr. Samuel M. Baugham, '68
Ms. Donna Baumann
Mr. John T. Baumbach, '00 and Ms. Heather L. Baumbach, '00
Ms. Amanda Baxter
Ms. Suzanne R. Baxtresser, '68 and Mr. Stephen Wangh
Dr. and Mrs. Randall Bay
Ms. Audrey M. Bay
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Baynard
Ms. Tamara H. Baysinger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Beach
Ms. Margot Beach
Ms. Nicole A. Beach, '11
Ms. Teri Beadle
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Bealer
Amanda Bealer
Mrs. Susan M. Beall and Dr. Lee Beall*
Simone Beans
Ms. Paula Beasley
Dr. and Mrs. Edward S. Beason
Judge and Mrs. James A. Beaty, Jr.
Ms. Shanna D. Beauchamp, '06
Mrs. Angela Beauman
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Beaver
Dr. Bryan Beaver
Dr. Johanna L. Beaver, '96
Mr. and Mrs. F. James Becher, Jr.
Mr. Thomas A. Beck, '73
Professor and Mrs. John R. Beck
Mr. Kenneth H. Beck IV
Ms. Linda Beck
Mr. Brandon Beck
Ms. Peyton T. Becker, '13
Ms. Amy Becker
Karen Beckerman
Gaile Beckford
Tracey Beckford
Mr. Sam Beckham
Mr. and Mrs. Candice Beckham-Chasnoff
Beck's Baptist Church
Mr. Scott M. Beckwith, '10
Lori Bedder
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Bednar
Ms. Mary C. Behan
Diane Behar
Julie Belcher
Ms. Meredith Belis
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Belk
Mr. and Mrs. Evan R. Bell
Ms. Monica L. Bell, '16
Mr. and Mrs. S. David Bell, Jr.
Ms. Julie Bell
Ms. Jean M. Bell
Ms. Anne D. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. George Bell
Mr. Adam Bell and Ms. Carol Reed
Mr. Mark Bell
Dr. James Bell
Mr. Jordan E. Bell, '18
Ms. Tacy Bell
Ms. Jessica Bell
Ms. Eleanor B. Bellamy, '17
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan J. Bellanger
Mr. B. Belleveau
Ms. Jennifer Bellinson
Mr. and Mrs. James Wiatrek
Mrs. Tatyana A. Belov
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Belshaw
Mrs. Holly A. B. Belshaw, '18
Dr. Justin Benavidez
Mr. Peter Benda
Mr. Aaron Bender
Ms. Rebecca Bender
Jody Benecke
Mr. Frank L. Benedetti and Mr. Thomas G. Trowbridge
Ms. Dina F. Benedetto
Shane Benedict
R. Benenati
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Beneze
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Benfield
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Benim
Mr. Matthew P. Benjamin, '87
Dr. Barbara Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Rex W. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Graham F. Bennett
Mr. Kelly Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bennett
Ms. Lisa Bennett
Mrs. Ann Bennett-Phillips
Mr. Thomas Benson, Sr.
Mr. Kevin Benson and Mr. Steve Eaton
Ms. Penny Benson
Britt Benson-Greer
Dr. D. Paige Bentley
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Bentley
Mr. William G. Benton
Mr. James Beres
Dr. Karen E. Beres and Mr. Lance Drege
Faculty Emeritus Diane R. Berg
Mr. and Mrs. William Berger
Ms. Andrea L. Bergquist-Zamir, '85
Mr. David Bergstone
Mr. John P. Berkenstock
Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Berlin
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Berlin
Ms. Sandra Berman
Mr. Thomas Bernard*
Kathryn Bernard
Marguerite Bernard
Wendy Bernard Gooch
Mr. Marc Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Danny G. Berrier
Mr. James C. Berrier and Ms. Suzanne B. Breedlove
Ms. Kathy C. Berrier
Mr. Rodd D. Berro, '80
Ms. Laurel Berry
Ms. Suzanne Berry
Professor Holland B. Berson, '12
Ms. Nicoletta Berti
Faculty Emeritus Robert M. Beseda
Mrs. Claudia Beseda-Burns
Mr. John Best
Ms. Kathleen E. Bethel
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Bethune, Jr.
Carla Bethune
Ladd Bethune
Beau Bettinger
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Bettis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Betts
Mr. Jarod A. R. Betts, '21
Ms. Lisa Betts
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Bibler
Mr. Matthew J. Bick, '95
Mr. Alex R. Bickel, '04
Mrs. Cynthia M. Bickey
Mr. and Mrs. Lothar W. Biegert
Ms. Suri Bieler, '71 and Mr. Eliot Brodsky
Ms. Ida Bieler, '68
Chancellor M. Lindsay Bierman and\ Mr. Alan Henderson
Mr. V. Mark Biggam '77
Ms. Ashley Biglari
Ms. Rebecca Biles
Mr. Ryan P. Billia, '96
Mr. Peter Billingsley
Ms. Mary Ann Bills
Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Bilson
Mr. Larry B. Binns, '71 and Mrs. Marcia L. Binns, '72
Ms. Carolyn G. Biondi, '86
Mrs. Emmie F. Birkas, '99 and Mr. Balint Birkas
Mr. Charles N. Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Bishop
Ms. Mary Susan Bissell-Szkalak
Mr. Kevin Bitterman
Ms. Melody Bivona
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Black, Jr.
Mr. Keith Black
Mr. Ryan P. Black, '95
Black Bag Films
Mr. Timothy C. Blackburn and Ms. Jessica A. Richard
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Blackwelder
Ms. Sarah Blackwell
Ms. Marta K. Blades
Mr. Jesse H. Blair, '10
Mr. Bob Blair
Ms. Oenita L. Blair, '76
Ms. Loray Blair-Britt
Mrs. Abigail D. Blake, '85 and Mr. Anthony Blake
Ms. Ariel N. Blake, '17
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Blake
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Blancato
Mrs. Diana L. Blanchard, '14 and Mr. Patrick Schell
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Blanco
Blanco Tackabery Combs & Matamoros PA
Mr. and Mrs. James Bland
Mr. Geoffrey L. Bland, '76
Dorothy Bland
Ms. Eva Bland
Mr. Michael Blankenship
Mr. Damian Blankenship
Mr. Christopher Blankenship
Mr. Joseph J. Blankinship VI, '14
Dr. Richard C. Blanks
Mrs. Rebecca L. Blenz, '86
Ms. Kali Blevins
Mr. Lloyd Blevins
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Block
Mrs. Mary P. Block, '80
Ms. Kathleen Block
Ms. Nicole Blomfield
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Bloomfield
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Bloomfield
Judith Blue
Mr. Miles Blue
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Blue
Mr. Herbert J. Bluhm*
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Blum
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Blumenthal
Ms. Liron Blumenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brenner
Mr. Michael Boatman and Ms. Myrna Forney
Ms. Jordan K. F. Boatman, '18
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Bodek
Mr. Alexander W. Bodine, '15
Dr. Anita M. Bodrogi, '79
Ms. Heather E. Boe, '03
Mr. Robert Boemio
Ms. Janna Boettcher
Dr. Ann L. Bogard
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bogner
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Bohannon
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Bohnert
Ms. Mary Bohning
Mr. Timothy D. Bohon
Mr. Jason C. Bolen, '02
Mr. Robert Boles
Mr. and Mrs. Sanders Bolling
Ms. Mary Bolton
Mr. Nico Boncales
Patti Bonesteel
Ms. Krista Bonetti
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Bonitz, '89
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Bonsall
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Booke
Mr. Iverson A. Whisnant, Jr., '74 and Ms. Barbara M. Booth
Professor and Mrs. Dennis G. Booth
Ms. Carole Borden
Mr. and Mrs. Tore Borhaug
Mrs. Jennifer S. Borish, '93 and Mr. Jon Borish
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander F. Borys
Jennifer Bost
Boston Illumination Group, Inc.
Ms. Donna Boswell
Ms. Kay M. Bosworth
Barbara Botting
Ms. Mary R. Bouchard
Mr. Nicholas Bougis and Mrs. Catherine Donaldson
Mr. Dylan C. Bougis, '18
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Bouldin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boulter
Mrs. Dolly Bousmaha
Ms. Tonya Bovender
Ms. Karen H. Bovender
Ms. Monica Bowden
Ms. Amy Bowden
Andrew Bowen
Mr. James D. Bowers
Ms. Cecelia Bowers
Mr. John V. Bowhers, '12
Mr. Vincent C. Bowhers
Ms. Lisa Bowling
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bowman
Ms. Kiersten M. Bowman, '20
Mr. Chris Boyd
Carrie Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Boyer
Ms. Karen Boyer
Mr. Warren Boyer
Ms. Lauren Boyle
Ms. Stephanie Boyles
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Boyne
Boys Arnold Trust Company
Ms. Melinda Boyum
Ms. Susan Bradford
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bradley
Norma Bradley
Ms. Rosalind Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. George Bradshaw
Ms. Erica D. Bradshaw, '96
Ms. Wilba P. Brady
Ms. Shannon Brady
Mr. Adam Brady
Mr. Thomas P. Brady, '86
Ms. Jamie C. Brady-Brown, '73
Mr. Nicholas B. Bragg
Mr. and Mrs. Jason N. Bramblett
Ms. Sheila B. Brame
Ms. Dixie Branch
Ms. Mary Branch
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Brand
Ms. Wendy Brandes
Ms. Kaye S. Brandon
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Brandwein
Ms. Cindy Brasher
Ms. Susan Bray
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Breitkreutz
Ms. Anne Brennan
Ms. Frances E. Brenner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Brenner
Ms. Jennifer Brenner
Jacob Brent
Mr. Jeffrey Breslow
Mr. Frederick F. Bretschger, '72
Mr. Anthony H. Brett
Mr. Charles Brett
Dr. Ranelle Brew
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brewer
Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Brinegar
Ms. Amanda Brinkley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Brinson
Ms. Sunni D. Brintle, '89 and Mr. Kevin Hardwick
Hattie Brintle
Mr. Paul Brintley
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Ms. Susan Brittain
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Britti
Mr. and Mrs. J. William Broadway
Mrs. Cynthia P. Broadwell, '74 and Mr. Allen Y. Broadwell
Ernie Brock
Ms. Whitney Brockman
Mr. and Mrs. Bernd Brockmueller
Mr. Myron Broderick
Mr. Scott L. Brodsky, '01
Ms. Tamara Brognano
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Bromberg
Ms. Beth Brone
Mrs. Karen A. Bronson, '94 and Mr. Thomas A. Bronson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Brookby
Brooklyn Community Foundation
Mrs. Kathy Brooks
Ms. Stephanie Brooks
Ms. Rachel J. Brooks, '16
Mr. Matthew C. Brookshire, '98
Ms. Sharon M. Broscha Jaenicke, '98
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Drozd
Mr. David Broughton and Dr. Charlotte Broughton
Mr. and Mrs. James W. C. Broughton
Mr. Howard C. Broughton, Jr.
Mr. Hosea C. Brower, '68*
Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm M. Brown
Ms. Rebecca F. Brown
Dr. Haywood L. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Brown
Reverend and Mrs. William H. Brown III
Mr. and Mrs. Kieran Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Brown
Leila Brown
Mr. Paul G. Brown, '69 and Mrs. Susan M. Loevenguth
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Brown
Ms. Kimberly Brown
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Brown
Ms. Laurel Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Brown, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brown
Mr. Andy Brown
Mr. Thomas Brown
Ms. Sandra Brown
Ms. Shryll Brown
Ms. Marge Brown
Ms. Callie Brown
Laurel Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Brown
Mr. and Ms. Vince Brown
Mr. Baron Brown
Ms. Cara E. Brown, '06
Christina Brown
Emily Brown
Gillian Brown
Ms. Ashlyn E. Brown, '82
Ms. Christine L. Brown, '19
Ms. Debbie S. Brown
Ms. Sally Brown
Ms. Traci L. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Kelsey Brown
Ms. Wendy S. Brown, '17
The Honorable and Mrs. James T. Broyhill
Mr. and Mrs. Penn Broyhill
Ms. Sue Anne W. Bruce, '71 and Mr. David Bruce
Ms. Brent A. Bruin, '12
Katie Bruner
Mr. Bryan L. Brunette and Mr. Russell D. Roland
Mr. Theodore J. Brunetti, '83
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Brunjes III
Mr. Joseph O. Brunjes, '98 and Mrs. Johanna R. Brunjes
Ms. Gye P. Brunner, '73
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Brunson
Ms. Loren G. Brunson, '14
Ms. Crystal Brunson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Brunstetter
Mrs. Annie Bruskiewitz-Coates and Mr. Norman Coates
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Bryan
Mr. James T. Bryan III
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bryan
Mr. and Mrs. Alton E. Bryant III
Ms. Rebecca W. Bryant
Mrs. Terry Bryant
Mr. Matthew Bryant
Mr. Chandler V. Bryant
Ms. Sarah L. Bryant, '17
Ms. Melissa Bube
Ms. Shanlon Buchanan
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie E. Buchanan
Ms. Martha W. Buck, '67
Gerald S. Buck
Ms. Kacy Buddin
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Buell
Buffalo Wild Wings
Ms. Katharine Buffaloe Harris, '75 and Mr. James C. Harris
Doris Bugg
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buie
Dean Bull
Ms. Katherine M. Bulla, '13
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bullard
Mr. John Bullard*
Ms. Janis T. Bullins
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bullock, Jr.
Mrs. Sims Bulluck and Faculty Emeritus Matthew H. Bulluck*
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bumgarner
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Bunter
Ms. Tamara Burchette
Patsy Burdette
Ms. Carla Buriks
Dr. J. Michael Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Burke
Mr. Eric Burke
Mr. John L. Burke, '68
Mr. Andrew S. Burke, '01
Mr. Michael Burkhart
SC and GA Burkitt
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Burleson
Ms. Christa M. Burneff, '11 and Mr. Joe Burneff
Dr. and Mrs. Henry W. Burnett
Mr. Howard Burnett
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Burnette
Lynn Burnette-Harmon
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent B. Burns
Ms. Nancy Burns
Mr. and Ms. Joseph D. Burns
Ms. Katie Burns
Ms. Anneli Burns
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Burress III
Mr. Jeff S. Burroughs, '06
Mrs. Jean M. Burroughs
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Burroughs
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond O. Burrows
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Burrows
Ms. Leslie Burson
Mr. Richard Burst-Lazarus
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick K. Burt
Mr. and Mrs. Eric H. Burt
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K. Burt
Martha Burtt
Daniel Buscher
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Bushue
Mrs. Sara Busse
Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Buterbaugh
Estate of Albert L. Butler, Jr.*
Ms. Jennifer Butler
Ms. Jeanne F. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. J. Archer Butler, Jr.
Mr. Kenneth Butler
Mrs. Missy O. Butler
Emily Butler
Mr. David S. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Buttermann
Kelly Buynitzky
Mr. Jason J. Buzas, '69
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Byerly
Mr. Robert W. Byerly, '18
Mr. and Mrs. C. Philip Byers
Mr. Kevin Byers
Ms. Jaimie Bynum
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Byrd
Ms. Maribeth Byrd
Ms. Whitney Byrd
Ms. Kathleen M. Byrne, '06 and Mr. Brian Warf
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Byrum

C - D

Mr. Michael Cable
Ms. Saskia  Cacanindin
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio E. Cacela
Mr. William Cadwell
Mrs. Rebecca Cafarelli
Ms. Linda Caffrey
Mr. and Mrs. G. Frank Cagle
Ms. Stephanie W. Caillabet, '98
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Cain
Mr. and Mrs. Lynwood Cain
Ms. Catina A. Cain
Mr. Argo B. Thompson, '93 and Ms. Danielle S. Cain, '93
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Cain
Ms. Jordan Calaway
Karen Calcaterq
Mr. James F. Calciano and Ms. Marcie Schwartz
Mr. Javier F. Calderon, '70
Mr. Javier I. Calderon, '20
Mr. Ward W. Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Doug M. Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Caldwell
Ms. Doris Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Calhoun
Ms. Jamie Call Blankinship, '81 and The Reverend Joseph J. Blankinship V
Donald Callaghan
Dr. Kathryn E. Callahan, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray J. Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Callaway
Kristen Calle
Ms. Suzann Callinan
Ms. Sheila Calloway
Ms. Natasha Calvano
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk W. Cameron
Camille A. Brown & Dancers
Camino Bakery
Ms. Anna R. Camp, '04
Mr. Greg Campana
Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Campbell, Jr.
Ms. Mary G. Campbell
Dr. Jefferson T. Campbell, '98
Mr. Mark Campbell
Mr. R. Larry Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. James Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Brean Campbell
Dr. and Mrs. Paul T. Campbell
Ms. Margaret Campbell
Ms. Mary-Mitchell Campbell, '92
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Campbell
Ms. Carrie E. Campbell, '94
Mr. and Mrs. Julienne M. Campbell
Ms. Barbara Campbell
Ms. Jessica A. Cancino, '16
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Candland
Mr. John S. Canfield, '81 and Mrs. Natalie Canfield
Mrs. Rosalie Cangiano
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Cannon
Mr. Richard E. Cannon, '93
Colleen Cannon
Mr. William D. Cannon, '84 and Mrs. Dianne Cannon
Mr. David Cantrell
Mr. and Mrs. Jon B. Canupp
Mrs. Agnes M. Canzona
Mrs. Atchana Capellini
Capital Development Services, Inc.
Ms. Roberta A. Caplan, '67
Ms. Diane Capretta
Mr. Joseph V. Carbone
Ms. Jennifer Carbrey
Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Carbrey
Mr. Charles W. Cardinaux, '02
Ms. Cristina Cardone
Mr. Doug Cardwell and Faculty Emeritus Marilyn Cardwell
Sabrina Carlier
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Carlin
Estate of Martha B. Carlisle*
Dr. Meredith W. Carlone and Mr. Michael V. Carlone
Mr. David Carlone
Heidi Carlone
Mr. and Mrs. Felix B. Carlos
Carlos E. Coelho Woodwinds, Inc.
Mr. Tanner Carlson
Ms. Sandra C. Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Carlson
Ms. Angela Carlson
Ms. Stacey Carmichael
Mr. Greg Carnes
Larry Carnevale
Ms. Marla K. Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Carpenter
Mr. James S. Carpenter
Mrs. Liza Carpenter
Ms. Laura Carr
Ms. Eugenie W. Carr
Kathryn K. Carr
Mr. Eugene Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Carragee
Ms. Jacqueline Carrasco
Mr. and Mrs. David Carreiro
Ms. Diane M. Carricker, '74
Mr. and Mrs. Alberto Carrillo
Ms. Abby Carrock
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Carroll
Ms. Candace Carroll
Ms. Patricia B. Carroll
Carol Carroll
Ms. Suzanne Carroll
Ms. Shannon A. Carson, '86 and Mr. Gary Terpening
Mr. and Mrs. George Carson II
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carson
Mr. and Mrs. Nick D. Potter
Mr. Randy A. Carswell, '87
Ms. Eugenia A. Carter
Mr. Brian D. Carter, '98 and Mrs. Laura C. Carter, '96
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Carter
Elizabeth Carter
Dr. Shelli Carter
Ann Carter
Ms. Jessica Carter
Ms. Kimberly Cartron
Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Cartwright, Ph.D.
Carvel No 764
Guadalupe Carzola
Lupe Carzola
Ms. Deborah Casado
Ms. Nicole A. Case, '17
Ms. Patricia D. Casey, '77 and Mr. Leon C. Thomas, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Casey
Mr. Curtis Casey
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Cash
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Cassidy
Ms. Jennifer Castaldi
Ms. Montserrat Castano
Mr. Moises Castano
Dianne Castell
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Castelloe
Gretchen Castelloe
Ms. Velia Castillo
Cassandra Castle
Mr. Tony Castleberry
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Castro
Mr. David Catalano, '95
Mr. Robert Catchings
Mr. Patrick Cato
Mrs. Anastasia T. Catrickes, '92 and Mr. Frank D. Catrickes
Ms. Eve Cauley
Miss Eliana Caunitis
Dr. A. Thomas Cavano III '74
A. Thomas Cavano
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cavender
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Cawood
Mr. M. Campbell Cawood
Jacqueline ceChabert-Rios
Ms. Janet Celly
Cemala Foundation, Inc.
Center for Conflict Resolution
Center for Creative Economy
Center Stage Dance Studio, Inc.
Central Baptist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cerjan
Mr. Jon Chu and Ms. Jennifer Cerully
Ms. Marisa E. Cerveris, '80
Cesar A. Armstrong & Associates, P.A.
Ms. Patricia Cesari
Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Chaden
Smadar Chaffee
Jeneva Chalian
Ms. Corinne Challenger
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Chambers
Ms. Carol Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Champlin
Todd M. Chan
Ms. Lily Chan
Mr. Peter Chanas
Dr. and Mrs. Dudley C. Chandler, Jr.
Ms. Amie Chandler
Mr. Robert Chaney
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Chapin
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Chapman
Mr. John D. Chapman, '74
Mr. John W. Chapman, '05 and Mrs. Julie Chapman
Ms. Lucy J. Chapman, '69
Ms. Jane Chapman
Ms. Jennifer Chapman
Ms. Martha A. Chapman, '73
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Holdgrafer
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Chappell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Charles
Mr. and Mrs. Todd H. Chase
Mr. Abraham Chasnoff
Ms. Emily P. Chatham, '83
Mr. Tehreem Chaudhry
Ms. Caroline B. L. Chavasse, '86
Mr. John T. Cheek, '70 and Mrs. Lee Y. Cheek
Mr. and Mrs. David Cheek
Ms. Nancy  Chen
Mr. Hong-Guang Chen, '90
Ms. Amelia Bell R. C. Chen, '17
Mr. Aidong Cheng
Ying Chen-Marler
Ms. Ginger Cherry
Cherubs Faculty
Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program
Ms. Akiko Chiba
Mr. Richard Chibbaro
Chicago Community Foundation
Mrs. Michelle A. Chico
Ms. Rheann M. Chico, '21
Mrs. Joelle Chierico
Ms. Jennifer Childers
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Chilton
Mr. Forest G. Chilton, '21
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Chittick
Mary Christiaanse
Ms. Robin J. Christian-McNair
Ms. Pia Christina
Mr. and Mrs. F. Hudnall Christopher, Jr.
Ms. Chloe Chu
Dr. Cin Chubb
Mr. Robert E. Chumbley, '71
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Church, Jr.
Ms. Hannah K. Church, '17
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Church
Ms. Helen M. Churko
Ms. Judith Cichowski
Ms. Kimberly Cilke
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cilke
Mr. Vincent R. Cimmino and Ms. Regina Cybulski
Mrs. Ellen M. Ciompi and Mr. Arturo Ciompi, '73*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cipriano
Miss Meghan A. Cirillo, '12
Cirque Du Soleil, Inc.
Cisco Matching Gifts Program
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Cissna
Mr. Ira J. Citron
Ms. Ramona Ciuparu
Mrs. Barbara Clapham
Ms. Pat Shore Clark
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Clark, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Clark
Mr. Todd L. Clark, '86
Mr. Charles R. Clark, Sr., '82 and Mrs. Marion L. Clark
Ms. Carmen Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff T. Clark
Ms. Dorothy Clark
Mr. Coleman R. Clark
Clarkston-Potomac Group, Inc.
Mrs. Sarah Clausen
Ms. Janet D. Claxton
Chelsea Clayton
Clearly Bespoke Strategies, Inc.
Mr. Michael C. Cleavenger
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Clegg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clements
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Clements
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Cleveland
Cleveland County Arts Council
Mr. Brent Clevenger
Mr. D. Elwood Clinard, Jr.
Mr. Mark Cline
Mr. Hal W. Cline, '82
Sandra R. Cline
Ms. Alisha Clinger
Dr. Judith A. Cloud, '75
Mrs. Marilyn Cloutier
Mr. George Clutts
Bobby Clutts
Ms. Kirtan Coan and Mr. Al Greene
Ms. Valerie Cobler
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Cockrell
Mrs. Sophia S. Cody*
Dr. Tadeu Coelho
Mr. Larry B. Coffey
Ms. Elizabeth Coffey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Coffey
Professor Millard F. Coffin
Ms. Melanie Coggen
Ms. Georgia K. Cohen, '14
Rabbi Mark Cohn
Mr. Jeffrey Cohn and Ms. Patricia Thornton
Ms. Jennifer Coil
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Coladonato
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Colavito
Chancellor and Mrs. Brian Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cole
Ms. Pamela Cole
Ms. Nicole T. Cole
Mr. David M. Cole and Dr. Donna G. Anderson-Cole
Mr. William W. Cole, '98
Mr. Graham G. Cole, '15
Nancy W. Colegrove
Ms. Amy L. Coleman, '75
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Colenda III
Mr. Michael A. Colina, '70 and Mrs. Robin Colina
Mr. David Collier
Mr. Richard T. Collier
Mr. George Collier
Ms. Rachel L. Collier
Ms. Margaret H. Collins, '78 and Mr. Ray Collins
Ms. Maria V. Collins
Mrs. Katherine Collins
Mr. and Ms. Barry D. Collins
Anne Collins
Carrie Collins
Mr. John Collins*
Ms. Deborah L. Collodel, '84 and Mr. Eric Rochin
Mr. Nickolaus G. Colon, '15
Mayra Colon
Color Granda
Columbia Arts Academy
Hilary Coman
Mr. Heath E. Combs and Ms. Virginia C. Hendricks
Mr. Bedford Combs
Elizabeth Combs
Community Foundation of NC East
Community Foundation of North Carolina East
Community Foundation of Western NC, Inc.
Ms. Edith Conable
Mr. Kevin S. Crandell and Ms. Margaret A. Conable
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Cone, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Harle Cone
Mr. and Mrs. W. Mark Conger
Mr. David Coniglio and Ms. Lara Campagna
Ms. Suzanne Conklin
Mr. Robert Conn
Ms. Beth Connelly
and Mr. Thomas K. Connolly, Jr.
Mrs. Pamela M. Connolly, '86 and
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Connors
Christian Conrad
Ms. Kari Conroy
Mr. Karl E. Conroy
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Constable
Marnie Conti
Mr. Shane Conti
Ms. Bonnie S. Cook
Mrs. Alice C. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. William Cook
Mrs. Nancy W. Cook
Dr. and Mrs. Leland J. Cook
Ms. Carmen C. Cook
Ms. Elizabeth Cook, '87
Mr. Tyler L. Cook, '08
Mr. and Mrs. F.S. Cooke, Jr.
Mr. Christopher Cooklin
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Cooper
Faculty Emeritus Dona and Mr. Arthur Cooper
Mr. Scott Cooper
Mr. Corey Cooper
Ms. Liann Cooper
Ms. Carolyn Cooper
Ms. Hallie S. Cooper, '11
Ms. Sara Cope
Lisa Cope
Judith C. Copeland
Mr. Thomas Copeland
Ms. Heidi L. M. Copeland
Janae Copeland
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Coppa
Ms. Carolyn Coram
Ms. Claudine Corbett
Mrs. Emily E. Corbett
Ms. Andrea J. Corbett
Ms. Fanchon L. Cordell
Ms. Gloria Corn
Ms. Bethea Cornelius
Mr. Nicholas A. Correa, '13
Ms. Elise Corregan
Ms. Dagmar Cosby
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Cosgrove
Mrs. Rachel Cossette
Mrs. Leslie A. Cossor, '01
Mrs. Luzia Costa
Ms. Anna Costa
Mr. John T. Costello, Jr.
Milton M. Costen
Mr. Robert N. Shorter and Dr. Nancy Cotton
Mr. Stephen H. Coulter, '81 and Mrs. Dee Coulter
Mr. Gerald Cousins
Mr. Mark Couzens
Ms. Heather Covert
Ms. Lynn Covington
Mr. and Mrs. A. Brent Cowan
Mr. Matt W. Cowart, '04
Dr. Richard L. Cox and Dr. James O. May
Mr. James C. Cox
Mr. Sean R. Cox, '98
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Cox
Ms. Emilee E. Cox, '14
Mr. and Mrs. Terry F. Coyle
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Coyle
Mr. Matthew R. Coyle, '96
Ms. Therese Coyne
Mr. and Mrs. John Coyne
Ms. Ella D. Coyne, '18
Mr. Nathan Crabtree
Ms. Linda Crabtree
Mrs. Rose S. Crafton
Mr. Patrick E. Craig, '97
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Craig
William Craig
Mr. Scott D. Cramer
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Crandell
Mr. and Mrs. Thorns Craven
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Craven
Ms. Kacie M. Craver, '14
Mr. Albert R. Crawford III, '97
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Crawford
Mr. Andrew G. Crawford, '04
Mr. and Mrs. John Crawford
Ms. Marjean Creager
Creative Capital Foundation
Mrs. Wanda T. Creen, '81
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Crew
Ms. Lara Crews
Ms. Deborah Crews
Ms. Maureen Crissy
Mrs. Elizabeth N. Crocker, '77
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Crocker
Mrs. Denise Crockett
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Crockford
Mr. Bert Croezen
Mr. Norman Cromwell
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Crone, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. O. Roane Cross, Jr.
Ms. Murphy Cross, '71
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Crossett
Denise Crosson
Ferd Crotte
Gail Crotte
Mr. Fred Crouch
Mr. Brandon Crouse
Mr. Randy and Dr. Tammie Cruell
Ms. Lila J. Cruikshank
Mrs. Amy L. Crum, '97 and Mr. Jim Crum
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Crummett
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Crumpler
Cucalorus Film Foundation
Ms. Donna B. Culbreth, '69
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Culbreth
Mr. Michael Culler
Dr. Matthew S. Cullinan and Ms. Anna Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Culwell
Mr. John R. Culwell, '16
Mr. Kenneth Cumming
Ms. Susan Cummings
Ann Cummings
Ms. Natalie Cenovia C. Cummins, '84 and Ms. Marilyn Coyne
Ms. Miranda Cummins
Mrs. Linda Cundiff
Mr. Thomas G. Cunningham
Ms. Mary W. Cunningham
Mr. Kenneth S. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Cunningham
Ms. Lisa Cunningham
Cunningham Family Trust
Mr. Maury B. Cupitt, '92
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Curia
Mrs. Anne S. Curlett and Mr. John N. Curlett, Jr.*
Ms. Mary L. Currie
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Currin
Mr. Joseph A. Curry, '96
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis W. Curtis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Curtis
Custom Window Treatments
Cut Music
Ms. Michelle Cutherbertson
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Cutrara
Mr. Kevin M. Cwalina, '97
Ms. Alana M. Czernobil, '05
Ms. Jennifer Czinsky
Mr. Carlos Da Fonte
Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Da Silva
Mr. Gene A. DaCosta and Ms. Sheenah L. Hislop
Ms. Suzanne Daes-Pratt, '69
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Daggett
Mr. Jonathan C. Dahm Robertson, '15
Mr. Ari Dalbert
Mr. and Mrs. John Dalena
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle L. Dallape
Mr. Josh Dalton
Mr. Christian A. Daly, '12
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin B. Dame
Mrs. Elaine P. Dana
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dana
Dance Connection of Islip, Inc.
Dancer NYC Inc
Mr. and Ms. Christopher Dancu
Anna Dancu
Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Danelson
Mr. Ralph W. Daniel
Dr. Robert M. Daniel, '68 and Mrs. Kathleen A. Daniel
Ms. Samantha K. Daniel, '04
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Daniel
Mrs. Jordan Daniel
Mr. Gary Daniel
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Daniels, Jr.
Mr. Jefferson F. Dalby and Ms. Brenda J. Daniels
Ms. Lucy C. Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Daniel
Mrs. Nina Danilova-Maslennikova and Mr. Alexandr Maslennikov
Mrs. Sarah Danke
Mr. David Danner*
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Dardes
Mr. Nicholas E. Dardes, '19
Ms. Leanne M. Darling
Ms. Marilyn Darling
Ms. Cynthia A. Darlow, '70 and Mr. Richard Ferrone
Mr. Adam Darney
Professor Pranab K. Das
Mr. Keith Dasch
Jan Dash
Mr. David Dash
Sarah Dash
Ms. Mary Dashiell, '74
Dr. and Mrs. Harlan B. Daubert
Ms. Diane Daum
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Davenport
Dr. Anne D. Davenport, '09
Mr. Justin M. Davey, '08
Mr. Michael S. David and Ms. Lauren C. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Chester O. David
Ms. Nadine A. A. David
David Bohnett Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. James Davidson
Mr. William J. Davidson, '99 and Mrs. Christine M. Davidson, '99
Davie Community Foundation
Davie Construction Co
Ms. Jean C. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Davis II
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Davis IV
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis III
Ms. Lucy C. Davis, '68 and Mr. Fred B. Emmerson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Kenneth Davis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kearny Davis
Ms. Sara L. Davis, '78
Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton C. Davis
Ms. Claudia B. Davis
Mr. Roger L. Davis, '76
Ms. Inez Davis
Miss Cassandra Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Davis
Mrs. Allison Davis
Ms. Teresa Davis
Mr. Fred R. Harwell, Jr. and Ms. Joslin Davis
Mr. Gregg Fisher and Ms. Mary Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Davis
Mr. Erik A. Davis, '00 and Mrs. Elizabeth S. Davis, '02
Ms. Kathleen Davis
Ms. Mary Anna Davis
Ms. Kay Davis
Mr. and Mrs. John Davis III
Mr. Jimmy Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Davis
Mr. Brian N. Davis, '18
Ms. Hannah A. Davis
Ms. Susan B. Davis
Lasonya Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Davis
Mr. William W. Davis
Ruth Davis
Sally Davis
Mr. Dru Davis
Mr. Larrie W. Dawkins
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Dawson, Jr.
Ms. Joan S. Dawson
Ms. Alexis M. Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Dawson
Ms. Nancy Dawson
Mr. Kris J. Bain, '10 and Mrs. Lillian M. Dawson Bain, '10
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Day
Mr. Jeremy M. Day, '01
Ms. Mary-Clare Day
Dr. Temple V. Day
Mr. Wesley J. Day, '97
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Day, Jr.
Mr. Robert Daye*
Mr. Blyth W. Daylong, '94
Mr. and Mrs. Amelito De Jesus
Mrs. Martha S. De Laurentiis
Mrs. Lucia de Sola
Ms. Mary Deakle
Ms. Harriet Deal
Ms. Mary E. Deal
Ms. Julia Z. Deal
Ms. Amanda B. Deal
Mr. Geoffrey W. Dean, '89
Deann Dylandale Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Deaton
Ms. Deanna Debrecht
Ms. Freeda G. Debusk
Ms. Barbara Debusk
Ms. Paula DeCarlo-Falcone
Rebecca Decker
Mr. and Mrs. James J. DeCristo
Ms. Linda Deese
Mr. Joseph P. DeFiglia, '01
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. DeForest
Ms. Emily K. DeForest, '17
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Degnan
Mr. David Degrace
Ms. Lise Deguire
Mr. Dane W. DeHaan, '08 and Mrs. Anna A. DeHaan, '08
Mr. Michael Dehaan, Sr.
Ms. Kristen L. DeJonge, '97
Mr. Louis DeJoy and The Honorable Aldona Wos
Dr. Shari A. Del Do
Mrs. Nancy K. Della Rovere, '71 and Mr. Richard Della Rovere
Delta Air Lines Foundation
Mr. Craig Daniel Delucia
Ms. Ruth E. Delzell, '90
John DeMontfort
Mr. Matthew S. Dempsey, '19
Ms. Kathryn Dencker
Mr. Robert Dendy
Natara Denga
Dr. John W. Denham
Mrs. Julia C. Denham
Ms. Elinor Denney
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Dennis, Jr.
Ms. Catherine G. Dent, '93 and Mr. Peter J. Eliasberg
Ms. Kellie Dentler
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Denton
Mr. Andrew G. Denton, '13
Brenda DePaola
The Honorable Judson D. DeRamus, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John DeRienzis
Ms. Carol Deschenes
Mr. Vincent Deschenes
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Deshong
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. DeSimone
Heidi Desmarais
Ms. Averi C. Desmarais
Mrs. Brynne Desmarteau-Ray
Ms. Marlene Desmond
Mr. and Mrs. Santo J. DeStefano
Ms. Laura Dettinger
Mrs. Ruth Deudney
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John Devanney
Mr. and Ms. Darryl Devnich
Mr. Dave Dewaele and Ms. Marleny Ocampo
Mr. Brian A. DeWyer
Mr. and Ms. Jesse Deziel
DFW Musicians Services LLC
Ms. Louanne Di Bella, '86
Mr. and Mrs. Nello Di Norcia
Ms. Kathryn J. Dia, '81 and Mr. Januario P. Dia
Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel R. Diamond
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Dib
Mr. and Mrs. William DiBella
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Dickerson
Mrs. Diane Dickerson
Mrs. Lisa Dickson
Dickson Foundation
Mr. Ronald Digby-New and Ms. Tiffany Drafz
Ms. Katie J. Dill, '12
Robert P. Dillaplain
Mrs. Rosena F. G. Dillard
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Dillard
Ms. Paige Dillon
Ms. Alexandra S. Dimopoulos, '96
Ms. Jessica Dimos
Mrs. Julia Anne P. DiPiazza, '67 and Mr. Joseph DiPiazza
Ms. Cecelia G. Disharoon, '04
Mr. Kamalakshi L. Dishmon
Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Distante
Dr. Allison Divers
Karyn Divine
Ms. Maria B. Divittorio, '21
Mr. and Mrs. Drew M. Dixon
Mrs. Patricia A. Dixon, '80 and Mr. W. L. Dixon, Jr.
Ms. Kimberly Dixon
Ms. Dana S. Dixon, '01 and Mr. Wade Dixon
Do Good Artist
Ms. Emily E. Doak, '95
Mr. John Dobson
Ms. Mary Dobson Genderson
The Reverend Susan Dobyns and Mr. Hugh W. Jernigan, Jr.
Mr. Jonathan H. Dockery, '02
Mr. and Dr. Douglas A. Dodds
Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Dodds
Ms. Dorothy K. Dodds
Ms. Elisabeth Doe
Mrs. Chelsea M. Doerfer, '13 and Mr. William Doerfer
Mr. Olin F. Dukes and Ms. Bonnie J. Doerr
Ms. Heather Doerschuk
Ms. Carolyn Doherty
Ms. JoAnne Dolan
Mr. Brian Donadio
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Donahue
Ms. Ashley N. Donahue
Mr. Gunnar Donaldson
Ms. Anna E. Donato Ghani
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Doniphan
Ms. Laurel N. Donley
Mr. Matthew C. Donnell, '99 and Ms. Alana Niehoff
Ms. Kelly Donnellan, '00
Mr. Thomas J. Donoghue, '98 and Mrs. Erin M. Donoghue, '99
Ms. Karen G. Donovan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Donovan
Mr. James F. Dooley, Jr.
Mr. Carter Doolittle
Ms. Mary J. Doornbos, '71 and Mr. Michael D. Maher
Mr. M. Joseph Doran '00
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dorer
Mrs. Carolyn Dorff, '93 and Robin Dorff
Mr. Christopher Dorr
Sandra Dorr
Ms. Karen Dorr
Mr. Barry Dorsey
Mrs. Nadiyah S. Dorsey-Quander, '01 and Mr. James E. Quander, Jr.
Ms. Brianna Doss
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Dossinger
The Honorable Susan M. Dotson-Smith and Mr. Matthew Dotson-Smith
Mr. Shayne T. Doty, '79
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Dougherty
Ms. Nicole Dougherty
Mr. and Mrs. Sandlin Douglas
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Douglas
Ms. Cathy Douglas
Douglas County Community Foundation
Ms. Kate Douglass
Ms. Crista W. Douthit
Dr. Lue Douthit
Ms. Marsha Dove
Dove Pediatric Service, Inc.
Estate of Elaine D. Dowdell*
Ms. Christina R. Dowell
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Downard
Mr. Nelson Downend
Ms. Elizabeth P. Downing and Mr. John M. Downing*
Ms. Adrienne Downing
Carol Downs
Ms. Constance Downs
Mr. James C. Doyen and Mrs. Carol R. D'Oyen
Mr. Timothy J. Doyen II, '17
Ms. Lauretta D. Doyle, '70 and Mr. Barry M. Frechette
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Drake
Ms. Eva Draw Vorobiev
Mrs. Sandra B. Dreis
Ms. Haley A. Dreis, '07
Mr. and Mrs. John Drescher, Jr.
Mr. Kevin C. Dreyer, '72 and Ms. Cynthia E. Dieckgrafe
Mrs. Mary C. Driscoll and Mr. Frank E. Driscoll*
Ms. Marie-Claude Driscoll
Ms. Mara C. Driscoll, '08
Susan Driscoll-Blount
Ms. Teresa Drummond
Ms. Annamarie R. D'Souza
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DuBose
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dubuisson
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Duckett
Mrs. Mary M. Dudley and Dr. Joseph B. Dudley*
Mr. Edward Duehring
Ms. Michael Duffy
Mr. Albert Dugan
Mr. David A. Dugas, '86
Mr. Dorian Dugger
Ms. Lisa Duke
Duke Energy Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. C. Stephen Dula
Ms. Patricia Dulin
Dr. Elizabeth Dull
Ms. Kate Dullaghan
Ms. Allison Duncan
Mr. Corey M. Dundee, '09 and Dr. Chandel M. Dundee
Dr. and Mrs. David Dundee
Mr. David B. Dunford, '01
Dr. Charles Dunham
Mr. and Mrs. Brian H. Dunkelberger
Major Keith G. Dunlap and Major Joan E. Dunlap
Ms. N. Elizabeth Dunlop
Mr. and Mrs. William Dunlop
Miss Lauren E. Dunlop, '19
Ms. Mia Celano and Mr. Noel L. Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dunn
Ms. Katherine Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Dunn
Ms. Nancy W. Dunn
Mrs. Carole L. Dunn
Ms. Trieste K. Dunn, '04
Mr. S Worth Dunn
Mr. Evan Dunnagan
Mrs. Phyllis H. Dunning
Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Dupire
Ms. Jennifer DuPont
Ms. Judy C. Dupree
Ms. Catherine Durando
Ms. Pamela M. Durban, '04
Ms. Kim P. Durham
Mr. Eric Durham
Mr. Andrew J. Dyer, '12

E - G

Lisa Eads
Mr. Abdon J. Eagan, '18
Mr. Richard Earl
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Earthman
Mr. Eric Eason
Ms. Rachel L. Eason
Ms. Patricia Easter
Professor Rob D. Eastman-Mullins, '05 and Mrs. Andrea Eastman-Mullins
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Easton
Mr. Thomas L. Eaton, Jr., '72 and Mrs. Beata Eaton
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Eaton Jr
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Eaton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ebeling
Mrs. Mary-Ellen G. Eberly, '97 and Mr. Robert Eberly III
Mr. Raymond E. Ebert, Jr.
Ms. Diane Ebert
Mr. John I. Ebrahim, '18
eBrandgelize Digital
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Eckard
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eckes
Eclectic-Encore Properties, Inc.
Mr. James Econopouly and Ms. Joan East
Mr. and Mrs. Gunnar A. Edelstein
Ms. Eileen M. Edgcomb, '72
Mr. Geoffrey N. Edge, '97 and Mrs. Erin E. Edge, '97
Mrs. Susan T. Edge
Ms. Renee Edge
Ms. Shari J. Edmisten
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Edwards
Dr. and Mrs. C. Drew Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton H. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Shep Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Edwards
Barbara Edwards
Ms. Sybil Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Edwards
Mr. Benjamin J. Eells, '10
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Egan
Mr. and Mrs. Benedikt Egersdoerfer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Egleston
Ms. Elizabeth Egloff
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Egnatz
Rebekah Ehrhardt
Mr. David Eilbott and Ms. Joan Alfiero
Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Eisenberg
Ms. Svea C. Eklof-Grey, '70 and Mr. Michael Grey
Mr. Ed Eklund
Ms. Helene Elbein
Ms. Melenie Eldridge
Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.
Elizabeth Stifel Kline Foundation
Faculty Emeritus and Mrs. David E. Elkins
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Eller
Ms. Merritt Eller
Ms. Susan C. Ellingson
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Elliott
Ms. Rebecca O. Elliott, '66
Mr. Rhodes O. Elliott, '06
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ellis
Mr. William M. Ellis, '85 and Mrs. Jocelyn Ellis
Mrs. Jarrod V. Ellis, '96 and Mrs. Lilyan V. Ellis, '96
The Reverend and Mrs. Stewart E. Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Raven Ellis III
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ellis
Mr. Richard Ellis, '78 and Mrs. Robin Blackburn
Mrs. Trean Ellis
Ms. Kim Ellison
Ms. Lisa Ellison
Mr. Brian J. Elmer, '87 and Mrs. Aileen Elmer
Joe D. Elms
James C. Elphick
Dr. Paul A. Elssner and Ms. Jutta Von Dirke
Mr. Michael Elstein
Elstein Law Firm
Mrs. Suzan D. Elster
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Ely
Mr. Broadus J. Embler II
Mr. Jerry Embree '84 and Mrs. Darlene L. Embree
EmcArts Inc.
Ms. Wendy Emerson
Mrs. Sally B. Emery, '69 and Mr. Horace Emery
Mr. Jesse B. Emery, '94 and Mrs. Emily Denadel Emery
Ms. Sarah T. Emery, '94
Ms. Linda Emfinger
Mr. Richard Emmett and Ms. Kimberly Lawson
Dr. Jean C. Emond and Ms. M. J. Balanoff Emond
EMS Management & Consultants, Inc.
Ms. Priscilla W. Ender
Brian Enevold
Ms. Mary Lynn England
Dr. and Mrs. David J. English
Joan Engskow
Enliven Psychotherapy
Dr. Susan I. Enscore, '74 and Mr. Don Davis
Entertainment Partners
Mrs. Elaine E. Ephraim
Mr. Paul Epply-Schmidt and The Reverend Joanne Epply-Schmidt
Mr. J. C. Epting
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Erbig
Dr. Rick M. Erickson and Dr. Megan Erickson
Ms. Hilde Errico
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Ervin
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Eshelman
Mr. Oskar Espina-Ruiz
Estate of Alexander Cochran Ewing*
Estate of Clyde M. Fowler, Jr.*
Estate of Frank Borden Hanes, Sr.*
Estate of Gerald A. Freedman*
Estate of Jenny Lillian Koortbojian*
Estate of John A. Sneden, Jr*
Estate of June M. Ficklen*
Estate of Mr. John Mark Hall, '77*
Estate of Mr. Robert M. Overstreet*
Estate of Ms. Susan Burress Wall*
Estate of Patrick Steven Updegrove*
Estate of Rebecca Barrow*
Estate of Richard E Johnson*
Estate of Robert Mitchell Rhodes*
Estate of William L Obermiller*
Ms. Susan G. Estes
Mr. Jason K. Estrada, '16 and Mr. Steve Mowry
Mr. and Mrs. Monte Ethington
Mr. Julian E. Eubank III, '72 and Mrs. Annette Eubank
Amanda Eubanks
Ms. Tracey V. Eubanks
Ms. Sami K. Eudy, '17
Ms. Tina Euler
Mr. Timothy L. Eulich, '03
Mr. Justin A. Eure
Evan and Barbara Bell Charitable Foundation
The Honorable Lisbeth C. Evans, '78 and Mr. James T. Lambie
Ms. Alice C. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. John Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Evans
Ms. Tanya Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Evans
Ms. Susan K. Evans
William Evans
Mrs. Emily Evans
Craig Evans
Rebecca Evans
Event Strategy Group
Ms. Paula Everett
Ms. Mary Everett
Mr. Jonathan J. Everett, '18
Mr. Timothy Everhart
Ms. Carole Renee Everhart
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Ewald
Mr. and Mrs. Ford C. Ewaldsen
Mr. Alexander C. Ewing, Jr. and Mrs. Winnifred A. Senning
Mr. Mark E. Ewing, '98
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Exum
Exum Photography LLC
ExxonMobil Foundation
Ms. Nancy Eyre
Mr. Alex J. Eyre, '79 and Mrs. Camilla Eyre
Mr. and Mrs. Curt R. Eyster
Ms. Alyssa L. Eyster, '19
Ms. Laura L. Fabian, '06
Dr. David and Mrs. Lisa Factor
Ms. Dorothy Factor
Mr. Brad Cokendolpher and Ms. Clare Fader
Dr. and Mrs. J. Murray Fadial
Mr. William M. Fagen, '97
Mr. Peter L. Fahey, '08
Mr. George A. Fain
Mr. David Fairall
Mr. and Mrs. William Fairbanks
Ms. Lily M. Fairbanks, '09
Falcon Charitable
Chad Falcone
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Falk
Ms. Sarah Falls
Ms. Amy K. Falls, '09
Ms. Janet Falls
Ms. Beverly Falls
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Falvo
Mrs. Sally Fanjoy
Ms. Julia D. Fansler
Mr. and Mrs. Sayed M. M. Farahani
Mr. Frank M. Faranda, Ph.D., '97 and Mrs. Heidi Faranda
Lisa Faria
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Farinsky
Mr. John R. Farley and Mrs. Laura C. Farley
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Farlow
Ms. Jennifer Farlow
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Farmer
Ms. Stacey E. Farnsworth, '03 and Mr. Timothy Farnsworth
Mrs. Tamara Farr
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Farrar
Ms. Anne C. Farver
Mr. Brian R. Fassett, '98
Mrs. Paula Faub
Robert Faub
Ms. Kimberly Faulkner
Mrs. Sharon Fausch
Jean Faust
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Faw
Mr. James M. Faw and Ms. Rebecca Harris
Ms. Ella Fawley
Mrs. Carolyn H. Fay
Ms. Cecilia Fayard
Ms. Sharon Fedele
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Fee, Jr.
Mr. James Fee, Sr.
Ms. Erin Fee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fehribach
Mrs. Amy S. Feinberg, '75 and Dr. Andrew G. Feinberg
Helen Feinbert
Ms. Claudia Feit
Mr. and Ms. J. Stevens Felder
Mr. David C. Rodwell and Ms. Lynn Felder
Mr. Carlos Feliciani and Ms. Esther Ojeda
Mr. Tyler N. Felix
Ms. Elise Felix
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Felker
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Felkins
Jonathan Felkins
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Feller
Mr. and Mrs. Winfred Felton III
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Felts*
Ms. Margaret H. Felts
Ms. Andrea Fenn
Mrs. Jennie H. Fentress
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Ferguson, Jr.
Ms. Liza Fernandez
Ms. Elisa F. Fernbach
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ferrarin
Mr. Justin L. Ferrell
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest A. Ferrell
Dr. John P. Ferri
Ms. Jennifer L. Ferrin, '03
Mr. and Mrs. James Ferry
Ms. Dawn Ferry
Mr. and Mrs. William Fester
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan T. Fetter
Mr. Monty Fetterolf and Dr. Cathy Cobb
Ms. Jennifer Feuerstein
Mr. Andy Fickman
Dr. Brian C. Fidali, '07
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Ms. Christine E. Field, '93 and Mr. Jonathan M. Judge
Dr. Julia R. Fielding and Dr. Keith P. Mankin
Dr. Sandi Fields
Mr. William E. Files, '02
Ms. Debbie Filipe
Ms. Jennifer Filipowski
Filipowski-Race Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Finamore
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fincher
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Fine
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Fine
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Finfgeld
Ms. Iris Finkelstein
Dr. Lee K. Finklea
Ms. Katherine M. Finklea, '00
Mr. and Mrs. William Finley
Mr. and Mrs. James Finn
Heather Finn
Ms. Page H. Laughlin  and Mr. David T. Finn
Ms. Laura Finnegan
Ms. Emily Finneran
Mr. Brian T. Finney, '86
Mr. Jon Firebaugh
Allan Firestone
First Tennessee Bank
Ms. Carolyn D. Fisch
Mr. John Fischer
Ms. Christine Fischer
Noah Fischer
Ms. Julie Fishell
Mr. Richard Fisher
Terri Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Fisk
Mr. Adam Fisk
Mr. Roy B. Fitch, Jr.
Mr. Walter M. Fitts and Ms. Julie Dougherty
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Fitts I
Ms. Catherine Fitts
Mr. John E. Fitzgerald and Mr. Robert C. Hunter
Ms. Kathleen Fitzgerald, '71
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fitzgerald
Mr. Darrin A. Fitzgerald, '93
Ms. Betty Fitzgerald
Ms. Jennifer F. Fitzpatrick
Tonya Flaming
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Flanders
Mr. Joseph M. Flanders, '10
Mrs. Deborah B. Flanigan and Mr. Michael J. Flanigan*
Flat River Dance Company
Mr. James B. Flax
Dr. and Mrs. Jack D. Fleer
Ms. Joye Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Warren P. Fleming
Ms. Elisa Fleming
Fleshman-Pratt Foundation
Mr. Brian Fletcher
Stephen H. Flick
Ms. Karla Flora
Ms. Janelle Flores
Mrs. Christine K. Flory
Linda Flosi
Steven Flosi
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Flow
Flow Automotive Companies
Flow Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Wanda L. Floyd-Rawls, '75 and Mr. Kenneth Rawls
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Fly
Ms. Shirley B. Fly
Flying Dodo LLC
Mr. Thomas Flynn
Ms. Deborah Flynn
Mrs. Mary Kathryn Flynt, '04
Ms. Ardyn L. Flynt, '15
Ms. Rebecca Flynt
Mr. and Mrs. McDara P. Folan III
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Folckomer
Mr. Ajay Thakkar and Ms. Sharon Foldy
Kathleen M. Foldy
Diane Foldy
Mr. Joshua M. Foldy*
Ms. Karen Foley
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Foley
Mrs. Eileen F. Foley
Ms. Michelle Folkman
Diane Follain
Ms. Anna S. Folwell
James Fonzi
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Forbes
Lillian Forbus
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Ford
Ms. Tracey D. Ford Ed.D.
Mr. Nicolas D. Gonzalez, '10 and Ms. Jennifer B. Ford, '12
Mrs. Daniel Forest
Mrs. Lynette Forest
Forest Garden Club
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus R. Forman
Mr. David C. Formisani
Ms. Knolveree V. Forney
Ms. Carol Forrest
Ms. Kim M. Forrester
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Forsman
Forsyth Humane Society
Mr. Thomas M. Fort, Jr., '97 and Mrs. Valerie Fort
Fort Lauderdale Insurance Services, Inc.
Mr. Justin J. Fortier, '04
Mrs. Gene G. Foster
Mr. Jeffrey L. Foster and Ms. Elisabeth M. Snyder
Ms. Francesca S. Foster
Foundation for the Carolinas
Ms. Susan D. Foushee
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Fowler
Mr. Edward G. Fowler, Jr., '70
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Fowler
Ms. Rachel A. Fowler, '12
Merritt Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. John Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Fox
Mr. David M. Bowen, '15 and Ms. Madeline E. Fox, '15
Mrs. Dayna L. Fox, '99 and Mr. Donald Campbell
Ms. Nadine W. Fox
Mr. Randolph M. Foy and Ms. Mary L. Bellamy
Foy Inventerprises, Inc.
Mr. Richard F. Hoskins and Ms. Lynne-Marie Frame
Faculty Emeritus Mollie Murray and Faculty Emeritus Robert L. Francesconi
Mrs. Jessica Francis
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Francis
Mrs. Monica L. Francisco, '00 and Mr. Charles D. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Francisco
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Franco III
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Frank
Mr. Ian Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant M. Frank
Ms. Samantha Frank
Frank L. Blum Construction Company
Dr. Madeline B. Frank-Berger, '71
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Franke
Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Franke
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Frankel
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Franklin
Mr. Rodney L. Franklin, '75 and Mrs. Carol Franklin
Ms. Brandy Fransen
Ms. Meg A. Frantz
Mrs. Lynn Franzosa
Mr. Kenneth Frazelle, '74 and Mr. James H. Mashburn
Ms. Caroline L. Frazer and Ms. Marie Mohler
Freddie Mac
Mr. Ian Frederick
Sharon Frederick
Ms. Julie Frederiksen
Ms. Elizabeth Freedman
Mr. David B. Freedman
Ms. Laura L. Freeman, '86
Ms. Clara I. Freeze, '16
Mrs. Stacey H. Fregosi, '96 and Mr. John Fregosi
Ms. Rita I. Freimanis
Cindy Freimuth
Mr. Chris W. French, '09
Corinne Fretwell
Dr. and Mrs. Victor Freund
Mr. and Mrs. Lane S. Freund
Leslie Frick
Mr. Robert L. Fried
Mr. Jonathan Friedland
Ms. Jean Friedman
Mr. Seth A. Friedman, '97
Beverly Friedman
Mr. Larry D. Friedrich, Sr.
Friendly Avenue Baptist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frimmel
Ms. Sherry A. Frino
Mr. and Mrs. John Frison
Toni A. Frizzelle
Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Froelich III
Ms. Jane Frost
Ms. Miriam C. Frugis and Ms. Joan T. Campmany
Ms. Lauren Q. Frye
Ms. Nancy Frye
Nancy Frye
David Fudge
Ms. Alyssa Fuentes
Mr. Glenn Fulk
Ms. Carole Fulk
Ms. Cheryl L. Fuller, '80
Mr. and Mrs. Duane A. Fuller
Mr. William R. Watkins, Jr. and Ms. Rebecca A. Fuller
Ms. Brenda Fuller
Ms. L. Lynnette Fuller-Andrews '91
Mr. Richard S. Fullerton, '69 and Mrs. Susan G. Fullerton
Mr. Paul Fulton, Jr. and Mrs. Nan V. Crawford
Ms. Henrietta R. Fulton
Mr. William R. Funderburk IV, '96
Jeffrey Furman
Brandon Furr
Ms. Christine Furto
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot A. Fus
Future World Productions, Inc.
Alexis Gabard
Brittany Gabriel
Mr. Marlo Gaddis
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Gaede
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby L. Gage
Ms. Kathryn M. Gage, '08
Dr. Allison M. Gagnon
Ms. Kacie M. Gagnon, '12
Gail J Smith Trust
Mr. G. Nicholas Galbraith '07
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Galinski
Mr. Peter L. Galison and Ms. Caroline A. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Gallagher
Terry Gallagher
Ms. Carole P. Gallup
Dr. Elizabeth R. Gamble and Mr. Peter R. Lichstein
Mrs. Sylvia Gammill
Mr. John J. Gangloff
Ms. Theresa A. Ganley, '85
Brie Gannon
Ms. M. Elizabeth Gant
Ms. Sarah W. Gant
Sally Gant
Ms. Linda Garboczi
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gardea
Mr. James E. Gardner, '70 and Mrs. Susan W. Gardner, '72
Mr. Leonard R. Gardner, Jr., '96
Mrs. Angela Gardner
Mr. John H. Gardner, '19
Ms. Keturah Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garey
Mr. Brian J. Garland, '11
The Reverend Patty and Mr. Harold Garner
Ms. Kathryn W. Garner
Mr. McKay Garner, '88
Mr. Benjamin F. Garner, '10
Mr. Gregory Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. R. Matt Garrett
Mr. David Garrett
Mr. Frank B. Garrett, '94
Mr. Harold R. Garrison
Ms. Gail Garrison
Ms. Rachael Garrity
The Honorable Linda D. Garrou and Mr. John L. W. Garrou
Mr. Jimmy Garth
Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Gartland III
Myles Garver
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gaskin
Sylvia Gaspar
Ms. Brittney Gaspari
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Gates
Ms. Sarah Gaussoin
Mr. Nick Gawlik
Mr. Norman Gayford and Ms. Mary Conable
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gayford
Mr. Mont D. Gaylord
GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Ms. Laura F. Geary
Ms. Sonia Geasa
Ms. Georgyn E. Geetlein-Fest, '69
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gehring
Mr. Stephen R. Geiger, '74 and Ms. Sarah D. Tauber, '87
Ms. Sarah A. Geis, '84 and Mr. Stephen A. Geis
Ms. Emily Gelblum
Sierra Gelbman
Ms. Tasha Gemma
General Mills
Mr. Boyd L. George
Ms. Emmalie C. George, '15
Mr. David George
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph George
David George
Ms. Catherine George
Mr. Jeffrey S. George
Andrea George
Mr. and Mrs. Priamos Georgiades
Ms. and Mr. Deana Georgitis
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gephart
Ms. Joyce H. Gerbe
Mr. and Mrs. D.J. Gerken
Gevirtz and Born
Ms. Alia M. Ghandour, '83
John Ghingher
Patricia Ghingher
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Giaimo
Mrs. Evadne Giannini, '68
Mr. and Mrs. John Giannuzzi
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Gibble
Ms. Lauren Gibbs
D. Gibson
Mr. Nicholas Gibson
Ms. Ashley Gibson Cuesta
Mrs. Susan Gies Conley
GiGi's Cupcakes
Ms. Elizabeth M. Gilchrist
Mr. and Mrs. Michel Gill
Mr. Lovinder S. Gill, '99
Mr. Phillippe Gille
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Gillen
Mr. David A. Gilman, '98
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gilmartin
Mr. Edward Gilmartin
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Gilmore
Ms. Kirsten Gilroy
Ms. Alaina Gimbert
Ms. Gianna B. Gimenez
Mr. Richard W. Ginsberg
Mrs. Terri Giordano
Assistant Dean Dale A. Girard and Ms. Janine Hawley
Mr. Matthew S. Girard, '18
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Gittelman
Ms. Grace E. Gittelman, '16
Mrs. Linda Gitter
Ms. Elizabeth Glancy
Mr. Mark Glasberg
Ms. Katie Glasner, '76 and Mr. Daniel Egan
Ms. Anne C. Glasner
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Glass
Egbert Glass
Ms. Suzanne Glassgow
Glave & Holmes Architectudre
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Glaze
Mr. Laurence W. Glazener, '68
Ms. Tara A. Glazier, '95
Dr. Dulaney Glen and Mrs. Wendy W. Glen
Mr. and Ms. Matthew Glendinning
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Glenn, Jr.
Elizabeth S. Glenn
Mr. Fredrick D. Glick, '90 and Ms. Donna Bryson
Mr. Thomas Glick
Ms. Laura Glick
Mrs. Rosa E. Glickman and Mr. Larry D. Glickman, '71*
Global Scenic Services, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Glover
Mr. Avery O. Glymph, '95
Ms. Lagretta Glymph
Mr. John Glynn, '92 and Mrs. Francesca Glynn
Ms. Susan Godchaux
Mr. and Mrs. Brant H. Godfrey
Mr. David Godson
Mr. M. Anthony Godwin '74
Mr. Milton A. Goetz
Ms. Vivian Goff
Ms. Catherine Gogol
Ms. Deborah L. Goin
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse F. Goins III
Mrs. Mary Anne P. Goldberg, '77 and Mr. Mark Goldberg
Ms. Martha E. Golden
Mr. Alan Goldenstein
Ms. Diana Goldestein
Mr. Evan E. Goldman
Ms. Deborah Goldman
Faculty Emeritus Nancy E. Goldsmith
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Goldsmith
Toby Goldstein
Mrs. Kerri P. Gonen, '88 and Mr. Yaron Gonen
Mr. Norman F. Gonzales, '08
Mr. Aaron M. Gonzalez, '07
Ms. Viviana Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Gonzalez
Ms. Ashley Gonzalez
Ms. Celia L. Gonzalez
Ms. Teresa Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell Good
Mr. Joseph M. Good III, '74 and Mrs. Ann Good
Ms. Elizabeth Goodall, '91
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Goode
Ms. Kay R. Goode
Elizabeth Goode
Ms. Anna Goodman
William A. Goodson
Ms. Allison Goodson
Mr. Theodore C. Goodspeed, '02
Susan Goodwin
Ms. Joy Goodwin
Ms. Allana G. Goodyear
Mr. John W. Googe
Ms. Joy M. Googe
Mr. Mike Goolsby
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Bryon J. Gordon
Mr. Quinten J. Gordon, '08 and Ms. Katherine Johnson
Mrs. Izoria S. Gordon
Mrs. Anna Gordon
Mr. and Ms. Craig A. Gordon
Ms. Andria Gordon
Ms. Kristi Gordon
Ms. Sarah K. Gordon, '18
Mr. Jacob Gordon
Mr. David Gorman
Mr. Clint Gorman
Mr. Wiley B. Gorn, '13
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gorstein
Mr. Robert D. Gosnell, '98
Mr. Robert Gosse
Mr. John Gossett
Mrs. Louise Y. Gossett
Dr. Louis N. Gottlieb
Mr. Thomas A. Gottschalk and Ms. Karen L. Cashion
Mr. Vergil H. Gough
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Gould
Mr. Robert Gouldin
Mr. Stephen M. Gourley, '09
Governors Club
Mr. and Mrs. David Gow, Sr.
Ms. Andrea Goyan, '85
Ms. Kimber S. Grabs
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky L. Graddy
Mrs. Cynthia S. Graham, '87 and The Honorable William T. Graham, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Graham
Mr. Jim Graham
Ms. Mary Graham
Mr. Richard L. Grandage, '69
Ms. Marilyn Granger
Ms. Karla Grant
Ms. Kristin E. Grapes, Ph.D.
Mr. James E. Grassley, '78
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Graves
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Graves
Mr. Odell W. Graves
Ms. Greta M. Gray and Mr. Thomas B. Denegre III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gray
Ms. Joyce Gray
Grayson Natural Farms LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Greaney
Mr. and Ms. Murray C. Greason, Jr.
Mr. Peter Spivak and Mrs. Millicent Greason-Spivak
Greater Washington Community Foundation
Dr. Jeffrey M. Gredlein
Ms. Nicole D. Green, '91
Mr. and Mrs. Coy R. Green
Mr. Danny W. Green, '02
Ms. Catherine Green
Mr. and Mrs. W. Mark Green
Ms. Liz Green
Victoria Green
Mrs. Cindy Greenberg
Aaron Greenberg
Dr. Judy A. Greene
Mr. and Mrs. James Y. Greene
Dr. Diana L. Greene and\ Mr. Mark A. Hall
Kathleen Greene
Ms. Dawn Greene-Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Greeno
Dr. Becky H. Greer
Ms. Elizabeth C. Greer, '94
Ms. Courtney Greer
Ms. Sarah Greer Hester
Bryan Gregory
Ms. Tanya Gregory
James Gregory
Mr. Kevin M. Gregson and Ms. Tammie L. Quick
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Gresko
Mr. Andrew J. Gresko, '15
Mr. Warwick D. Greville and Mrs. Karen Fireston
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Grew
Mr. Jason Grice
Ms. Jillian H. Griffey
Mr. and Mrs. E. Wilson Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Griffin
Mr. Wilson Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Griffin
Alicia Griffin
Mr. John W. Freer, Jr., '83 and Mrs. Rhoda Griffis Freer, '83
Ms. Amanda Griffith
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent S. Griggs, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Griggs
Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Grillo
Mr. Thomas Grimball
Mr. Mark M. Grinnell
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Grinton
Mr. Joshua S. Grisetti, '00
Mr. Matthew C. Grisham, '18
Dr. Mary K. Grissett, M.D., '92 and Mr. Stephen E. Grissett
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Grissing, Jr.
Ms. Emily R. Grissing, '14
Dr. and Mrs. Sam L. Grogg
Mr. Alec S. Grooms, '13
Mr. Kai Gross
Mr. Ned Gross
Mr. Alec Grossman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Grosswald
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Grover
Mary Grover
Mr. R G. Grusmark, '93 and Mrs. Carrie Grusmark
Ms. Jennifer Gubernath
Mr. A. R. Guenthner and Nancy H. Guenthner*
Michelle Guerra
Ms. Karen Guggisberg
Mr. Kyle P. Guglielmo, '10
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Guidetti
Mrs. Colleen Guido
Ms. June Guido
Mr. Jeffrey Guillmette and Ms. Nicole Bazanac
Ms. Mariah A. Guillmette, '18
Mr. Timothy S. Guinee, '18 and Ms. Daisy Foote
Mr. Robert H. Guinness and Ms. Sarah L. Hunt
Mr. Paul Gulley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Gunter
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Gunter
Mr. Rembert S. Gunter
Mr. Dachun Guo and Ms. Xinyang Zhao
Ms. Ellen Gurganus
Margaret Guss
Ms. Elizabeth Gutierrez
Diana Gutierrez
Mr. and Mrs. Rex D. Guynn
Mr. Jerzy R. Gwiazdowski, '04
Dr. and Mrs. Paul P. Gwyn
Mr. Owen Gwyn, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Gyves

H - K

Mr. Paul Haag
Jean Haas
Molly Haber
Mr. Seth Haberman and Ms. Jennifer Ash
Mr. Sam Habiby
Ms. Grace Hackney
Mr. Mark A. Hackworth and Ms. Rosemary Gaertner
Mr. Orlando F. Haddad, '79 and Mrs. Patricia K. Haddad, '79
Mr. Kary Haddad
Mr. Jonathan C. Hadley, '86
Mr. and Mrs. David Hagedorn
Mr. Jay Hagerman
Mr. Thomas Hagerty
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard A. Hagstedt
Ms. Jennifer Hague
Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Hahn
Mr. Charles L. Haigler
Mr. Rodney Hains
Ms. Jennifer A. Haire, '02
Mr. Peter Hairston
Ms. Robyn Hakanson
Mr. Chris Hale
Dr. Simin Hall and Mr. Keith Hall
Mr. Brett D. Hall, '85
Ms. Tammy Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Landis D. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. J. Andre Hall
Ms. Nadine D. Hall
Ms. Carol M. Hall
Mr. Lawrence T. Hall III
Joe Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Hall
Mr. Steven F. Hall, '80 and Ms. Adrienne McKeown
Ms. Sonya Hall
Ms. Moriah C. Hall, '18
Mr. Seth B. Hall, '18
Mr. John Hall
Craig Hall
Ms. Nichole Hall
Todd Hall
Ms. Cynthia R. Hall
Mrs. Kimberley A. Hall Campbell, '81
Ms. Jane L. Hallstrom, '68 and Mr. Frank Hallstrom
Ms. Deann S. Halper, '84
Mr. Gus D. Halper, '14
Mr. Carl J. Halperin, '82
Mrs. Kathryn E. Halpern, '11 and Mr. Mark Halpern
Mr. Jonathan D. Halsey, '01
Ms. Rebecca W. Halsey
Ms. Elizabeth H. Halsey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Halsey
Ms. Elizabeth Halvorson
Martha Halyburton
Ms. Alicia Hamblen
Ms. Irene Hamblen
Mr. Richard Hamby
Mr. Douglas J. Hamilton, '84
Ms. Paula Hamilton
Lorne Hamilton
Ms. Sherrie Hamlin-Robinson
Ms. Linda Hamm
Mr. Jeffrey Hammer
Janis Hammett-Wegman
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Hammon, Jr.
Faculty Emeritus Barney L. Hammond
Ms. Marilyn Hammond
Utah Hammond*
Mr. Samuel S. Hancock, '98
Ms. Audra E. Handal
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Handy
Mrs. Charlotte M. Hanes
Mr. and Mrs. F. Borden Hanes, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Hanes, III
Ms. Lara Hanes
Hanesbrands, Inc.
Mr. Jeffrey B. Hankinson, '82
Ms. Meredith K. Hannah, '13
Ms. Myra Hannah
Ms. Christine Hannah
Ms. Leslie Hannon
Mrs. Heather M. Hanselman, '03
Ms. Nicole Hansen
Ms. Lizabeth Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hanson-Kelly
Ms. Barbara Harbeck
Mr. Paul Harder
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hardie
Mr. Peter F. Marsh and Ms. Alicia K. Hardin
Mrs. Carol H. Harding
Ms. Molly H. Harding, '93
Kathy R. Hardy
Mr. Alexander Hardy, '08
Ms. Ashley R. Hardy, '10
Mr. John Hardy
Mr. Hugh M. Hardyman, '92 and Ms. Susan Shils
Mr. and Mrs. Allen K. Harker
Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Harkins
Mrs. Cynthia Harless
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Harmon
Mr. Shawn P. Harmon, '04
Ms. Jane E. Harmon
Mr. William Harmon
Mr. Alan J. Townsend and Mrs. Teven A. Harmon-Townsend
David W. Harold
Mrs. Martha D. Harper
Mr. Kevin P. Harper
Ms. Katherine Harper
Clark Harper
Mrs. Mary Gwyn H. Harper-Addison, '69 and Mr. James W. Addison
Ruby Harrell
Jarrod Harrell
Mrs. Sarah T. Harris
Mr. Matthew C. Harris, '94
Mr. Karl A. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Harris
Ms. Amy Harris
Ms. Martha E. Harris, '98
Mr. Robert Harris
Mr. Michael J. Harris
Ms. Elizabeth H. Harris
Mrs. Rosemary Harris Ehle and Mr. John M. Ehle, Jr.*
Harris J and Geraldine S Nelson Foundation
Mr. David L. Harrison
Ms. Charlotte H. Harrison, '12
Mr. and Mrs. George Harrison IV
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Harrison
Ms. Nancy V. Harrison
Mrs. Kimberly A. Harrison
Mr. Dean Harrison and Ms. Judith L. Clarke
Crystal Harriss
Harris-Teeter, Inc.
Dr. Steven D. Hart, '86 and Mrs. Veronique G. Hart, '83
Ms. Carol G. Hart
Ms. Joyce D. Hart
Ms. Patty Hart
Mr. Jeff F. Hart and Ms. Barbara A. Wigginton
Christopher Hart
Ms. Michelle Hartle
Ms. Martha B. Hartley
Dr. and Mrs. W. Robert Hartness III
Ms. Amy W. Hartsough, '08
Ms. Colleen M. Hartung, '95
Mrs. Karin L. Harvey
Ms. Marci Harvey
Dr. Lisa A. Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Rupert A. Harwell
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Hasbrouck
Carolyn Hash
Mr. Arthur Hasher and Ms. Annette Wisznic
Mr. and Mrs. John Hashimoto
Alison Hashimoto
Ms. Lydia Hassell
Mr. and Mrs. A. Robin Hastie
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hatchell
Mr. Joshua Hatcher, '95
Joi Hatcher
Mr. and Ms. Mike Hattaway
Ms. Sarah H. Haught, '05
Mr. Mark Haupt
Mr. Wiley Hausam
Ms. Mary Pamela Hause Olarte
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Hauser
Marilynn Hausser
Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Hausthor
Reverend and Mrs. Gary Hauze
Ms. Rachel C. Haverkamp, '09
Dr. and Mrs. Clark C. Havighurst
Eileen Hawes
Erin Hawes
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Hawkins
Jacqui Hawkins
Ms. Joanne Hawks
Ms. Gaye Hawks
Mr. Phil Hawn
Mr. Seth Hayden
Hayden-Harman Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Preston Hayes
Mr. Mark Hayes
Ms. Jennifer Haygood
Mrs. Angela N. Hays, '07 and Mr. Andrew Hays
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Hayse
Yalonda Haywood
Mr. Robert Hazlett
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Hazzard
Mr. and Mrs. Ned and Catherine Heagerty
Mr. Thomas Hearn
Ms. Lola Heasley
Mrs. Mary Belle Heath Aldridge and Dr. Kyle E. Black
Ms. Emma Hebard
Sam and Gary Hebert
Mr. Richard Heckmann
Ms. Alexandra Heddinger, '86 and Mr. Marc Warren
Hedgecoe Dentistry
Mr. Peter S. Hedges, '84 and Ms. Susan Bruce
Ms. Sharon Hedges
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Hedgpeth
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Hedgpeth
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hefner
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny D. Hefner
Mrs. Eunice S. Heilig and Mr. Harry Heilig, Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Heilman
Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Hein III
Ronald Heinritz
Mrs. Cherie Heinz
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Heise
Ms. Marcia Heiser, '98
Mrs. Sarah W. Heist
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Heller
Ms. Dene Hellman
Mr. A. Alex Helsabeck
Ms. B. Sue Heltibridle
Mr. and Mrs. Darrin Helton
Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Helton
Ms. Caitlin A. Hemm, '14
Ms. Paula Henao
Mr. David W. Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Henderson
Mr. Mickey D. Henderson, '78
Ms. Janet Hendley
Mr. and Mrs. John Hendrick
Ms. Karin Elizabeth E. Hendrickson
Mr. Scott Hendrix
Ms. Sharon Hendrix
Kaylee Hendry
Mr. and Mrs. R.D.J. Henihan
Mr. Ben Henkel
Ms. Lenora Henkin
Ms. Sara Y. Henley, '02
Mrs. Josephine K. Hennelly
Mr. Steven Hennings
Reverend Brent A. Henry, '94
Ms. Dorene E. Henry
Dr. and Mrs. Gary M. Henschen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hensel
Mr. Daryl Henshaw
Ms. Tamara L. Hensick, '81
Mr. and Mrs. David Henson
Ms. Veronica X. Herbert, '11
Ms. Jan Herboth
Elaine Herfurth-Kline
Mr. and Mrs. Barlow Herget
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Herlong
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hermelin
Mr. Benjamin A. Frick and Ms. Edna Hernandez
Ms. Lori Hernandez
Ms. Vanessa A. Hernandez, '10
Mr. Bryant A. Hernandez, '10
Ms. Diane Hernandez
Ms. Anne Herndon and Mr. Joseph Frisina
Mr. and Mrs. George Herndon
Jennifer Herndon
Mr. Prospero Herrera
Robin Herrick
Ms. Tara Herringdine
Drs. David and Deirdre Herrington
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Herron
Dr. Suzanne and Dr. Mark Hess
Ms. Sally A. Hesse-Nice, '85
Mr. Shea Hester
Ms. Judi Hewett
Ms. Linda Hewitt
Ms. Pamela G. Hewitt, '69
Ms. Mary Hibschman
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy L. Hickman
Mr. Steven S. Hickman
Mrs. Shawn Bowman-Hicks and Mr. Charles B. Hicks
Ms. Mary M. Hicks, '69
Ms. Connie Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. H. Robert Hiersteiner
Mr. Stacey Hiestand
Mrs. Martha M. Higginbotham
Mr. Evan M. Higgins, '15
Ms. Sandy High
Ms. Carol Higham
Mr. and Mrs. Don Higley
Mr. C. Roger Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hill
Mr. Gil Hill
Mr. Ryan M. Hill, '03
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Hill
Ms. Katja N. Hill, '96
Mr. and Mrs. Brent C. Hilleary
Mr. Keith Hiller
Hillview Farm
Ms. Alissa Hilman
Mr. Brannon Wiles and Mrs. Suzanne Hilser-Wiles
Ms. Kathryn Hines
Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Hines
Ms. Kelly Hines
Mrs. Donna L. Hinkle Ed.D.
Ms. Barbara A. Hinnant
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hinson
Ms. Jennifer R. Hinson
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hinton
The Reverend Jackie L. Hinton, '98 and Mr. Robert E. Branard
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hirsch
Mr. Robin R. Dreyer, '86 and Mrs. Tammy M. Hitchcock, '75
Ms. Alix C. Hitchcock, '66 and Mr. Marshall E. Tyler
Mr. James Hiza
Dr. Josephus C. Brown and Ms. Susan A. Hladik
Ms. Jill Hobbs
Mr. John R. Hobert
Sarah Hocutt
Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Hodge
Mr. Michael D. Hodges
Ms. Nicole R. Hodges, '07
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hodgin
Mr. Benjamin J. Hoff, '16 and Mrs. Erin Hoff
Mr. and Mrs. Harv Hofferbert
Mr. David R. Hoffman, '95
Mrs. Patti R. Hoffman and Mr. Robert H. Hoffman*
Mr. William Hogan
Ms. Heather T. Hogan, '94
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hoggard III
Ms. Ellen Hohf
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hohn
Ms. Ann Hokanson
Mrs. Cameron T. Holcomb
Ms. Jessica A. Holcombe, '10
Mr. and Mrs. David Holden
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. Holden III
Mr. Walter Holder
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Holender
Dr. Kristin Bennett and Mr. Andrew Holgate
Holiday Inn Express of Hickory
Mr. James Holladay
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hollan, III
Ms. Elizabeth Hollan
Ms. Janet S. Holland, '85 and Mr. John Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Holland
Ms. Ronda Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Holler
Mr. Alan W. Holley, '79 and Mrs. Elizabeth R. Holley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Holley III
Joyce Hollifield
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Hollinger
Ms. Robin Hollis
Mrs. Bridget Hollomon
Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Holmes
Ashley Holmes
Ms. Elizabeth M. Holsten
Mr. and Mrs. Leon M. Holt
Ms. Ginger Holt
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Holthusen
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Holtkamp
Miss Renee Holtkamp
Holtkamp Technologies Incorporated
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan D. Homer
Ms. Sara W. Hook, '84 and Mr. Sean Murphy
Mr. William Hooker and Ms. Jeana Myers
Mr. David Hooks
Ms. Amanda Hoots
Ms. Jodi M. Hoover, '96 and Mr. Mickey Fried
Mrs. Mary E. Hopeman Palafox, '80 and Mr. Mario Palafox
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Hopkin
Ms. Diane Hopkins
Mr. Christopher R. Hopkins, '05
Mrs. Beth Hopkins
Charlotte Hopkins
John and Diane Hopkins
Ms. Nancy Hopwood
Mrs. Mary R. Hord
Ms. Deborah Hord
Ms. Melanie Hord
Mr. Peter Horeyseck
Mrs. Susan Horgan
Mr. Adam M. Horn, '90 and Mrs. Ilana Horn
Mrs. Grace Horne and Mr. J. Phillip Horne*
Mr. Alexander Horne
Ms. Heather Horne
Mr. W. David Horney
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Horsley
Alysha Horsley
Mr. John S. Horsman, '08
Mrs. Amanda C. Hort, '01 and Mr. Robert Hort
Ms. Beth Horth
Ms. Rosalie H. Horton
Mr. Mathew T. Horvat, '12
Ms. Cathy Horvath
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hosey
Mr. Robert L. Hoshour, '79
Linda Hosier
Ms. Elizabeth W. Hotchkiss
Ms. Elizabeth Hourigan
Lizzie Hourigan
Mrs. Shirley House and Mr. Jackson H. House*
Ms. Carol A. Housel-Kenney, '15
Ms. Norma Houston
Houston Trust Company
Mr. Colin S. Hovde, '04
Mr. Michael B. Hoven, '06
Ms. Melanie Hovland
Mr. David Howard
Ms. Shari Howard
Mr. Phillip Howard
Dr. Marissa Howard-Mcnatt
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Howell
Ms. Sylvia Howell
Ms. Trinity Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Howland
Ms. Deirdre Howley
Ms. Melody Hoyle
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Hoyt, Jr.
Mr. Yu-Tsung Huang and Dr. Chinyu Wu
Mr. Jingfang Huang and Ms. Amy Q. He
Ms. Cynthia Huang
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hubbard
Ms. Lora Hubbard
Dr. and Mrs. Morton W. Huber
Mr. Jeffrey W. Hudgins, '85
Ms. Stephanie A. Hudson, '94
William Hudson
Ms. Susan Hudson
Mr. Wesley Hudson
Hudson Scenic Studio, Inc.
Mr. Edwin Molina and Ms. Eliza Hueda
Ms. Kathie Huff
Mrs. Frances L. Huffman
Mr. Jeffrey R. Hufford, '04
Ms. Christina Hugenschmidt
Ms. Doreen Hughes
Mr. Michael Hughes
Mr. Aaron Hughes
Ms. Mary L. Hughes
Ms. Myfawny Hull
Mr. George D. Humphrey, Jr.
Mr. Jason Humphrey
Ms. Honey F. Humphrey
Mrs. Mary Ellen Humphrey
Ms. Clare A. Hungiville
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Hunkele
Mr. Thomas Graham and Ms. Marina Hunley-Graham
Mr. Brad Hunnicutt
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hunter
Ms. Virginia G. Hunter
Ms. Catherine Hurd
Katherine Hurley
Ms. Kim Hurst
Ms. Dorothy Hurt
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Hurtado
Mrs. Kelsey Husch, '08 and Mr. Zach G. Husch, '06
Ms. MaryKirk Huske
Ms. Robin Hussey
Ms. Samantha Huston
Mr. Jerry L. Goodson and Ms. Brenda H. Hutchins
Mr. John B. Hanks, '80 and Ms. Rebecca A. Hutchins, '79
Mr. Edgar Hutchins
Mrs. Terri Hutchins
Ms. Suzanne Hutchins
Ms. Susan Hutchinson
Ms. Anjanette S. Hutson
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald I. Hutton
Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Hutton
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hutton
Mr. Ed Hyatt
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Hyland
Mr. John Hyland, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hyrkin
Mrs. Judith H. Iannuzzi, '88 and Dr. Nicholas P. Iannuzzi
IATSE Local 871
Ms. Molly Iauco
IBM International Foundation
Mr. Bob Icard
ICON Custom Builders
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Y. Iguchi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ihrie, Jr.
Ms. Mayumi Ikeda, '95
Ms. Lauren Iley-Spear
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Ilika
Mr. and Mrs. Michael I. Imgrund
Dr. Katherine L. Immerman, '73 and Dr. Anthony Melaragno
Indian River Community Foundation
Mr. Corey Ingle
Mrs. Kathe Ingle
Ms. Jennifer Ingle
Dr. Elwanda D. Ingram
Ms. Carol Ingram
Ms. Lydia Ingram
James and Jean Ingram
Shannon Ingram
Inmar, Inc.
Inner Strength Pilates LLC
Innoledy, LLC
Intel Matching Gifts to Education Program
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Inverso
Ms. Juliane Inverso
Ms. Ellen Inverso
Ms. Carin F. Ioannou
Irmo Music Academy
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Irvin
Mr. Benjamin E. Furey and Faculty Emeritus Mary Irwin
Mr. Andrew Irwin-Smiler
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Isaac
Mr. and Mrs. Domingo Isasi
Ms. Jennifer B. Isenberg, '89
Mr. and Mrs. Traver Stewart
Dr. and Mrs. J. Ray Israel
Mr. Bill R. Israel
It Figures!
Mr. David R. Iverson, '14
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Iwasko
J.L. Smith & Co., Inc,.
Ms. Amy Jaasma
Mr. Joseph J. Jabbour and Mrs. Suzanne Jabbour
Ms. Tanya Jachimiak
Dr. Renata Jackson
Ms. Maggi Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Jackson
Mr. Michael P. Jackson and Ms. Cathryn Cabaniss
Ms. Ayo J. Jackson, '99
Mr. William Jackson
Mr. Jarrell Jackson
Ms. Kennedy V. Jackson
Mr. Paul Jackson
Ms. Susan E. Jacob, '04
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Jacobius
Mr. Jeffrey Jacobs
Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Jacobs
Ms. Melinda Jacobs
Reverend Tiffany Jacobs
Ms. Kay S. Jacoby
Ms. Susan Jaffe
Pat Jagel
Mr. Andrew C. Jagusiak and Ms. Anna M. Portz
Mr. and Mrs. Mukul Jain
Mrs. Teresa C. James, '75 and Mr. Luther G. James
Mr. Matthew L. James, '92 and Mrs. Alison James
Ms. Adele James
Ms. Mary E. James
Mr. and Mrs. William L. James
Teresa James
Ms. Epiphany M. James, '20
James G. Hanes Memorial Fund
James T  and Louise R  Broyhill Foundation
Mr. Mattison M. Jameson, '03 and Mrs. Meghan Jameson
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Jandoli
Mr. and Mrs. Woon Jang
Mr. and Mrs. Rashid Janjua
Ms. Susan L. Jannetta, '73
Mr. Robert P. Jansen, '95 and Mrs. Ashley G. Jansen, '94
Ms. Johanna H. Janssen
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Jarrett
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Jarrett
Ms. Michelle E. Jarvis, '13
Ms. Deborah A. Jasien, '79
Mr. Seth Jason, '86 and Mrs. Katherine Jason
Barbara Jeffress
Ms. Sharon Jeffrey-Roebuck
Austin Jeffries
Mr. Matthew R. H. Jellison, '10
Ms. Jaime Jenkins
Mr. Erick Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Jenkins
Mrs. Kerry Jenkins
Jennifer Hart Merrell, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome E. Jennings
Ms. Abigail M. Jennings, '86 and Mr. Randolph Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jennings
Ms. Darlene E. Jennings
Ms. Luann Jennings
Ms. Jeanne Jennings Tucker, '69
Jenny Koortbojian TUA DTD 2/2/96
Ms. Melanie Jensen
Jephson Educational Trusts
Mr. Julio A. Jeri, '20
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jester
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Jeter
Mr. Rene Jewett
Jewish Communal Fund
Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford, Inc.
JFC Northeast
Ms. Sharon D. Johe and Mr. Richard E. Johe*
Ms. Jennifer Johe
Ms. Alberta Johe
John Wesley and Anna Hodgin Hanes Foundation
John Witt Chapman,  Inc.
Ms. Joia M. Johnson
Ms. Lyn Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson
Mr. Randall T. Johnson
Mr. Patrick R. Johnson
Ms. Kathleen Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. J. Barry Johnson
Ms. Debra J. Johnson
Mr. Theodore Johnson
Ms. Joan M. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Johnson
Mr. Edward Johnson
Ms. Hilary P. Johnson, '96
Mr. John Johnson and Ms. Mary Clark
Ms. Nicole Johnson
Mrs. Othella G. Johnson
Ms. Kimberly Johnson
Mr. Chris A. Johnson, '79
Beverly Johnson
Lori-Lee Johnson
Margaret Johnson
Mr. Ted Johnson and Ms. Dianne Blancato
Kathleen Johnson
Mr. Earl Johnson
Reverend Scott Johnson
Ms. Rhonda Johnson
Ms. Princess Johnson
Johnson & Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Johnson-Staub
Mr. and Mrs. Fulton P. Johnston
Mr. George Johnston and Ms. Denise C. Dumais
Mr. Russ W. Jolly, '84
Mr. Robert J. Jolly
Mrs. Catherine M. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher N. Jones
Faculty Emeritus Howard C. Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Calvin N. Jones
Mr. Daryl E. Jones and Dr. Suzanne Eaton Jones
Dr. Raymond C. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. R. David Jones, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Halbert Jones, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Champ M. Jones
Ms. Lee C. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Jones
Dr. David and Mrs. Shawna Jones
Mr. John R. Jones and Dr. Joyce S. Jones
Ms. Susan Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Jones III
Ms. Rebecca Naomi E. Jones, '03
Ms. Sarah N. Jones
Ms. Madeline B. Jones and Mr. Mac Crosswell
Ms. Benita Jones
Mrs. Susan R. Jones
Mr. Lee Jones
Mr. Nathaniel Jones
Ms. Ina J. Jones, '79
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Jones
Mr. Kevin Jones
Ms. Susannah G. Jones, '07
Ann Jones
Frank Jones
Mr. Joseph Jones
Ms. Jerri L. Jones Irby
Adrienne Jones-Jewell
Mr. Michael L. Jones-Morales, '96
Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jordan
Ms. Judith Jordan
Mr. Steven Jordan
Ms. Suzanne D. Jordan, '90
Ms. Melinda J. Jordan-Martin, '73 and Mr. David A. Martin
Mr. Matthew Jorgensen
Joseph Naftal Lighting Design, LLC
Ms. Julie S. Josipovich, '04
Mr. Kerry M. Joyce, '72
Shea Joyce
Ms. Shelley Joyce-Vickery
Jennifer Joyner
JP Morgan Charitable Giving Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne W. Juchatz
Mr. Scott Juchno
Mr. Michael M. Brake, '95 and Ms. Jennifer Judelle-Brake, '97
Julian Eubank Design
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jung
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Juran
Mrs. Sheila Jurek
Ms. Jane Kaczmarek
Dr. and Mrs. Frederic R. Kahl
Mr. Arthur R. Kainz
Drs. Bert M. and Dorothy M. Kalet
Ms. Katie Kaley
Mr. Thomas J. Kalish, Esq., '84 and Mrs. Maria C. Kalish
Ms. Jane C. Kamiab
Mrs. Julie Kamoroff
Mrs. Leslie E. Kamtman
Ms. Phyllis Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Kantor
Ms. Joan Kanzler
Ms. Judith Robert and\ Mr. Thomas Kapacinskas
Ms. Karen Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Karl W. Kapp
Ms. Elizabeth A. Kapplow, '01
Ms. Kate Kapps
Mr. Mark A. Karafin, '07
Kathy Kargo
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Karr
Ms. Kimberly Katon
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Katula
Iojeved Katz
Ms. Bridget K. Katzanek, '13
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kauffmann
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Kaufman
Professor Caroline Kava
Mr. and Mrs. Makoto A. Kawashima
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Kay, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. R. James Kaylor
Ms. Carrie E. Kayne, '01
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kazienko
Ms. Janet Kazwell
Mr. Gareth D. Kear
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Kearns, Jr.
Ms. Margaret Kearns
Ms. Sarah Kearns
Ms. Lisa M. Keating
Mr. Rob Keddie
Ms. Mary Jo Keegan
Mrs. Dawn D. Keenan, '95 and Mr. Chris Keenan
Mr. Daniel S. Keenan, '21
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Keener, M.D.
Mr. Lawrence Keigwin
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kelble
Dr. and Mrs. Sabine Kelischek
J Kellam
Mr. David Keller
Meredith Keller
Ms. Martha F. Keller, '14
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. James Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kelley
Dean Michael J. Kelley, '87
Mr. and Mrs. R. Griff Kelley
Mrs. Kay M. Kelley, '89
Ms. Beth S. Kelley
Ms. Megan Kelley
Marquise Kelley
Aine Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kellmanson
Dr. David L. Kelly, Jr.
Mrs. Jane W. Kelly
Ms. Joanna L. Kelly
Mrs. Raquel Kelly
Ms. Mary Kelly
Dr. and Mrs. William S. Kelly
Nicola Kelly
Mr. Daniel P. Kelly, '13
Ms. Megan Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Kelpin
Mr. Guy A. Kelpin, '05
Ms. Brittany Kemp
Mr. Thomas S. Kenan III
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Kenan
Kenan-Flagler Business School
Mr. John A. Kendall
Ms. Annie N. Kendall*
Ms. Rebecca Kendall
Carrie Kening
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger B. Kennedy III
Mr. Jack C. Kennedy
Mrs. Lauren Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Kennedy III
Mrs. Helen Kennedy
Mr. Duncan Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Kennedy
Ms. Lucia Kennerly
Ms. Jan Kenney
Mr. Sean T. Kent, '96 and Ms. Katrina Kent, '98
Ms. Anne Kent
Ms. JoAnn M. Kent
Mr. Erik Kenyon
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kepley
Mrs. Andrea D. Kepple
Ms. Anna Kerley
Mr. Matt Kern
Mr. Gregory L. Kerns, '83 and Mrs. Deneen Z. Graham-Kerns, '96
Mr. Johnny Kerr
Ms. Karen Kerr
William Kerr
Kerry Joyce Associates, Inc.
Mr. Rogan Kersh and Mrs. Sara Pesek
Mr. Gregory Carroll and Mrs. Mary Kesel
Mr. and Mrs. Shant Keskinyan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kesler
Ms. Shirley M. Kesler, '00
Ms. Angela R. Kessler
David Kesterson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ketels
Gale Ketteler
Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Key
Ms. Rebecca Key
Mr. Russell Khanthaly
Mr. Timothy A. Kiefer, '06
Ms. Elizabeth Kiernan
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey J. Kierstead
Mrs. Martha J. Kiger
Mrs. Corynn N. Kilar and Mr. Anthony Kilar
Kathleen Kildea
Thomas Kildea
Ms. Sue C. Kilmer
Ms. Penelope Kilpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Kilpatrick
Kilpatrick Townsend and Stockton, LLP
Mr. Inbo Shim and Ms. Sung Hye Kim
Ms. Taekyoung Kim
Mr. Jeffrey Kimball and Ms. Pamela Hogan
Mr. Andrew Kimball and Ms. Sarah Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon M. Kimbrell
Mr. and Mrs. Steve F. Kime
Mr. Barrett L. Kime, Jr.
Mr. Barrett L. Kime, Sr.
Lieutenant Colonel Carl Kime, USMC (ret) and Mrs. Patricia Kime
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin K. Kimerer
Ms. Jasmine O. Kimiko, '15
Mrs. Jeanette C. Kimmel and Mr. Stanley H. Kimmel*
Dwan Kimpel
Ms. Wenda Kincaid
Ms. Kesi Kindle Suersin
Mr. Robert L. King III
Ms. Ann King
Mr. Gregory H. King
Mr. McLain C. King, '12
Mr. Max King
Ms. Cherise King
Ms. Ramona King
Ms. Shenelle King
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar O. Kinnier III
Ms. Kristin Kinser
Mr. Jeffrey Kinstler
Ms. Donna Kinyoun
Mr. Alan T. Kirby
Terri Kirby Erickson
Mr. Robert Kirk*
Jensen Kirkendall
Mr. Daniel Kirk-Foster, '88
Ms. Dena S. Kirkland, '80
Mr. and Mrs. Judson Kisling
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kiss
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Kitchen, Jr.
Ms. Karen Kitchens-Law
Klanghaus Industries, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacek J. Klecha
Mr. Isaac T. Klein, '06
Mrs. Louisa P. Klein
Ms. Anne C. Klein
Dr. Mary-Jo Kline
Mr. and Mrs. Al Kline
Ms. Lori A. Klinger, '79
Caroline Klos
Ms. Christina Klunder
Mr. William B. Kluttz and Ms. Leah Davis
Ms. Cailin E. Kluttz, '18
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Knapp
Emily Knaul
Robert A. Knebel
Ms. Lisa Kneppelt
Mr. David Knesel
Mr. Cameron Knight
Mr. Mark Knight
Mrs. Julia K. Knight, '93 and Mr. Ezra Knight
Beth Knight
Ginger Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Knight
Knight Sound & Lighting Inc
Ms. Mary Kathryn Knobf
Mr. Alexander L. Knold, '99
Ms. Carole Knoles
Knollwood Baptist Church
Mrs. Mary Elen R. Knott
Ms. Jennifer L. Knott
Ms. Pamela L. Knourek, '91
Ms. Susanna K. Knowles, '16
Mr. Aaron W. Knowles, '12
Mrs. Susan R. Knowlson, '98
Lorie Knowlton
William Knowlton
Mr. Nathan S. Knox, '18
Ms. Rebecca Knudsen
Kevin and Elleh Knudson
Mr. and Mrs. David Knuth
Mr. Daniel Kobin, '82
Mr. Greeley Koch
Ms. Rebecca Koch
Ms. Vickie Koch
Ms. Allison Koch
Ms. Heidi M. Koch-Northrup
Mr. Anson Koch-Rein
Mr. Stephen Koelsch
Ms. Gretta D. Kohler
Mrs. Frances S. Kohut
Mrs. Lori A. Kolbe-Clifford, '85 and Mr. Robert R. Clifford
Ms. Jackie Kole
Mrs. Barbara Kolesar
Ms. Kelly Kontos
Dr. and Mrs. Keith R. Kooken
Ms. Marcia Koomen
Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Koonin
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald C. Koontz
Mr. Steven Kopp, '13 and Ms. Madeline O'Hara
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Kosowski
Miss Nicole S. Kossove, '98
Ms. Joyce Koster
Mrs. Pamela N. Kott
Ms. Lois Koufman
Ms. Amy Kovalan
Mr. V. S. Scott Kowalczyk
Mr. Nicholas Kowalczyk, '08
Mr. Ilya Kozadayev
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Kraft
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Kraft
Mr. Robert Kramer
Mr. Peter Kramer
Ms. Tiffany Kratzer
Ms. Katherine Krause
Ms. Carol Krause
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Krause
Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Kravetz
Ms. Nancy Kredel, '80
Mr. Bryan Krehnbrink
Eileen Kress
Ms. Claire L. Kretzschmar, '10
Ms. Amber Kreul
Priya Krishna
Mrs. Nancy B. Kritikos, '82 and Mr. Konstantinos Kritikos
Mr. Nathan V. Krochmal, '14
Mr. John G. Kroll
Ms. Katherine Kron
Mr. Charles Krueger
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Krusch
Lindsay Kruse
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kruty
Mr. Jacob N. Kruty, '16
Ms. Adriana Kublickis
Ms. Amber Kulick
Mr. Robert P. Kunreuther
Ms. Betty H. Kunreuther
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Kurtz
Ms. Andrea Kurtz
Mr. Eddie A. Kurtz, '04
Kurtz Family Foundation
Mr. Mark H. Kusatzky and Ms. Julie M. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Barry R. Kusatzky
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kushner
Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kutcher

L - M

L & S Entertainment, Inc.
L. David Mounts Foundation
Ms. Ann K. La Rosee, '80 and Mr. James La Rosee
Ms. Julia Labaton
Mr. Michael J. Labbadia, '14
Ms. Sarah L. Labiner, '09
Ms. Cynthia Laboe
Mr. and Mrs. David Lacy
Mr. Evan Lacy, '00
Mr. Jameson G. Lacy, '08 and Ms. Lauren Deleo
Ms. Laurel Laden
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Lael
Mr. Larry LaFond
Ms. Kathy LaFone
Mr. Dane LaFontsee, '66 and Mrs. Dana LaFontsee
Mr. Jean-Baptiste Lagnie and Ms. Aleksandra Sivash
Ms. Lydia G. Lague
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Laheen
Thomas Laichas
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Laidlaw
Ms. Katharine H. Laidlaw and Mr. Angelo D. Adamo
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lail
Mr. and Mrs. Dean F. Lail
Ms. Laurie A. Lail
Mr. and Mrs. Graham L. Lail, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Gilmour Lake
Ms. Aina Lakis
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Lalevee, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Laliberty
Dr. and Ms. Allen Lalor
Ms. Cindy Lamar
Mr. Raymond Lambert
Mr. Jerry McAfee and Ms. Judy Lambeth
Mr. Marty Lambeth
Mr. Kenneth J. Lammers
Peggy Lamoureaux
Ms. Ellen Lampert-Greaux
Ms. Suzanne K. Lampl, '90
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lamson
Ms. Martha Lanaghen
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Lancaster
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie P. Lancaster
Lancaster & Eure, P.A.
Mr. Mark E. Land, '78
Kel Landis
Mrs. Keith Landon
Ms. Darla Landry
Mr. Joseph Landson
Faculty Emeritus Jill D. Lane
Mr. and Mrs. James O. Lane
Ms. Lisa Lane
Ms. Barbara Lane
Ms. Jenna Lane
Ms. Beth Lane
Mr. Mark Lane
Ms. Stacey Lane
Ms. Julie Lanford
Ms. Nancy Lang
Matt Langdon
Mr. Robert Lange
Ms. Sue Ann Langfitt
Ms. Danielle A. Langlois, '99
Mr. Michael J. Langlois, '77
Ms. Patricia A. Langner
Mr. John P. Langs, '96
Mr. Bob Langworthy
Mr. Hugh L. Lanier, '87 and Mrs. Selinde H. Lanier, '87
Ms. Andrea J. Lankester, '10
Dr. Barbara B. Lankton
Ms. KayRon V. Lantz
Mr. Paul J. Larochelle, '97
Mr. and Mrs. Rolf E. Larsen
Mr. and Mrs. C E. Lassiter, Jr.
Mrs. Maria L. Lattimore Sheppard, '72
Mr. James R. Lauderdale, '79
Mr. Daniel O. Laufer, '86
Mr. William D. Lauffer
Ms. Karen T. Lauffer
Mr. Matthew L. Lauria, '07 and Mrs. Michelle Lauria
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Laurie
Mr. Richard A. Laursen, '12
Mr. Evan D. LaVack
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. LaVallee
Mr. Aaron A. LaVallee, '10
LaVallee Properties
Ms. Mary Laverdure
Dean W. M. Ferrell and Mrs. Leah Lavin
Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Lawless
Ms. Melinda J. Lawrence-Wiesler, '70
Diane Laws
Mr. James Lawsing
Dr. and Mrs. Edward E. Lawson
Dr. and Mrs. George Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Laxton
Dr. Adrian Laxton and Dr. Brandi Jacques
Ms. Stacey Layne
Mrs. Donna C. Layng
Mr. and Mrs. John Laystrom
Mr. Ryan A. Layton, '11
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lazewski
Kim Le
Mr. Loic Le Hir De Fallois and Ms. Claire Grimonprez
Angela Leach
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Ledbetter
Leadmine Pond Productions, Inc.
Mr. Joel M. Leander and Mr. Perry Patterson
Mr. Richard C. Leander
Ms. Dane LeAnna, '17
Ms. Kaitlin P. Leb, '10
Mr. Roger LeBoeuf
Mrs. Geraldine Leboisne Bonardot
Mrs. Carol Lebrenz
Mr. George F. Lebrenz, Jr., '97
Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Lecamu, Jr.
Mr. Jett Lecamu
Mrs. Marites Lecato
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Leckie III
Ms. Sandra K. LeCrone
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ledbetter
Ms. Ginine Ledbetter
Sally Ledbetter
Robert Ledbetter
Ms. Katherine A. Ledbetter, '21
Ms. Stephanie Lee
Mr. J. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Chung-Suk Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Lee
Ms. Barbara N. Lee, '84
Ms. Christine Lee
Ms. Michele M. Lee
Ms. Stacy Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee II
Mr. Rusty Lee
Mr. Joel Lee
Ms. Bailey L. Lee, '19
Mr. Christopher J. Lees
Mrs. Gretchen E. Leff, '92 and Mr. Christopher Leff
Mr. Charles Leffler
Dr. Claudine Legault
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Leggett
Mr. Jolyon I. Leggett, '96 and
Mr. and Mrs. Warren D. Leggett
Ms. Bethany Leggett
Dr. and Mrs. David Lehman
Ms. Molly Leinbach
Ms. Sharon Leininger
Ms. Ann W. Lemmon
Mr. Donald L. Lendle and Ms. Margaret A. Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lennox, Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Leonard
Ms. Lisa A. Leonard, '91
Ms. Taunya Leonard
Professor Matthew B. Leonard, '97 and Ms. Karen Cordano
Dr. Kendra P. Leonard, '92
Ms. Rhonda W. Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Leonard
Mr. Charles Leonard
Mr. Jeff Leonard
Ms. Denise Leone
Ms. Lisa Anne A. Leonhardt, '98
Ms. Rocio Leonides
Ms. Polly Lepic
Ms. Lorraine Lerman
Ms. Ruby Lerner
Ms. Anita Lesesne
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Leshin
Mr. Porter Leslie
Ms. Monica Leslie
Professor Kjersten J. Lester-Moratzka, '96 and Dr. James G. Lester
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Lester-Niles
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Leve
Levin, Spinnett & Company, L.L.P.
Ms. Lisa Levine
Ms. Emma Levine
Levine, Busch & Schnepper, P.A.
Dr. Pavel J. Levy
Mrs. Emily G. Lewis
Mr. John G. Lewis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Lewis
Ms. Melissa Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lewis
Ms. Elaine Lewis
Mr. Scott S. Lewis
Melita Lewis
Mr. Lance B. Lewman, '82 and Ms. Kristan K. Lewman, '81
Ms. Joanna Lewton
Lexington School of Music
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Leyendecker
Mr. Gang Li and Ms. Yuwen Xia
Ms. Shuning Li
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Liberty
Ms. Caitlyn Liddell
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lieberman
Mr. Daniel A. Liebman, '73
Light Project LLC
Mr. Matthew C. Ligon
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson T. Lim Chiu
Mr. and Mrs. Nick D. Limouris
Ms. Melinda Lim-Zembower
Mr. and Ms. Sheng kuei Lin
Lincoln Financial Group Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Anne H. Lincoln-Ogren, '03
Linda and Isaac Stern Charitable Foundation
Mr. Eric Lindahl
Dr. Kurt Lindberg
Mr. William Linde
Charles Lindler
David P. Lindquist
Mr. Jeff Lindsay and Mr. Terry Robertson
Ms. Catherine R. Linebarger, '07
Jo Lines
Mr. and Mrs. Craig H. Linger
Ms. Dale T. Link
Ms. Elienn W. Linvile
Ms. Carrie M. Lipchin, '89
Ms. Ellen Lipscomb
Ms. Dina S. Lipton, '84
Dr. and Mrs. Myron Liptzin
Kathleen Lisi
Mr. Donald C. Little
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Little, Jr.
Mr. Dennis M. Little, '77 and Ms. Gerry Little
Dr. and Mrs. David Little
Ms. Paula W. Little
Mrs. Magy H. Littlejohn
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Littrell
Mr. Shaobin Zhu and Ms. Yamei Liu
Ms. Eva M. Lively and Ms. Beth D. Blackmore
Mr. Jeff Livesay
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Livingston
Ms. Cynthia E. Livingston, '71
Mr. Gary R. Ljungquist
Ms. Joan M. Llaneza, '03 and Mr. Albert Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lloyd
Carol Lloyd
Mr. Michael A. Lluberes, '01
Ms. Gilana M. Lobel, '05
Ms. Margot Lobree
Ms. Hannah N. Locke, '10
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan C. Lockett
Ms. Melinda Locklear
Mr. Matthew Loesch
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Loftin
Mr. and Mrs. W. Randolph Loftis, Jr.
Mr. Joseph P. Logan
Ms. Martha Logan
Mr. Nicholas Logan
Ms. June Logan
Ms. Charlyn Logan-Stuart and Mr. James B. Stuart
Ms. Martha Logemann
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest V. Logemann
Ms. Jill Loggins
Mrs. and Mr. Jody K. Lohman
Mrs. Heath H. London, '69 and Mr. Robert S. London
Ms. Caroline Long
Mr. D. Joe Long
Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Long
Ms. Michele E. Long, '89
Miss Alivia Long
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Feldman
Deborah Longley
Longshore/DBA Mediators, Inc.
Ms. Ivy Geok Loo
Ms. April E. Lopez
Mr. Carlos Lopez III
Ms. Olga Lopez
Matthew Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Lord III
Mr. Cam Lorendo
Mr. Eugene C. Lorendo, '69 and Ms. Lynn Campbell
Mr. David Loring, '68 and Mr. John W. Dickens
Denise Lose
Mr. and Ms. Jerry W. Lotich
Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Lott
Ms. Carrie Loughry
Mr. and Mrs. Davis Loupe
Mr. Edward J. Loupe, '17
Ms. Laura Lovato
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Love
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Love
Mr. Darryl Love
Ms. Michelle Love-Baker
Ms. Emily Lovell
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lovett
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Lovette
Dr. Tarasa Lovick, Ph.D.
Mr. Jon Lowder
Ms. Anne Lowder
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Lowdermilk
Dr. Stephan B. Lowe and Ms. Naila Gazale-Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lowe
Mrs. Martha K. Lowery
James Lowrey
Mr. T. Todd Loyd '00
Ms. Sara G. Lozo, '18
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Lubin
Mr. Steven Lubliner and Ms. Kristin Ikola
Ms. Dawn Lucas
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lucas
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Lucas III
Mr. Elliott Lucas
Mr. John H. Lucas III, '85
Mr. Warren R. Lucas, '72
Lucent Lighting, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Luciani
Mrs. Katharine Lucic, '08
Lucifer Lighting Company
Mr. Gregory Luck
Mr. Dan W. Lufkin
Lufkin Family Foundation
Ms. Helen A. Luif
Mr. James Luman
Ms. Adelaide E. Lummis, '15
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Lummis
Ms. Julie Lundquist
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Lundy
Mr. Ernest J. Lunsford
Ms. Kate Lunsford
Ms. Laurie Luongo
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Lupia
Lynn Lupini
Mr. Kyle Luth
Ms. Corrine Luthy
Ms. Kristen Lynam
Ms. Jacqueline Lynch
Lynch Products
Lyndale Baptist Church
Ms. Jennifer B. Lyon, '03
Mr. Charles C. Lyon
Mrs. and Mrs. Frannie J. Lyon
Mr. Dan Lyons
Mr. David Lyttle
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mabe
Mr. Henry Grzes and Ms. Sandi M.A. Macdonald
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. MacDonald
Ms. Amy C. MacDonald, '17
Jane MacDougall
Mr. Michael Macfee
Rita Macfee
Ms. Kristen P. Machado
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Machamer
Mrs. Michelle L. Macirella, '97 and Mr. Scott Broberg
Mr. Timothy R. Mackabee, '03
Mr. Angus MacLachlan, '80 and Ms. Jennifer Snowhite
Ms. Kathryn E. Macleod
Kimberly MacLeod
Mr. Cameron R. MacManus, '11
Mr. Gregor G. MacMinn
Ms. Joan G. MacNeill
Ms. Susan Macrae
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Madden
Ms. Corey B. Madden, '79 and Faculty Emeritus Bruno Louchouarn*
Ms. Lois M. Madden
Ms. Lyndsay Madden
Ms. Helen R. Maddux
Mr. Arthur C. Pierson and Ms. Jacklyn L. Maddux
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mageau
Bob Mageau
Ted Mageau
Ms. Lisa V. Magee, '83
Ms. Shannon Maggard
Mr. William G. Magnussen, '07
Mr. and Mrs. John Maguire
Jake Maher
Mr. Brian M. Mahnke, '03
Ms. Angela Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. Denis Maier
Ms. Jacqueline Mairena
Mr. and Mrs. James Majcher
Mrs. Eileen G. Major
Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Makhuli
Ms. Diana P. Maki
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Malawsky
Mr. Rafael Maldonado
Mr. Paul G. Maley, '83
Ms. Jade A. Malka, '21
Mrs. Doreen P. Maller, '80 and Mr. Steven Maller
Deborah Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Maloy, Jr.
Mr. James F. Maltin
Dr. and Mrs. Tanios J. Ma'Luf
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Mandel
Mr. Stuart G. Mandel and Ms. Bonnie J. Seligson
Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Mandle
Mr. Matthew Manfra
Ms. Sarah Manley
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mann
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Mann
Mr. Eben A. Mann, '97
Ms. Alicia Manning
Ms. Theresa Manning
Mr. Robert A. Mantegna, '09
Mr. Brian Manuel
Mr. and Mrs. Luther R. Manus, Jr.
Ms. Wanda Maragni
Ms. Krisha Marcano
Ms. Teresa D. Marcellin-Little, '83 and Mr. Denis J. Marcellin-Little
Marcos Rothman Valdes & Goldstein, PLLC
Ms. Lucia Marcus, '79
Mr. Marc Maready
Ms. Jamie Maresh
Margaret Spellings Co. LLC
Ms. Judith Margerum
Mr. and Mrs. W. Marty Marion
Mrs. Marsha Marion
Mr. Kevin Marion
Mr. Joshua S. Mark, '91 and Mrs. Heidi N. Mark, '91
Ms. Vera Mark
Market Street Wealth Mgmt Group, LLC
Harrison Marks
Ms. Rebecca Marland, '15
Mr. Timothy Standing and Ms. Renee Marler
Mr. and Mrs. W. Kent Marler
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Marley
Ms. Elizabeth B. Marley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marlowe
Ms. Patricia Marquardt
Mrs. Marie B. Marritt
Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Marsh
Dr. Kimberly A. Marshall, '77 and Mr. Adam Zweiback
Mr. Stephen Marshall and Dr. Anna E. Waller
Ms. Amanda Marshall
Mr. Lawrence W. Marshall, '69 and Mrs. Sylvia Marshall
Deana Marshall
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Marsicano
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Martin
Mr. Anthony S. Martin, '78*
Ms. Claudia H. Martin, '72
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Martin
Mr. Charles A. Martin, '68 and Mrs. Laura J. Smith-Martin
Mr. W. Steve Martin
Honorable and Mrs. James G. Martin
Mrs. Laura M. Martin
Ms. Emily Martin
Ms. Judy C. Martin
Ms. Virginia Martin
Mrs. Pamela D. Martin
Mr. Paul Martin
Mr. Edwin H. Martinat III, '08
Kristin Martine
Ms. Candy N. Martinez, '13
Deborah Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Martinson
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Marvelli
Mary Duke Biddle Foundation
Mary Ellen and Goff Beach Family Foundation
Maryland Psychiatric Partners, LLC
Ms. Anastsiya Maslova
Mr. Bryan R. Mason, '92
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Mason
Mr. Andre Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. Mason
Ms. and Mrs. Claudia E. Mason
Marion Mason
Mr. Thomas Massella, Jr., '83 and Mrs. Elizabeth Massella
MassMutual Financial Group Matching Gift Program
Mast General Store Matching Gifts Program
Ms. Sheri Masters
Ms. Kathleen J. Masterson, '72
Mrs. Melanie Masud
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Mathews
Mr. and Mrs. Rand L. Mathews
Mr. and Mrs. Macdonald C. Mathey
Ms. Vicki Matos
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Matranga
Mr. Christopher W. Mattern and
Mr. R. Clifton Matthews
Dr. Julia Matthews, '86 and Mr. James N. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Matthews
Ms. Angela Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. John Matthews
Mr. Wayne Matthews
Dr. and Mrs. Terry Matthews
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Mattox, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Matz
Mr. and Mrs. Osborne Mauck
Mrs. Sara B. Maughan, '98 and Mr. Chris Maughan
Ms. Grace V. Mauney and Mr. Thomas M. Dillon
Mrs. Florence Mauney
Mrs. Marjorie A. Mauzy
Ms. Perry R. Mauzy, '89
Ms. Ann A. Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Maxwell
Ms. Madeline A. Maxwell, '75
Mr. Benjamin A. Maxwell, '17
Mrs. Patricia M. May
Ms. Paula May
Ms. Kristine May
Mr. Kenneth Mayer and Ms. Chrisine Brault
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew L. Mayers
Kerri-Lee Mayland
Dr. C. Douglas Maynard
Ms. Caitlin Maynard
Ms. Anne Mayo
Ms. Libbie Mayr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Mayville
Ms. Daria Mazaeva
Ms. Salome Mazard, '86
Mr. Stanley K. McAfee III, '79 and Mrs. Lisa L. McAfee
Ms. Mary McAfee
Mr. and Mrs. James McAlarney
Mr. and Mrs. Brett McAnulty
Ms. Peggye McBean
Mrs. Marcia McBratney
Ms. Amanda McBride
R. Elliott McBride
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus R. McBride
Mr. and Mrs. T. David McBride
Ms. Amy McCabe
Dr. Trent W. McCain, Sr. and Dr. Darla H. McCain
Mr. Trent W. McCain, Jr., '17
Dr. and Mrs. William McCall, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Vaughn McCall, M.D.
Ms. Catherine V. McCall
Ms. Sara S. McCall
Thomas McCann
Professor Molly McCarter
Mr. Michael G. McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. McCarthy
Ms. Rhythm L. McCarthy Raphael, '71 and Jay E. Raphael
Mrs. Kelley McCauley
Mr. and Mrs. Matt McChesney
Mr. Corey D. McClain
Kem McClelland
Mr. Robert J. McClendon, '77
Ms. Pam McClendon
Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. McClintock
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McCluney
Bruce McClung
Mrs. Lynnette P. McCollum, '81 and Mr. Kevin McCollum
Ms. Cara McComish
Mrs. Allison B. McConaughey, '87 and Mr. Warner W. McConaughey
Dr. and Mrs. John D. McConnell
Mr. John E. McConnell, Jr., '89
Ms. Eileen McConville
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford E. McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McCormick
Noel McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Mccoy
Ms. Michele A. McCoy, '85 and Mr. Robert D. Lessor
Mr. Barry McCoy and Ms. Nancy Hipp
Mr. Tom McCoy
Ms. Marianne McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. Jim McCready
Ms. Jessica McCrory
Dr. and Mrs. David L. McCullough
Professor Kenneth E. McCullough, '87 and Dean Emeritus Susan M. McCullough, '70
Mr. Mark L. McCullough, '86 and Mrs. Theresa M. C. McCullough
Ms. Ellen McCullough
Ms. Marissa McCullough
Bryony McCullough
Mr. Patrick R. McCurry, '95 and Mrs. Susan McCurry
Ms. Holly McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. James McDonough
Mr. Robert C. McDougle, '70 and Mrs. Cathy A. McDougle
Mrs. Shippey McDowell
Ms. Paula McEachern
Mr. and Mrs. Martin McEnroe
Jasmine McEntyre
Mr. and Mrs. John McFalls
Ms. Byah D. McGee
Audra McGee
Dr. Margo A. McGehee-Kelly, '81
Mr. Paul McGill
Ms. Chattie McGill
Ms. Emily A. McGillicuddy, '10
Ms. Vicki McGillivary
Mrs. Katherine T. McGinnis
Ms. Gretchen McGinty, '96
Ms. Nellah McGough
Mrs. Jennie M. McGowan, '82 and Mr. Michael O. McGowan
Ms. Inna McGowin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mcgrath
Mrs. Christine M. McGuire and Dr. John O. McGuire*
Mr. John O. McGuire, '97
Mr. Travis R. McHale, '05 and Mr. Mark Thornton
Ms. Karen McHugh
Ms. Mamie McIndoe
Ms. Carrie McIndoe
Mr. Jeffrey McIntosh
Ms. Marilyn R. McIntyre, '72
Mr. Trey B. McIntyre, '87
Ms. Heidi E. McIver, '09
Ms. Ashley E. McKean, '95
Mr. and Mrs. William A. McKeever
Mary McKeever
Mr. and Mrs. Kent McKeithan
Christie McKenna
Mr. Campbell A. Baird III, '74 and Mr. John W. McKernon, '75
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. McKim
Mr. and Mrs. John B. McKinnon
Ms. Gail T. McKinnon
Deanna Mckinnon
Ms. Brandi L. McKinnon
Mrs. Laura H. McKinny
Mr. Seth N. McKnight, '06
Mr. and Mrs. George F. McKnight
Mr. Terrance McKnight
Ms. Kathryn A. McLain
Mr. and Mrs. John McLain
Ms. Ellen L. McLain, '70
Ms. Rebecca McLain, '70
Ms. Madison McLain, '19
Mr. Tom Spleth and Ms. Jean W. McLaughlin
Ms. Mary M. McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. McLaughlin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. West
Ms. Sally R. McLeod
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. McManus
Ms. Amy McMichael
Dr. and Mrs. William O. McMillan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor McMillan
Mr. Darrin P. McMurry, '81
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. McNair
Mr. William D. Mcnair, Jr.
Mrs. Jane C. McNair
Professor Robin C. McNair
Mr. Timothy McNamara
Ms. Rebecca McNeely
Mr. G. C. Windham and Ms. Drew H. McNeill
Mr. and Mrs. R. Hayes McNeill, Jr.
Ms. Joy McNew
Ms. Linda Mcphail
Mrs. Rebecca Y. McQuilling, '80
Mr. Paul McSorley
Mr. John McSpadden
Ms. Jennifer A. McSweeney, '83
Mr. and Mrs. Vance B. McVay
Mr. and Mrs. Arran McWhirter
Ms. Patricia Mead
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Meade
Ms. Riva Meade
Mr. Robert Meadows
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Meagher
Mr. David Meaux and Ms. Leslie Quinn
Mrs. Polly Medlin*
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Medlin III
Mr. Kevin A. Meek, '89
Linda Meeks
Mr. Joshua  Meeks
Jean Mehlman
Mr. James Meier
Leigh and Stephen Meigs
Mr. William C. Meinke
Ms. Cathy Melesh
Ms. Emily Mellen
Mr. Eric Meltzer and Ms. Ann King
Marilyn Meltzer
Ms. Jan Meltzer
Ms. Susan L. Melville and Mr. Charles R. Monroe
Mrs. Katherine Memory and Mr. Donald W. Memory*
Ms. Maureen Mena
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Mercer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mercer, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. J. Wayne Meredith
Meridian Restaurant
Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Merlo
Mr. and Mrs. Donovan Merrell
Ms. Babette Merrill
Ms. Janet Merrill
Ms. Sally A. Merriman, '89
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Merritt, Jr.
Mrs. Cama C. Merritt and Mr. Robert E. Merritt*
Ms. Elizabeth Merritt
Mr. and Mrs. Mathew H. Merritt
Adeline Merson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Merten
Mr. Michael S. Meskill, '96 and Mrs. Laurel H. Meskill, '96
Meskill Family Trust
Ms. S. Lynn Messick
Mr. William P. Messick
Ms. Margarita Mestre
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan F. Meter
Ms. Catherine Metheney
Mr. Russell Metheny
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Metscher
Ms. Nancy E. Mette, '74 and Mr. Barnet Kellman
Mr. Dan Metz
Ms. Kate Mewhinney
Dr. and Mrs. J. Rodney Meyer
Mr. James C. Meyer, '16
Tracy Meyer
Ms. Rene Meza
MGM Resorts Foundation
Mr. Jerry F. Miceli, '03
Ms. Tamara Michael
Miss Genia Michaela, '91
Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Michaels
Mr. Konrad Michaels and Ms. Ann Auld
Mrs. Roberta F. Michal
Ms. Adele F. Michal
Ms. Katherine Michalek
Mr. Walter Michot
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Mick
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Mr. Gary Mignogna
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Mihavetz
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Milam
Mr. and Mrs. Judson J. Milam
Ms. Henson A. Milam
Mr. Johnny A. Milani III, '09
Mr. and Mrs. Troy C. Milbrandt
Ms. Cecilia A. Milbrandt, '18
Erin Miles
Alanna Miles
Ms. Julia Miley
Mr. Ramsey Milhavetz
Mr. Jose Milla and Ms. Maria Tolano
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Millan
Ms. Rosemary V. Millar, Ph.D.
Faculty Emeritus and Mrs. Richard H. Miller
Ms. Diane De Cristo Miller
Ms. Katherine A. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Corey G. Miller
Mr. Kenneth H. Miller, '71
Ms. Jean R. Miller
Ms. Julie Miller
Ms. Lindsey Miller
Bernard Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Miller
Mr. Bryan A. Miller, '92
Mr. Darren Miller
Ms. Rachel L. Miller, '19
Mr. Jordan C. Miller, '04 and Ms. Jessica Couto
Mr. Thomas K. Miller, '05
Mr. W. Lee Miller
Mr. Jacob P. Miller, '21
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Millhouse
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Milligan
Ms. Heather Milligan
Mr. Ryan Milligan
Ms. Erin Milling
Mr. and Mrs. David Milling
Mr. Charles Milling
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Millones
Ms. Rebecca Mills
Mr. Jeffery Mills
Mr. Gordon A. Millspaugh and Ms. Laura Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. Grover R. Mims
Ms. LaShonda Mims, '87
Ms. Carolyn C. Minor, '81
Minor Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Ross Minzenberg
Ms. Barbara Minzenberg
Ms. Dharma Mirabent
Ms. Serene Mirkis
Mr. McLean Mitchell
Ms. Lynne M. Mitchell
Ms. Joan Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B. Mitchell
Mr. Reagan P. Mitchell
Ms. Terri Mitchell
Ms. Susan Mitchell
Ms. Mariah Mitchell
Dr. Kathryn Mitchener
Ms. Helen L. Mittelstadt
Mr. Robert W. Mittelstadt, '06
Mrs. Robyn A. Mixon
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mixon
Ms. Leslie Mizell
Mr. Emmett A. Moberly-Lachance, '20
Mrs. Loredana Moccia
Mr. and Mrs. Palani Mohan
Ms. Marie Mohler
Mr. Erik S. Moledor and Ms. Robyn J. Hakanson
Ms. Payton C. Moledor, '17
Kimberly Molidor-Bradfield
Mr. Steven Olson and Ms. Lori A. Moline
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Monaghan
Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Monaghan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Monaghan
Mrs. Janet Monaghan
Ms. Mary Monaghan
Barbara Moncrief
Ms. Julie Money
Mr. Anthony Mongelluzzo
Ms. Bethanie M. Monroe, '93
Dr. Anna Monroe Wright
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Monsam
Ms. Laura Monsen
Zoe Monserrate
Ms. Anna C. Montgomerie, '91 and Mr. Jeffrey Montgomerie
Mrs. Kathleen Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis T. Montgomery, Jr.
Ms. Celeste Montgomery
Dr. and Mrs. Dixon M. Moody
Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler Moon
Mr. William J. Mooney and Ms. Barbara A. Herring
Mr. Dana E. Mooney, '81
Dr. Mary L. Moore
Ms. Stephanie Moore and Mr. Richard D. Moore*
Faculty Emeritus Linda A. Moore
Ms. Rebecca R. Moore, '74 and Mr. J. W. Moore
Mr. Sean Moore
Mrs. Jessica Moore
Ms. Heather Moore
Michele Moore-Grady
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Moorhouse
Ms. Megan A. Moose, '98
Mr. and Mrs. John Moose
Mrs. Sylvia Mora
Mrs. Nikki Morachnick
Mr. Ricardo Morales
Mr. Eric Morales
Mr. Ivan Morales
Morales & Cerino, P.A.
Mrs. Patti Moran and Mr. Michael B. Moran, '01*
Mr. William F. Moran
Ms. Elizabeth Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Moranos
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Moreau
Ms. Susan Moretz
Katharine Moretz
Mr. Wayne F. Morgan
Mr. Joshua W. Morgan, '09
Mr. J. Griffin Morgan and Ms. Maureen Geraghty
Mr. Benjamin R. Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Morgan
Admiral and Mrs. John Morgan
Ms. Carrie B. Moricle
Ms. Meg Morosco
Mr. Andrew L. Morris, '00
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Morris
Mr. Robert D. Morris and Ms. Verda W. Ingle
Ms. Leigh Morris
Ms. Ann Morris
Ms. Kelsie Morris
Mr. Donald R. Morris and Ms. Melanie Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Morris
Mr. Holt Morris
Mr. Robbie L. E. Morris, '13
Morris and Gertrude Brenner Foundation
Ms. Emily R. Morrisey, '15
Mrs. Johanna Morrison and Faculty Emeritus Malcolm Morrison*
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Morrison
Mr. Anthony L. Morrison, '84
Ms. Rebecca Morrow
Mrs. Rachel E. Morse, '09 and Mr. Scott Morse
Dr. Michael J. Morykwas
Mrs. Mary Nan S. Moser and Mr. Kenneth A. Moser*
Joyce Moser
Ms. Marilyn J. Mosher-Dore
Ms. Ruth Moskop
Mrs. Linda Moskovitz Caruso
Alisa Mosley
Dr. R. Bruce Moss '71
Ms. Deanna Moss
Faculty Emeritus Lynda Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Moss
Mr. James J. LaRocco, '73 and Mrs. Sharon D. Moss LaRocco, '73
Ms. Elisabeth Motsinger
Ms. Jane Motsinger
Professor Alexander and Dr. Ann Motten
Mr. Andrew B. Motten, '09
Mr. and Mrs. David Mount
Ms. Katherine E. Mount, '09
Mount Tabor United Methodist Church
Mountain Valley Woodwork
Mr. George W. C. Mountcastle*
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Mountcastle, Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. L. David Mounts
Mr. Reginald L. Moye, '98
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Moye
Mr. James M. Moye
Mr. Lawrence Moye
Mr. Robert P. Moyer
Mozelle's Fresh Southern Bistro
Mr. Jason Mudd
Mrs. Patricia A. Mueller, '95 and Mr. John C. Mueller
Mrs. Melinda B. Mueller, '96 and Mr. Peter Mueller
Dr. and Mrs. Eberhard Mueller-Heubach
Mr. Hassiem H. Muhammad, '18
Ms. Elizabeth Holleman Muirhead
Mr. Frederick P. Mulcox
Estate of Charles M. Mull*
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Mullaney
Mr. Michael J. Mullins, '69
Ms. Kamie Mulroy
Mr. John B. Munda, Jr., '14
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Munden
Professor and Mrs. Nicholas Muni
Mr. Thomas G. Wilson and Ms. Caroline Munroe
Mr. Rajesh Murali
Mr. and Mrs. Srinivasan Muralidharan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Murdock
Mr. Conor P. Murdock, '20
Ms. Stephanie L. Murgas, '02
Mrs. Crina Murgulescu
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Murphy
Ms. Gillian E. Murphy, '96 and Mr. Ethan Stiefel
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Murphy
Mr. Sean Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Murphy
Ms. Angie Murphy
Mr. Kevin C. Murphy, '16
Ms. Martha Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Serre L. Murphy
Ms. Edith Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Keith J. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Murray
Mr. Jeremy L. Murray and Mr. Charles R. Watkins
Dr. Lynne Norris Murray
Ms. Colleen E. Murray, '13
Nancy Murray
Ms. Martha Murray-Chafin
Ron Musgrave
Music Academy Success
Mr. Nash Musselwhite
Mr. Cole Muth
Mr. and Mrs. F. Bradford Myers, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Myers
Ms. Myra D. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Grover M. Myers
Mrs. Donna C. Myers, '66 and Mr. Clyde Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Baxter J. Myers

N - R

Mr. William Nace
Ms. Mary Naftal
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Naftal
Mr. and Mrs. David Naismith
Ms. Judy Nance
Mr. James Nance
Mr. and Mrs. James Nanton
Mr. Mark D. Naquin, Jr., '11
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome F. Naradzay
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Nardella
Ms. Nicole Naro
Ms. Victoria M. Nash
Mr. Kenneth Nash
John Nash
Judie Nash
Mr. Wayne Nash
Mrs. Rebecca A. Nathan
Ms. Iina Nathe
National Christian Foundation
The Reverend and Mrs. Bob Nations
Ms. Laurel E. Naughton
NC Department of Transportation
NC Museum of History Foundation
NC Shakespeare Festival
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Neal
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Neal
Mr. Peyton Neal
Mr. Jeffrey M. Nealer, '85
Ms. Bethany Neary
Ms. Leah Necas
Dr. John H. Neff
Mrs. Margaret Norfleet Neff
Mr. and Mrs. Renato Negrin
Ms. Anna Lei Negrin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Negus
Neighborhood Barre Greensboro
Mr. John J. Neighbors, '92 and Ms. Angela B. Neighbors, '93
Ms. Linda S. Neighbors
Mr. D. S. Neill
Mr. Ralph J. Neiweem, Jr., '69 and Ms. Claire Aebersold
Dr. and Mrs. David P. Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Mark H. Nelson
Mrs. Sherry Nelson
Mrs. Helen Nelson
Mrs. Rosemary K. Nelson
Ms. Carol H. Nelson
Ms. Dawn Nelson
Ms. Stephanie Lynn Nelson
Derek A. Nelson
Dr. William and Dr. Anne Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk A. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis P. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Nelson
Ms. Caroline Voagen V. Nelson, '03
Mr. and Mrs. Tibor Nemeth III
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Neptune
Mr. Anton E. Ness, '70
Ms. Lara A. Nester
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nettles
Network for Good
Ms. Katherine M. Neumann, '17
Dr. and Mrs. Charles G. New
Mr. Denny Newell
Dr. Virginia K. Newell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Newman
Reverend Jim Newsom
Mr. James Newsom
Ms. Phyllis H. Newsome
Dr. Ann Newsome
Mrs. Marja H. Newton
Mr. John H. Newton, '74 and Mrs. Mary L. Newton
Mrs. Diane Newton
Mr. and Mrs. William Newton
Ms. N. Diane Newton
NG Media Inc.
Mr. Tsering Ngudu and Ms. Marisa Volino
Gretchen Nicholls
Mr. and Mrs. David Nichols
Mr. Jeffrey R. Nichols, '01
Ms. Kimberly Nichols
Mr. Justin Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nicholson
Mr. G. J. Guthrie Nicholson
Ms. Cindy D. Nicholson, '83
Ms. Susan Nickell
Ms. Bita Nickkolgh
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Nicolas
Ms. Michelle Nicolle
Mr. John Nicolson
Ms. Sonja Nielsen
Mr. Farr Niere
Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Nifong
Ms. Caroline Nilsson
Albert Nisbet
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm F. Nix
Ms. Cari A. Noel, '20
Ms. Joan H. Noell
Mrs. Shirley W. Noffsinger
Ralph Noistering
Ms. Cindy Nolan
Mr. Christopher Nolan, '09
Ms. Elizabeth Noland
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nolin
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Nolin
Dr. Lois M. Nora, M.D.
Ms. Molly Norcross
Mr. Timothy Norden
Ms. Molly-Ann Nordin, '13
Ms. Mary W. Norfleet Fry
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Norman
Ms. Stephanie S. Norman, '12
Mr. B G Norman
Norman and Rose S Shamberg Foundation Inc.
Mr. Heath J. Normand
Mr. Randy Norris
Mr. and Mrs. James North
Ms. Molly North
Ms. Amy T. North
North Carolina Community Foundation
North Carolina State Employees Combined Campaign
Northern Trust Company
Mr. and Mrs. Otis B. Northington
Ms. Dorothy Northup
Ms. Ethel C. Northwick
Mr. Edward Norvell
Count and Countess Christoph Nostitz
Novant Health Community Engagement
Mr. and Mrs. James Novell
Mr. John M. Noyes, '92
Pamela Ntungwen
Ms. Rebecca L. Nussbaum, '97
Nutcracker Ballet Gifts
Mr. Eric Nutt
Mr. Nelson J. Nutt, Jr.
Ms. Jessica O’Neill
Ms. Rachel O’Reilly
Mr. Edward Oakes
Ms. Jennifer Oas
Mr. Donald J. Oberpriller, '89
Ms. Kelley OBrien
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley F. O'Brien
Mr. M. T. O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Mark O'Brien
Mr. Matthew O'Brien
Ms. Cathleen S. O'Brien, '90
Ms. Jaime M. OByrne
Ms. Katie O'Connell
H G O'Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Edward O'Connor
Mr. Devin O'Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Francis K. O'Connor
Mr. and Mrs. John J. O'Connor
Mr. Brendan O'Connor
Arthur O'Connor
Mr. James C. O'Connor-Taylor aka Jem Jender, '83
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Odell
Ms. Janice O'Dell
Anne O'Donnell
Joshua O'Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. O'Donoghue
Ms. Brenda Odum
Ms. Gisele R. Oerter, '78
Mr. Ryan J. O'Gara, '00 and Mrs. Meaghan O'Gara
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Ogburn, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Royden Ogden III
Mr. Samuel G. Ogden, '11
Mr. Craig M. Aves, '91 and Ms. Kara A. O'Grady, '94
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Okey
Ms. Omodele Olaleye
Olive Branch Horse Farm, Inc.
Drs. John and Pamela Oliver
Dr. and Mrs. J. Raymond Oliver, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Olsen
Ms. Donna Olsen
Mr. Wayne Olson
Mrs. Siobhan Olson and Dr. David L. Olson*
Ms. Katie Olson
Ms. Sharon M. Olson
Mrs. Angela Olson-Boseman
Ms. Rebecca Omlor
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy O'Neal
Ms. Sheila F. O'Neal, '76
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. O'Neill IV
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. O'Neill
Mr. and Mrs. O'Neill
Ms. Gillian O'Reilly
Ms. Maeve T. O'Reilly, '08
Ms. Kiera L. O'Reilly, '20
Ms. Mavelin N. Orellana
Mr. Brooks Whitehouse and Mrs. Janet Orenstein Whitehouse
Mr. Michael Hobby and Ms. Kathy Orms
Mr. and Mrs. Jon B. Orndorff
Ms. Kerrie Orrell
Orrell Design
Dr. and Mrs. Paul N. Orser
Mr. Jaime Ortiz-Lopez and Ms. Virginia M. Ortiz
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Osborn
Dr. William N. Osborne
Mr. Charles D. Osborne, Jr., '12
Ms. Jasmine A. Osborne, '10
Ms. Susan Osborne
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Osinski
Mr. Gustavo Ospina and Ms. Maria Gomez
Ms. Meghna Ostasiewski
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Ostberg
Mr. Jacob R. Ostdiek, '19
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Osteen
Mr. Patrick P. Osteen, '11
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Ott
Maureen Ott
Ms. Katherine D. Otterbourg
Our State Magazine
Hunter Ourso
Out At The Movies
Ms. Maryann Overath
Mrs. Susan V. Overman*
Mr. John E. Ovington, '91
Amanda Ovitt
Mr. Kevin Owen
Mr. Jacob G. Owen, '14
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace R. Ownbey
Ms. Julie R. Owens, '20
Mr. Gordon N. Owens, '80
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Ownby
Mr. Evan Ozer
Ms. Joan Pabisz-Ruberton
Mr. A. Wilson Pace
Mr. Jon Pacheco
Ms. Carol Pacheco
Mr. and Mrs. David Pacholke
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Padgett
Mr. Patrick Padilla
Mrs. Martha Padilla
Ms. Jessie Pagan
Page by Page Productions
Ms. Carrie Pages
Ms. Mary M. Paige
Nancy Pajewski
Ms. Beth Palent-Saper
Mr. Jeff Palis
Ms. Lorraine Mahler and Ms. Esther Palladino
Mr. Ken Palm
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley J. Palm
Ms. Penieliss B. Palma
Mr. Edward J. Lewis III and Dr. Scott R. Palmer
Mrs. Cara R. Palmer, '85 and Mr. Jon Palmer
Mrs. Linda Palmer
Ms. Lynne Palmer, '86
Ms. Pat M. Palmer
Mr. David J. Palmer, '13
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Palmtag
Panasonic Hollywood Lab
Mr. Tamar Pandi
Ms. Joy L. Pannell, '08
Ms. Diane Paquet-White
Carlos Pardo
Carlos Pardo
Celia Pardue
Ron Pardue
Ms. Michele Parham
Mr. Andrew M. Paris and Mrs. Anushka Paris-Carter
Ms. Amy Paris
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Park
Mr. Stuart T. Park, '04
William Park
Ms. Martha Park
Ms. Karen Parke
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Parke
Mr. Rhondle M. Parker
Mr. Kim Parker and Mrs. Kathleen Parker*
Ms. Jill Parker
Ms. Natalie J. Parker, '13
Mr. Chandler A. Parker, '02
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Vance Parker
Mr. Don Parker
Ms. Melinda S. Parker, '11
Dr. Anne Parkhurst
Ms. Ann Laura Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Parks
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Parks
Ms. Gretchen Parlier
Mrs. Chrystal Parnell
Mr. T. Christopher Parnell '89
Ms. Holly Parr
Mr. John M. Parris, '86 and Mrs. Michele R. Parris
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parrish
Ms. Robyne M. Parrish, '05 and Mr. Matt Lamb
Ms. Candice R. Parrish
Mr. William J. Parrish, '70 and Mrs. Pamela C. Parrish, '73
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Parsley
Ms. Linn Parson
Ms. Helen Parsonage
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Partin, Jr.
Mr. Franklin L. Partridge III
Ms. Laura Paschall
Drs. Boris and Valarie Pasche
Ms. Regena Pasterczyk
Ms. Lori Pastorelli
Alessandro Patalini
Mr. Ryan D. Pater, '13
Mr. Sarvar Pathan
Drs. John D. and Dominique P. Patrick
Mr. Damon Patrick
Ms. Amanda Patrick
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Patterson
Mr. Donnell L. R. Patterson, '77
Ms. Wanda Patterson
Mr. Philip Patterson
Mrs. Josephine W. Patton
Mr. and Mrs. James Patton
Mr. Steve Patton
Ms. Noelle E. S. Paulette
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Pauley
Ms. Bernadette Paulsen
Ms. Alexandra M. Pawlus, '17
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Payne
Ms. Deborah Payne
Mr. Matt Payne
Mr. Brice Payne
Mrs. Lucy P. Paynter and Mr. George W. Paynter*
PayPal Charitable Giving Fund
Ms. Mary Anne Peacock
Ms. Laura Depta D. Peal, '90 and Mr. Stan Peal
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Pearce
Mrs. Angela H. Holder-Pearman, '76 and Mr. Roger Pearman
Mrs. Roxane Pearsall
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Pechanek
Ms. Betty Peddle
Mr. Larry Peddle
Daniel Peddle
Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. Peddycord
Mr. John W. Peddycord*
Ms. Carloyn C. Peddycord Perry
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Peden
Ms. Shawn Pedersen
Mr. Gulio Pedota, '91 and Mrs. Elena Blanco-Pedota
Ms. Laneer Peele
Ms. Teresa Peeler
Pegram & Noyes Insurance Agency
Ms. Ruth Peitsch
Mr. Randy Peitsch
Mr. Anthony Peluso
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Pelz
Mr. Jackson G. Pelz, '17
Michael Pelz-Sherman
Mr. John Pence
Ms. Patricia Pence-Sokoloff
Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio Pendas
Ms. Angela Pendas
Mr. Richard A. Pender
Professor Norman E. Pendergraft
Ms. Rachel M. Pendergrass, '13
Mr. and Mrs. Ramchandra Pendyala
Mr. Chun Liang Peng and Ms. Chiung Ying Huang
Mr. Harold Penick
Dale Penland
Ms. Sarah Penley
Ms. Shayna R. Penn, '14
Mr. Elbert D. Pennebaker
Ms. Jeanne A. Pennebaker
Ms. Linda I. Penney
Ms. Brenda Penney
Penny Publications, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Penrod
Mr. Martin D. Penry
Mr. W. Gaston Penry, Jr.
Ms. Sarah D. Penry*
Mr. Anthony Pensiero
Dr. Kara J. Pepper, '95
Dr. and Mrs. Francis D. Pepper, Jr.
Lara Percenti
Doug Percival
Faculty Emeritus LeRoy P. Percy
Mr. Daniel Pereira
Mr. and Mrs. Matias Perel
Performance Driven Physical Therapy
Col. (Ret.) Andrew M. Perkins and\ Dr. Mary T. Perkins
Ms. Allison C. Perkins and Mr. Clifford L. Dossel
Ms. Suzy Perkins '87 and Mr. Robert Baynes
Ms. Debbie Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Perkins
Mrs. Ashley M. Perkinson, '95 and Sterling Perkinson
Mr. Christophe Pernie and Ms. Pina Bellafiore
Mr. Daniel G. Perry, '87
Mr. Robb F. Perry, Jr., '77
Ms. Betty L. Perry
Mr. Matthew Perry
Mr. Joseph Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Persinger
Ms. Stephanie R. Pervez, '92
Ms. Alison C. Pesavento, '97
Ms. Erin E. Peters, '05
Mr. Brian D. Peters
Ms. Barbara Peters
Ms. Camille Peters
Mr. Daniel Aldridge and Ms. Karin E. Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Peterson
Mr. Bradley W. Peterson, '09
Mr. Bryan Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Petock
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Petrak
Ms. Karen Petren
Ms. Mary S. Petrie Lowen, '83
Mr. Gregory L. Petrini
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Petronzio
Mr. Matthew A. Petrosky, '00
Mr. Steven Petrow
Ms. Patrica H. Petrozza
Mr. Kenneth A. Pettigrew, '13
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle E. Petty
Ms. Amy Petty
Ms. Roxanna L. Peykamian, '19
Mr. William G. Pfefferkorn and Dr. Jane M. Pfefferkorn
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Pfefferkorn
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Pfeiffer
Lorraine Pfeiffer
Ms. Laura Phail
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Phalen
Mrs. Patti P. Phelps
Ms. Larnette W. Phifer
Ms. Barbara Philleo
Mr. Crawford Philleo
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Philligin, Jr.
Mr. John H. Philligin III, '07
Ms. Gina A. Phillips
Mr. Jimmy Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford G. Phillips
Mr. Brian Phillips
Ms. Ditte Phillips
Mrs. Josephine O. Phillips
Mr. Brian B. Phillips, '01 and Mrs. Denise Phillips
Ms. Aimee L. Phillips, '18
Ms. Laura K. Phillips
Jeryl Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Phillips
Ms. Laura Philpot
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Philpott, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Philzone
Ms. Daracha Phoncharoensri
Mr. Lawrence Picarello and Dr. Lisa Valow-Picarello
Dr. Rita Pichardo
Piedmont Opera, Inc.
Piedmont Outpatient Surgery Center
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Pierce
Mr. James R. Pierce, '01
Ms. Sarah Pierce-Rubio and Mr. Ramon M. Rubio*
Ms. Holly K. Pierson, '06
Mr. Andrew Pietrus
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Piggott
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Pike
Ms. Jennifer Pikus
Kristin Pil
Ms. Sonyanir Pimentel
Mr. David Piner
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pingel
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Pininix, Jr.
Francis Pinto
Mr. James Pirkle
Faculty Emeritus Mark P. Pirolo
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Pisapia
Ms. Claire Pisapia
Ms. Judith Pisarro Grant
Ms. Elnora C. Piscopo
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Pittard, Jr.
Mr. Robert Pittard
Mrs. Laura F. Pitts and Mr. Charles B. Pitts, '70*
Mr. Christopher Placco
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Plachy
Ms. Patsy Plant
Mr. Erik C. Plath, '11
Ms. Tracy Platz Warren
Ms. Jennifer Player
Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Pleasants, Jr.
Mr. Byron K. Plexico, '80 and Mrs. Ginger D. Plexico
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Plitt
Mr. Jack E. Ploszaj, '16
Ms. Anna Plotnikov
Dr. James F. Plowden
PNC Bank
Ms. Katherine D. Podrazhansky, '86 and Mr. Mikhail Podrazhansky
Dr. Gary G. Poehling and Mrs. Sandra K. Poehling*
Marta Poekert
Ms. Elizabeth M. Pohl
Mr. Justin L. Poindexter, '06 and Ms. Sasha Papernick
Mr. Scott D. Poitras, '96
Dr. and Mrs. O. D. Polk
Dr. Nancy C. Polk
Ms. Ann C. Pollard*
Professor Dale and Mrs. Susan Pollock
Mrs. Maenell C. Pollock and Dr. Frank E. Pollock*
Ms. Tammy Pollock
Mr. James Polson
Ms. Heather A. Pond, '97
Ms. Susan Pontius
Ms. Joan N. Poole
Mr. Gary W. Poole, '96 and Mrs. Brady E. Poole, '98
Mr. Michael E. Poole and Ms. Marjorie A. Rohrbach
Betty W. Pope
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pope
Mr. Ryan .. Popma
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Porter
Ms. Amy M. Porter, '03
Ms. Mary Lynn Porter
Ms. Kimberly Portis
Dr. Nora M. Post, '68
Mr. Harry M. Poster, '11
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Poster
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Poston
Mr. Bill Potter, '84 and Mrs. Deborah C. Potter
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Potter
Ms. Kelley C. Potter, '02
Mr. and Mrs. George Ray Potts
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Pounds
Mrs. Pilar D. Powell and Mr. David Powell*
Ms. Cheryl Powell
Ms. Elmira J. Powell
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Powers
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Pranikoff
Mr. Mohammad Aslam and Ms. Marion Pratnicki
Cynthia Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Pratto
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Preiss
Ms. Kathryn Premo
Ms. Gale Prendergast
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Presby
Mr. and Mrs. August Preschle
Mr. Joshua Present
Ms. Marie J. Preske, '16
Presser Foundation
Ms. Kathy Pressley
Ms. Paula E. Pressley
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Presson, Jr.
Mr. Charles Preston
Mrs. Teresa A. Prevatte
Mrs. Susan E. Price, '66 and Mr. Walter M. Price
Mr. Jeffrey H. Price and Mrs. Lisa C. Tillis
Ms. Catherine Price
Tricia Price
Mr. Will E. Price
Mrs. Michelle Pridgen
Mr. Robert E. Priest, Jr., '76
Mrs. Tammy Priest
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Probst
Ms. Michele K. Prosser, '79
Mr. J. Timothy Prout and Mrs. Nan S. Prout*
Mr. and Mrs. William Pruett
Mr. Ken Pruett
Ms. Claire H. Pruett, '19
Ms. Christen Pruett
Faculty Emeritus Elaine D. Pruitt
Ms. Sallie Millis Pryor
Mr. and Ms. David J. Brown
Mr. Peter J. Pucci, '81 and Ms. Ellen Sirot
Ms. Karen Puckett
Mr. Joseph W. Pukatsch, '98
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pulitzer, Jr.
Ms. Theodosia C. Pulitzer, '97
Ms. Susan L. Pullen
Mr. H. David Pulliam '03
Ms. Sheila S. Pulling
Mr. Douglas Punger
Ms. Lisa B. Puntillo, '72 and Mr. Robert Pascucci
Mr. Ian Purdy
Ms. Donna J. Purdy
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Purves
Mrs. Maria R. Puschinsky
Mrs. Cindy Putnam
Mrs. June R. Putt
Mrs. Deborah L. Pyatt, '76 and Mr. Tim Pyatt
Ms. Emily Pylant
Ms. Andrea K. Pyle, '95
Mr. Shinyub Pyo, '07
Mr. and Mrs. Quad Quadland
Mr. James Quander
Ms. Sara Quandt
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Quin
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Quinlivan
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Quinn III
Mr. Earl J. Quinn III and Ms. Elizabeth Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Quintero
Ms. Audrey R. Rabine, '19
Ms. Jen Rackley
Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. Rader
Mr. David E. Raderman and Ms. Rose A. Smiley
Mr. Daniel S. Raderman, '13
Ms. Sally Radney
Ms. Sherri S. Raeford
Ms. Barbara Raffaldini
Colonel and Mrs. John L. Rafferty
Ms. Deborah K. Rager
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Ragland
Ms. Emily Ragsdale
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rahman
RAI Services Company
Ms. Suzanne Raine
Mr. William F. Rainey, Jr., '74 and Mrs. Ellyn C. Rainey
Ms. Susan B. Rainey
Ms. Margaret Rajan
Mr. Mark Rake and Ms. Leza Raffel
Ms. Andrea J. Ralph, '19
Mr. David Rambo and Mr. Ted Heyck
Mr. Durrell Ramer
Dr. Juan Ramiraz
Ms. Kimberly R. Ramirez, '07
Oscar Ramirez
Mr. Kurt and Dr. Jennifer Ramlo
Ms. Doris Ramos
Dr. Laura Ramsay
Mr. and Mrs. John Ramsey
Mr. Joseph P. Whalen and Ms. Karen Ramshaw
Dr. C H. Rand and Mrs. Edith M. Rand
Randleigh Foundation Trust
Ms. Deborah Randolph
Ms. Lisa Randolph
Ms. Layna P. Rangel
Mr. and Mrs. John Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. Matt W. Ransom
Mr. Matt W. Ransom V, '97 and Mrs. Elizabeth H. Ransom, '92
Ms. Glennette F. Ranson
Ms. Jane B. Ranum
Ms. Lekha Rao
Ms. Lori A. Raphael, '75 and Mr. John M. Hemmer
Ms. Lisa Raschke
Mr. Guy Rasco
Ms. Andrea Rassler
Mrs. Helen K. Rathbun, '91 and Mr. Andrew J. Rathbun
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Rattray
Mr. Andrew Rau-Chaplin, '80 and Mrs. Michelle Daignault
Mr. Eric H. Rauschenberg, '90
Ms. Setu A. Raval, '08 and Mr. Zachary W. Seivers, '06
Dr. Julie B. Ravnan, Ph.D., '80 and Mr. Michael Ebinger
Ms. Sarah Rawz
Mr. Jim Ray, '82 and Ms. Natalie M. Jensen
Ms. T. Lynn Ray
Ms. Amy Ray
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
Mr. Paul Razza
RC4 Wireless
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Rea
Mr. James Reagan
Ms. Alexa V. Reass, '12
Mr. Christopher L. Reavis, '84
Ms. Beth Reboussin
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Reckley
Red Hat
Angel Reda
Redgates Foundation
Mr. Jared O. Redick, '89
Ms. Jacquelyn B. Redmond, '03 and Mr. Patrick Redmond
Ms. Tiffany Reece
Mr. John Reece
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Reed
Ms. Susan Reed
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Reed
Mrs. Judy Reed and Mr. Andrew Reed*
Ms. Barbara Reed
Ms. Joyce A. Reehling, '71 and Mr. Anthony Elms
Mr. Aaron Reel
Julian Rees
Ms. Florence Reese
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Reeve
Kevin Reeve
Reverend Tiffany Reeves Jacobs
Ms. Bridget C. Regan, '04
Ms. Alessandria Regester
Ms. Pamela J. Reichen, '05
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reid
Mr. Jonathan Reid
Mr. T. Oliver Reid '93
Ms. Mary H. Reid
Mrs. Carla K. Reid, '86 and Mr. Randy Reid
The Honorable William B. and Peggy Reingold
Ms. Blair Reins
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Reiss
Mr. Sean M. Reish, '95 and Mrs. Megan Reish
Faculty Emeritus Jeremy Reiskind and Mr. Sherwood Shaffer
Mrs. Susan Reiss
Mr. Austin Reiter
Ms. Elizabeth Reitman
Ms. Stephanie Reitz
Mr. Domenick Rella
Dr. Shereen G. Remez, '66
Mr. Stan Taylor and Ms. Mary V. Remishofsky
Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Ms. Ruth Rendleman, '70
Mr. and Mrs. L. Scott Renegar
Gray Renegar
Mr. Michael Renne
Nick Resnick
Mr. Scott Ressler
Pamelyn Reuss
Revolution EHR
Mr. and Mrs. James Rex
Ms. Jessica J. Rex, '21
Ms. Donna D. Reyburn
Ms. Joaquin Reyes
Ms. Aleida Reyna
Ms. Meredith Reynolds
Mrs. Patricia Reynolds
Mr. Jerry J. Reynolds
Mr. J. Anthony Reynolds
Mr. Gregory R. Reynolds, '08
Ms. Jeannette Reynolds
Reynolds American Foundation
Ms. Katherine Rhew
Mr. Thomas Rhoads and Ms. Rosa Scarcelli
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rhoads
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Rhodes
Mr. Milton Rhodes and Mrs. Mattie M. Rhodes '69
Ms. Virginia S. Riccio
Mrs. Karen C. Rice, '76 and Mr. Douglas R. Rice
Mr. Jacob J. Rice III, '75 and Ms. Kimmary A. Williams
Ms. Judith Rice
Ms. Karen Rice
Mr. James W. Rice, '14
Laura Rice
Ms. Margaret Rich
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rich
Ami Rich
Sherry Rich
Carlotta Richard
Richard W. Averill Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen I. Richards
Ms. Kimberly Richards
Ksenia Richards
Mr. Roger A. Richardson and Ms. P. L. Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Richardson
Ms. and Mr. Denise Richardson
Mr. Scott H. Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Richardson
Dr. Donald W. Richman
Ms. Ramona S. Richmond
Mr. Peter W. Richter, Sr.
Mr. Keith Richter
Mr. Kurt Richter
Mr. Joseph J. Rick
Ms. Nina M. Ricker
Mr. Joshua Rickey
Mr. Randall Rickman, '70
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Riddle
Ms. Caitlin A. Riddle, '10
Ms. Mary S. Rider
Dr. Robert A. Riehle, Jr.
Ms. Lana Riemann
Ms. Amanda Riesenweber
Mr. David P. Rigby
Mr. Joseph Rigdon
Ms. Ashley A. Rigg, '14 and Mr. Jeff Rigg
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Riggins
Ms. Anita Riggleman
Mr. Mitchell P. Riggs, '88 and Mrs. Catherine Riggs
Mr. Graham Rights
Ms. Robyn A. Rikoon, '08
Ms. Elaine Riley
Ms. Lya Riley
Ms. Lauria M. Riley, '69 and Mr. George Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Riley
Ms. Tiffany Riley
Mr. and Mrs. M. Eric Rimes
Mrs. Katy Ringeman
Mr. David W. Mahnke and Ms. Janet Ristow
Ms. Charlotte Ritchie
Ms. Sarah P. Rivers, '90*
Ms. Bobbi B. Rivers
Mr. Prince Rivers
Ms. Lillie Rizack, '83
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Roach
Renee Roach
Ms. Jillian Roach
Mr. Jonathan Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Robbs
Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation
Robert and Patricia Colby Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Roberts
Ms. Evelyn E. Roberts, '81
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Roberts
Mrs. Susan R. Roberts, '04 and Dr. Terry Roberts
Ms. Sara A. Roberts, '18
Ms. Denise Roberts Hurlin
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Robertson, Jr.
Ms. Wyndham Robertson
Ms. Kate Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Chester M. Robertson
Mr. Dirk Robertson
Ms. Sandra Robertson
Ms. Heather Robertson
Ms. Kristin Robinett
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Robins
Ms. Hannah E. Robins, '19
Mr. Asher W. Robinson, '12
Professor Sandra W. Robinson, '70
Ms. Katie M. Robinson
Mr. Lawrence G. Robinson
Ms. Virginia Hill Robinson
Mr. Richard Robinson
Ms. Burdette Robinson
Ms. Evelyn J. Robinson, '20
Dr. James and Mrs. Vera Robinson
Ms. Lisa Robinson
Mr. Robert Robinson
Mr. Maurice Robinson, '82
Mr. Khishawn A. Robinson
Ms. Sharon H. Robinson Laredo, '68 and Mr. Jaime Laredo
Mrs. Jacqueline R. Robinson-Sinkiewicz, '12
Ms. Rachael Robison
Mr. Robert P. Rocco
Ms. Olivia Rock
Mr. Greg Rockwell
Mr. Gwilym N. Roddick, '01
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Rodeheaver
Mr. and Mrs. C. Christopher Rodie
Rebecca Rodriguez
Ms. Michelle L. Roehm
Ms. Lois C. Roewade
Mr. Stephen Rogers
Ms. Stephane Rogers
Mrs. Sarah Bard B. Rogers, '76 and Mr. Randy J. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Rogers
Mr. Robert G. Rogers, '78 and Mrs. Eleanor L. Rogers, '78
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Rogers, Jr.
Mr. Matthew Rogers
Mr. Stephen T. Rogers and Ms. Heidi Henderson
Ms. Jessica Rogers
Mr. Will A. Rogers, '04 and Mrs. Rebecca Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. David Roggenkamp
Mr. Peter E. Rogness, '84
Mrs. Dominique Rojas
Mr. Alex Rojas
Ms. Anne Rainey Rokahr
Karin Rolett
Mr. Brian F. Rollfinke, '84 and Mrs. Sara F. Rollfinke
Ms. Kristine Rollins
Ms. Jennifer Rollins
Mrs. Mica R. Romanchock
Ms. Patricia Romanchock
Mr. Jason T. Romney, '04 and Mrs. Jennifer Romney
Mr. Jarrod A. Ronhovde, '94
Mr. Thomas Ronzetti
David Roodman
Mr. Evan P. Rooney, '12
The Honorable Selwa Roosevelt
Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr.
Rooth Law Firm, P.A
Ms. Charlease Roper
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Roquemore
Ms. Katherine G. Rosati
Mr. Leonard Roscoe
Ms. Judi Rose
Ms. Kelly Rose
Mr. Saxton C. Rose
Ms. Andrea Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Roselli
Mrs. Kathy A. Rosen Foernzler, '75 and Mr. Ernest C. Foernzler
Mr. Gary Rosenbaum
Dr. Ellen R. Rosenberg
Lorraine Rosenblatt
Mr. William A. Balbuena and Ms. Michelle A. Rosenow
Sylvia Rosenthal
Ms. Bethana A. Rosenthal, '93
Ms. Monika Rosier
Mrs. Phyllis Weatherly-Rosner and Mr. Sanford Rosner
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Ross, Sr.
Ms. Suzanne L. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ross
Mr. Robert Ross
Ms. Alexa M. Ross, '17
Ms. Kimberly M. Ross, '11
Mr. Nicholas F. Rossano, '13
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Rossi
Mr. Olle and Dr. Emily Rostlund
Ms. Amy Roth
Ms. Susan Roth
Mr. Brian Rothman
Mr. Michael A. Rouse, '88
Mr. and Mrs. Mike R. Rouse
Ms. Arlene Rouse
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Rouse
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Roveto
Mrs. Martha Rowe and Mr. David F. Rowe*
Ms. Kathryn C. Rowe
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Roy
Dr. Billy W. Royal and Ms. Nancy L. Earl
Mr. Christopher Royal
Mrs. Sally Royster
Brooke Royster
Mr. and Mrs. William Chezley
Ms. Zoe Rubenstein
Dr. and Mrs. Michael H. Rubin
Ms. Laura Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Rucker, Sr.
Mrs. Jeanne Ruddy Keen, '88 and Mr. Victor Keen
Mr. and Mrs. C. Guy Rudisill III
Mr. Robert Rudisin and Mrs. Carla J. Mitchell
Mr. Benjamin R. Rudisin, '11
Professor and Mrs. Ronald Rudkin
Ms. Stefanie Rudnicke
Mr. Sam Rudy
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Ruffin, Sr.
Mr. Dalton D. Ruffin*
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Ruffin
Mrs. Avon Ruffin
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rugaber
Rugaber Family Fund
Mr. Andreas Runheim
Mr. Ronald Morris and Ms. Roseann S. Rush
Mr. Tom H. Ramirez and Dean Susan Ruskin
Robert O. Russ
Mr. Kenny D. Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff R. Russell
Ms. Tanya Sue Russell
Ms. Emily A. Russell, '16
Russell Lacy Music
Ms. Lutonya Russell-Humes
Ms. Nancy Russo
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Ruth
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Rutledge
Mr. David M. Rutter
Mrs. Ann S. Rutter*
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ryan
Ms. Kristen Ryan
Ms. Ally M. Ryan
Ryan's Restaurant
Mr. Michael S. Ryden
Dr. Sherry Ryter-Brown

S - T

Mr. and Mrs. Alexandar Saban
Dr. Olivia M. Sabee, '03
Mr. Christopher Sabolcik
Ms. Ellen Sackett
Ms. Sabrina Sacks Mann
Dr. Kenneth M. Sadler and Dr. Brenda A. Latham-Sadler
Ms. Kelli Saenz
Mr. Antonio Sage
Mr. Ethan K. Saiewitz, '20
Mr. Mike Saine
Mr. Alton C. Franklin and Ms. Carolyn A. Sakowski
Mr. Jose Pablo Salas Rojas and Mr. Jason Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Sale
Mr. Barry N. Sales, Jr., '09
Mr. and Ms. Bill Salganik
Mr. Mark A. Sallee, '95
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Salmon
Ms. Nancy C. Salmon, '70 and Mr. David C. Webster
Mr. David Saltonstall
Mrs. Susan C. Saltzman, '85 and Mr. Paul Saltzman
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Salzwedel
Mr. Erik J. Salzwedel, '84 and Mrs. Mary Salzwedel
Ms. Monica Samelson
Mr. Sven Samoska
Mr. George Sampedro
Ms. Susan Sampsell
Ms. Tessa C. Samuel
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Sanchez
Mr. Wilmer D. Sanders
Ms. Sallie D. Sanders, '88
Ms. Ashley Sanders
Mr. William R. Sanders
Mr. William R. Sanders, '07 and Mr. Jason Sizemore
Sanders Development Group
Mrs. Anita Sanford
Mr. Mark Sanford
Ms. Angelian Sansone
Mrs. Emily H. Santillo
Mr. Sean Santini
Miss Mary Carol Sapp*
Ms. Martha B. Sarcone
Ms. Ann Sargent
Ms. Patricia Sarmiento Molina
Dr. Kenn Saruwatari and Mrs. Barbara Kitashima
Mr. Jackson P. Sarver, '04 and Mrs. Katie S. Sarver
Mrs. Thelma P. Sasser
Ms. Katherine Satterwhite
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip W. Saucier
Ms. Wendy L. Sause
Mr. Cary Savage and Ms. Rita Fisler
Mr. I. Maxwell Savage '19
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Savage
Ms. Alison L. Sawyer, '85
Ms. Jane Ladage and Ms. Judith Sawyer
Ms. Charlene A. Sawyer-Deas, '83 and Mr. Gregory H. Sawyer
Ms. Katharina Sayag
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Sayers
Mr. Phillip L. Saylor
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Saylor
Mr. Graydon Pleasants, Jr. and Ms. Margaret Scales
Ms. Claudia Scalia
Ms. Brandy Scammell
Mr. Davison D. Scandrett, '02
Dr. Julia L. Scandrett
Mr. and Mrs. Al Scarborough
Mr. and Ms. John Scarcelli
Tiffany Scarlett
Mr. Marcus B. Schaefer and Mrs. Claudia F. Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. Machenry Schafer II
Mr. and Mrs. Joel C. Schanker
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Schattle
Janet Scheffer
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Schenker
Mr. John Michael Schert, '00 and Mr. Brett T. Perry
Ms. Laura A. Scheving, '18
Ms. Hellena Schiavo
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Schiavone
Ms. Eileen F. Schiffer
Mr. Michael S. Schiftan and Mrs. Marlene C. Littell
Mr. Christopher M. Schilder, '08
Mr. Ron Schiller and Mr. Alan Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Schindler
Ms. Kourtnee Jo P. Schippel, '16
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Schlanger
Kathryn Schlee
Lana Schlotfeldt
Mrs. Donna M. Schmid and Dr. Herman E. Schmid*
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Schmidt
Mrs. Mary Schmidt
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Schneider
Ms. Robin L. Schneider, '87 and Mr. John M. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Schneider
Ms. Jacklyn A. Schneider and Ms. Julia S. Rand
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Schoenberger
Mr. Kyle F. Schoenfeld, '01 and Mrs. Emilie B. Schoenfeld, '01
Ms. Vicki Schommer
Dianne Schoolfield
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Schoolman
Ms. Caroline R. Schreiber, '13
Mrs. Carol D. Schriber
Mr. William Schroeder and Ms. Jennifer Hoffecker
Mrs. Stephanie Schroeder
Ms. Kathryn Schroeder
Mr. Joel A. Schulman, '13
Ms. Elisabeth Schulmeister-Antona
Dr. and Mrs. John L. Schultz
Ms. Keely Schultz
Ms. Allison R. Schumacher, '82 and Mr. Robert Schumacher
Mr. Scott A. Schumpert, '09 and Mrs. Amanda M. Schumpert, '11
Mr. and Mrs. William Schuster
Ms. Emily Schutt
Ms. Kathleen Schwab
Schwab Charitable Fund
Mr. William B. Whitman and Ms. Paula J. Schwanenflugel
Mr. Leland Schwantes, Jr. '69 and Mrs. Anne C. Schwantes
Mr. Gabriel Schwartz
Mr. Fredric M. Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Schwartz
Mr. Mark Schwentner, '80
Ms. Ann Schweppe
Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Scott III
Ms. Klea M. Scott, '97
Ms. Julie J. Scott, '74
Ms. Lorna L. Scott, '79
Mr. Michael Scott
Ms. Sue Scott
Ms. Bernadette F. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Scott
Ms. Karen Scott
Dr. John Scott
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Scott
Ms. Claudelia H. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Scott
Mr. Earl Scott
Mrs. Selma C. Scott-Cramer and Mr. John C. Cramer*
Ms. Lani J. Scozzari, '99
Mrs. Judy N. Scurry and Mr. William C. Scurry, Sr.*
Sea Products, Inc.
Mr. Francis M. Seay and Mrs. Susanna Seay
Ms. Anna Sebastian
Mr. and Mrs. John Seelen
Ms. Marieyink Segovia
Mr. Jeff B. Seibenick, '98
Ms. Sarah Seidensticker
Dr. Kathy Seid-Eriksson
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Seiger
Mr. Joshua R. Selander, '06
Mr. Kevin K. Self, '74
Ms. Diana Self
Mr. Mark Self and Ms. Lisa A. Ives
Ms. Claire Sellars
Mrs. Corlis L. Sellers-Drummond
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sellitti
Dianne Seltzer
Estate of James D. B. T. Semans*
Mr. Truman T. Semans
Semans Art Fund, Inc.
Mr. Raymond Sendejas
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher K. Senkowski
Ms. Annelise C. Senkowski, '15
Keith Sennick
Dr. Sol Sepsenwol, Ph.D.
Mr. Tod D. Serfass and Ms. Margaret Couch
Ms. Kaye Sergeant
Mr. Jeremy Serkin and Dr. Maria Serkin
Ms. Shirley A. Serotsky, '99 and Mr. Colin H. Smith
Ms. Sabrina Serrin
Ms. Janice Sessing
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Sessions
Mr. Drew Setchfield
Mr. Ezra B. Severin, '00
Mr. and Mrs. Phillippe R. Sevin
Mrs. Susan Sexton
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Sgrosso
Tracy Shabaneh
Mr. Steven H. Shafer III, '94 and Mrs. Heidi Shafer
Mr. Charles R. Shafer, '10
Mr. Tony J. Shaff, '01
Ms. Maureen Shaffer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Shaffner
Ms. Lenore T. Shamey
Ms. Karla Shanahan
Mr. W. David Shannon
Ms. Sarah Shannon
Ms. Pamela Shannonhouse
Professor and Mrs. Sidney A. Shapiro
Mrs. Dorene Shapiro and Mr. Ronald Shapiro*
Stacey Shapiro
Mr. Larry Sharpe
Mr. James Sharpe
Mrs. Viola R. Sharpe
Honorable Margaret L. Sharpe
Professor and Mrs. Paul C. Sharpe
Ms. Ella K. Sharpe, '18
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Shaw, Jr.
Mrs. Annie Shaw and Mr. John I. Shaw, Jr.*
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Shaw
Lissa Shaw
Cynthia Shaw
Mr. Daniel Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Shay
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Shea
Ms. Cynthia Sheaffer
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Shealy
Ms. Jane J. Shearing
Mrs. Arden Sheehan
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Sheehan
Mrs. Ada Sheerin
Mr. Francis J. Sheets, Jr., '82 and Ms. Kim DeCoste
Ms. Caroline Sheffield
Ms. Kelli Sheffield
Mr. Don Shegog
Mr. and Mrs. John Shelburne
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shelby
Ms. Bambi L. Sheldon and Ms. Karen L. Sheldon
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sheldon
Ms. Constance L. Sheldon
Mr. Peter Sheldrake
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Mr. Gregory W. Shelnutt, '79 and Mrs. Ellen G. Shelnutt
Ms. Sydney T. Shepherd, '13
Shepherd's Center of Winston-Salem
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Sheppard
Jaqueline Sheptenko
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sherman
Mr. Glenn Sherman
Ms. Ruth Sherman
Mr. Steven L. Sherrill, '71
Ms. Sara Shibles
Ms. Katherine Shick
Ms. Rose M. Shields, '07
Ms. Betty B. Shils
Mr. and Mrs. E. Taylor Shipley , Jr.
Mr. Kim M. Shipley, '83
Ms. Susan Shirley
Marianne Shirley
Dr. Sarah Shoaf, D.D.S.
Mrs. Elizabeth Shobe
Mr. and Mrs. Monte Shoemaker
Mr. John C. Shoenfelt, '97 and Mrs. Alison Shoenfelt
Mr. and Mrs. David Shoffner
Ms. Joyce C. Sholes
Ms. Mollie Shook
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Shore, Jr.
Ms. Rebecca S. Shorstein, '06
Ms. Pamela P. Short
Mr. Ronald J. Short
Lynne Short
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Shorter
Ms. Janet Shroyer
John Shroyer
Mr. Richard L. Shrum, '90
Mr. Dmitri Shteinberg and Ms. Yulia Roubtsova
Sandra and Wayne Shugart
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Shugart
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Shumway
Mr. Christopher Shuping
Ms. Jill Shuttner
Mr. Frank L. Sibr
Ms. Jane Sibr
Mr. Richard W. Sickles
Mr. Jonathan G. Sidden, '04
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass B. Sidney
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn P. Siebert
Mr. Jay Siegel
Siemens US
Ms. Norma Sigal
Dr. and Mrs. Barry W. Sigal
Mr. and Mrs. Erik J. Sigel
Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity - Gamma Kappa Boule
Mr. Mark Siler and Mrs. Kiran Sigmon
Ms. Daniela Sikora
Mrs. Linda Silva and Mr. Pedro Silva*
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart R. Silver
Angela Silver
Mr. and Mrs. Larry N. Silverman
Mr. Victor Simas
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Simmons
Ms. Faye W. Simmons
Ms. Jordan G. Simmons, '00
Simmonsongs Music
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Simon
Mr. Howard M. Simon, '05
Ms. Helen Simoneau, '02
Mr. James P. Keegan, '98 and Mrs. Alisa H. Simonel-Keegan, '97
Ms. Emily E. Simoness, '07 and Mr. Michael Chernus
Ms. Ruth A. Simons
Dr. Jonathan H. Burdette and Dr. Shona E. Simpson
Dr. Thomas E. Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Simpson
Ms. Katherine A. Simpson, '12
Mr. Melford Simpson
Mr. Thomas S. Simpson, '88 and Mrs. Sherri L. Simpson
Carol Simpson
Ms. Maria Simpson
Ms. Carrie Simrill-Hester
Mr. Jack Sims, '68
Mr. Patrick J. Sims
Mr. David L. Sims, '00 and Ms. Christian Sims
Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Sinal
Ms. Lauren Sinclair
Mr. and Mrs. David Sinclair
Ms. Sylvia Sinclair
Dr. Tara Singer
Ava Singleton
Ms. Carin Sink
Mr. Joseph Sinsheimer and Dr. Toddi A. Steelman
Mr. Scott B. Siracusano, '16
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Siracusano
Ms. Rachel Sismour
Ms. Heather Sivert
Ms. Ellie Sjordal
Ms. Cynthia J. Skaar
Mr. Austin C. Skakle
Ms. Elizabeth Skeadas
Ms. Susan L. Skeen-House, '85 and Mr. Joel House
Mr. Jeremy S. Skidmore, '00
Kerry Skiles
Mr. Howard G. Skillington, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Skinner
Ms. Jeanine Skinner
Ms. Mary Skinnon
Mr. Kyler D. Skipper, '21
Madeleine Sklar
Mr. and Mrs. Al Bunch
Skytracker Southeast, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slade
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Slang
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Slape
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Slape
Mr. Phillip Slape
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Slaughter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Slaughter
Dr. Rebecca T. Slifkin, '71 and Mr. Rich Rosen
Mr. Allan P. Sloan, Jr.
Ms. Brenda Sloan
Mrs. Casey P. Sloan
Mr. and Mrs. Scott S. Small
Mr. Brian F. Small and Ms. Virginia L. Welford
Ms. Judith Small
Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Smart
Mr. Matthew J. Smart, '08
Smart Mouth Productions
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Smeeton
Mr. and Mrs. Riddick Smiley
Mr. Doug Hoffman and Ms. Jennifer B. Smith
Ms. Jennifer S. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Craig D. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Smith, Jr.
Ms. Cynthia Smith
Mrs. Patty Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Jan J. Smith
Mr. Bradley Smith
Ms. Martha Smith
Ms. Mary Dawn P. Smith, '77
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Smith, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Smith III
Mr. Christopher Smith
Mr. Frank Smith and Mr. Reade Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Smith, Jr.
Mr. Giles E. Smith III
Ms. Beverly Smith and Ms. Traci L. Roscoe
Ms. Adrienne H. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Smith
Faculty Emeritus Frank P. Smith, Jr., '69 and Mrs. Noel Grady-Smith
Miss Marie Smith, '17
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Smith
Mr. John C. Smith
Mr. Wiley Smith
Mr. Clinton W. Smith, '02
Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Smith
Mr. Luke J. Smith, '11
Mr. and Mrs. Quincius D. Smith
Mr. Michael Smith
Ms. Barbara Smith
Ms. Harriet Smith
Ms. Lindsay Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Smith
Mr. Jeffrey L. Smith
Ms. Gloria M. Smith
Ms. Sarah M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Smith
Mr. Lawrence D. Smith*
Ms. Kay C. Smith
Ms. Robin B. Smith, '78 and Mr. Jose Amaya-Carvajal
Ms. Judy Smith
Ms. Carol Smith
Archie Smith
Brendon Smith
Mr. Phillip B. Smith, '03
Mr. Sean M. Smith, '01
Ms. Latesha F. Smith
Ms. Mary Smith
Stephen Smith
Wendy Smith
John Smith
Emily Smith
Mrs. Krista Smith
Ms. Dorothy J. Smith
Ms. Bernice Smith
Ms. Emily Smith
Smith Feddeler & Smith P.A.
Smith Leonard PLLC
Ms. Sabrina Smitherman
Mrs. Mary M. Smoak
Ms. Camilla Smoak
Ms. Elizabeth A. Smyre
Mrs. Eva R. Snapp, '02
Mr. David R. Snider
Mr. Robert Snider
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin R. Snipes III
Mr. Lee A. Goldstein, '09 and Mrs. M. Meriwether Snipes Goldstein, '10
Snob Consignment Shop
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Snow
Mr. Clifford Snow
Ms. Karen L. Snow
Ms. Grace C. Snow
Mr. Robert Snow
Ms. Elisabeth Snyder
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan R. Snyder
Mr. Stephen F. Snyder, '86 and Mrs. Elizabeth Z. Snyder, '86
Mr. Daniel G. Snyder, '69 and Mrs. Brenda Snyder
Mr. Brock H. Snyder and Ms. Elizabeth A. Klaimon
Daniel Snyder
Ms. Joanne Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Sobel
Ms. Jane Sobie
Mr. Neil Soffer, '19
Ms. Frances Soifer
Mr. and Mrs. Art Solomon
Mr. Gerald V. Solomon, Jr., '73 and Mrs. Denise Solomon
Mrs. Gina Solomon
Mr. David Solomon '00 and Mrs. Paige Solomon
Ms. Darlene R. Somers
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Somerville, IV
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Sommerkamp
Mr. and Mrs. H. Jay Sommerkamp
Hyang Sook Son
Mr. Joseph H. Song and Ms. Sun Y. Kim
Sonic Star Music Productions
Ms. Kathryn Sonnet Lee
Mrs. Shannon Soots
Mr. Paul Sorensen, Jr.
Mr. Robert H. Sorton, '70
Mrs. Margaret R. Sosnik
Mr. Justin Sosnowski
Mr. William Soukup
Dr. Anne Sourbeer Morris
Ms. Nadia Southerland
Southern Appraisal Group, Inc.
Southern Pharmacy Services
Ms. Jennifer Southwell
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Spach
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Spach
Ms. Rachel A. Spadaro, '02
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spade
Mr. Alton R. Spain, Jr.
Mrs. Viiu C. Spangler Khare, '88 and Mr. Sam Khare
Ms. Rosalie Spaniel
Mr. R. Arthur Spaugh
Ms. Beth Spear
Mrs. Gwen V. Spear-Jones, '70 and Mr. Michael W. Spear-Jones
Ms. Loisdeane Spector
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Speedie
Dr. Alex D. Speedie, '12 and Mrs. Linda W. Speedie
Jeanne Speizer
Howard Speizer
President Margaret Spellings
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. David Spievack
Mr. Alan Spiewak
Dr. R. D. Spillman
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Spindel
Otelia Spinks
Mr. Zachary B. Spitzer, '10
Ms. Barbara J. Spivack
Mr. Trenton W. Spivey, '18
Ms. Brenda Spivey-Braxton
Ms. Christine R. Spizzo Serrano, '71
Ms. Cydney S. Spohn, '85
Mr. and Mrs. J. Timothy Spratt
Dr. Michele Spring
Ms. Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin
Ms. Lois Spritzer, '86 and Mr. Craig M. Coopersmith
Ms. Mary B. Spry
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Spurrell
Mr. Michael Srebnick
Ms. Aubrey L. St. Onge
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Stack
Hiba Stacnofski
Marc Stadiem
Donna Stainkamp
Ms. Judy Stallings
Ms. Dana Stallings
Mr. JD Stallings
Mr. Max D. Stampa-Brown, '14
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Stanback
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Stanbery
Ms. Savannah Stanbery
Ms. Janet K. Standing
Ms. Sarah Standing
Mr. and Mrs. James Stanfill
Mr. and Mrs. Shelton G. Stanfill
Ms. Ann Stanley
Mr. Lindsay Stanley
Ms. Jessamyn O. Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Stanley
Ms. Jamie Stanton
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Stapleton
Mrs. Susan C. Starbuck and Mr. Richard W. Starbuck*
Ms. Theresa F. Starchild Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stark
Phyllis Stark
Mr. Devlin Stark
Ms. Wanda Starke
Mr. David J. Starkey, '93
Mr. Kirk Starks
State Farm Companies Foundation
Ms. Tiffany Statler
Ms. Erin Staton
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney G. Stauffer
Joyce W. Steel
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Steele, Jr.
Mrs. Rhenda Steele
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Steele
Ms. Wanda L. Steele, '75
Mr. Barry A. Stein
Mr. Benim Foster '95
Mr. and Mrs. David Steiner
Jennifer Steiner
Ms. Sarah J. Steinhardt, '74
Mr. William Steinmetz and Ms. Elizabeth L. Ransom
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Steinmetz
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel T. Stella
Mr. Craig J. Stelzenmuller, '01
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Stenzel
Mr. Kent Stephens and Ms. Patricia A. Lynch
Ms. Elisabeth C. Stephens
Mr. Matthew A. Stephens, '12
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Stephenson III
Ms. Cheryl Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. Hale Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Stephenson
Karolyn Stephenson
Karen Stern
Mr. Irwin Stern
Mr. Michael Stesen
Ms. Tasha Stevens
Mrs. Sharon Stevenson
Ms. Amanda Stewart, '80
Mr. David Stewart
Ms. Margaret G. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Stewart
Ms. Carol L. Stewart
Ms. Sunny Stewart
Mr. T. Alan Stewart '87
Mr. Volker Stieber
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Stiefel
Mr. Brett Stiegel
Mr. Jonathan H. Stiles, '98 and Ms. Martha Chamberlain
Ms. Kimberly D. Stiller
Ms. Rachel Stinehelfer
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil R. Stinson
Susan Stinson
Ms. Kimberly C. Stinson, '94
Ms. Paula Stober
Ms. Kristin Stober
Ms. Jennifer Stockton, '91 and Mr. Richard Hough
Mr. Alexander Stockton
Mr. Jeffrey Worth and Mrs. Susan G. Stockton Worth
Dr. Jennifer K. Stoddard
Jacqueline Stoever
Mr. Robert Stokes
Adine Stokes
Ms. Barbara Stokes
Ms. Karen Stokes-Pressley
Mrs. Carey E. Stomkin, '99
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Stone IV
Ms. Reagan E. Stone, '91
Mr. John F. Stone
Nathaniel Stone
Ruth Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Bain Storch
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Storck
Ms. Sharon R. Storm
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Stornaiuolo
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Stottlemyer
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Stovicek, Jr.
Ms. Becky Straub
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Strauch
Mrs. Barbara Strauss
Mr. and Mrs. George Streblow
Mrs. Elizabeth Strickland and Mr. Robert L. Strickland*
Mr. Roscoe L. Strickland III
Ms. Jennifer C. Strickland, '12
Mr. Bradford S. Strickland, '77
Ms. Meredith Strickland
Strickland Family Foundation
Ms. Kristin Stridh
Mrs. Carol E. Strittmatter*
Mr. Warren Strittmatter
Mr. Parnaz Strobl
Dr. Carol Strohecker
Mrs. Carol Strom
Dr. Terri E. Strug
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Strum
Mr. Robert J. Strunin
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander B. Stubbs
Joe Stupalsky
Ms. Patti Sturdy
Dr. Michael S. Rothkopf and Ms. Jeanne Sturiale
Ms. Lisa Sturz
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Styles
Ms. Sara Sugihara, '71
Mr. Taylor Sulkowski
Tim Sullentrup
Ms. Rebecca L. Sullins
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Sullivan
Mr. James T. Sullivan, '08
Mr. Sean Sullivan and Ms. Elizabeth Johnson-Sullivan
Mr. Paul Sulllivan
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Summer
Summer Renner Dance LLC
Ms. Susan Summers, '74
Summit School
Mr. Garnet B. Sunden
SunTrust Foundation Matching Gift Program
Mrs. Estella E. Surratt
Mr. Michael B. Surratt, '67
Ms. Susan E. Surratt
Ms. Margaret Sutherland
Mr. David P. Sutor, '70
Mr. Brian A. Sutow, '09 and Professor Jessie Sutow
Dr. and Mrs. W. Mark Suttle
Ms. K. Suttles
Mr. and Mrs. John Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Sutton
Ms. Kate Sutton-Johnson, '02
Mr. Thomas G. Sveda, Jr.
T T. Swain
Mr. Eric Swaringen
Swearingen Foundation
Ms. Carla K. Sweeney
Ms. Ileana Dee Sweeney
Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Swenberg
Ms. Amanda Swiderski
Mr. Petra Swidler
Mr. Bland M. Wade, Jr., '80 and Ms. Amy E. Swift, '92
Ms. Kelly E. Swindell, '07
Ms. Kimberly Syfrett
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Sykes
Mr. Jesse D. Sykes, '13
Miss Kathryn A. Sykes, '21
Ms. Jules R. Szabo, '78
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Szeliga
Mr. John M. Burkart and Ms. Marcia B. Szewczyk
T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Mr. and Mrs. Neal E. Tackabery
Dr. Charles V. Taft
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Taft
Mr. Joseph M. Taft
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Taft, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Tagg
Mr. Steven R. Taglia, '07
Ms. Margaret Tait, '68
Tait Towers Manufacturing, LLC
Mr. Philip Smart and Ms. Teiko Takashima
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Talbott
Ms. Samantha Talbott
Ms. L'Tonya Tallet
Ms. Angela Talton
Tamara Hensick Designs
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rivera
Tannenbaum-Sternberger Foundation
Ms. Amanda E. Tanner
Ms. Jennifer J. Tanzer, '94 and Mr. John Tanzer
Taproot Healing Institute
Mr. Paul V. Tardue, '79
Target Stores-Hanes Mall Blvd
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Tarlton, Jr.
Ms. Danielle E. Tarmey and Professor Joseph R. Mills
Ms. Jessica Tate
Ms. Sandra Tate
Tatiana Akinfieva Dance Academy
Paula Taton
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Tatter
Phillip Tatum
Ms. Julie Tavares
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Tayloe
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Taylor
Mrs. Cynthia Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Taylor II
Ms. Mary K. Taylor, '07
Ms. Jean T. Taylor
Mr. Ryan V. Taylor, '12
Mr. Adam Taylor
Mr. Clifton Taylor
Mr. D. Xavier Taylor '19
Mr. Casey D. Taylor, '19
Mr. Wesley J. Taylor, '08 and Mr. Isaac C. Powell, '17
Mrs. Stephanie A. Taylor Warner, '88
Mr. Paul G. Tazewell, '86
Mr. Mikhail Tchoupakov
TD Ameritrade
Mr. and Mrs. David Teague
Teahan & Constantino LLP
Ms. Kay L. Teeter
Doris Teeter
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Teichman
Mrs. Jessica E. Telfer, '08 and Mr. Adam Telfer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Temple
Mr. Robert D. Temple and Ms. Sundae R. Horn
Temple Emanuel
Ms. Mary Templeton
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Tennille
Mr. Steven Terry
Ms. Marjorie Terry
Karen Tesoriero
Tetra Tech Inc.
Ms. Jessica Thacker
Mr. and Mrs. David Thanhauser
Ms. Lisa B. Tharps, '97
Mrs. Susanne D. Thatcher
The Dancer’s Workout, LLC
The Ginther Group w/ Keller Williams Realty Elite
The Roland Weiser Revocable Trust
The University of North Carolina System
Valerie Thelen
Mr. Herve Thibert-Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Thomas, Jr.
Mr. Brett J. Thomas, '79
Mr. Brian C. Thomas, '13
Mr. Edward R. Thomas
Ms. Lillian Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Thomas
Mr. Alexander R. Thomas, '17
Ms. Rebecca Thomas
Ms. Tabitha Thomas
Ms. Kerrie Thomas
Dr. David J. Thomas, Ph.D., '02
Ms. Eileen Thomas
Mr. Ding Thomas Komissarov
Thomas S. Kenan Foundation, Inc.
Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts
Ms. Susan Thomas-Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomason
Dr. and Mrs. R. Bradley Thomason III
Mr. and Mrs. Myles C. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl W. Thompson
Arlene Edwards Thompson
Mr. Lawrence F. Thompson
Ms. Sarah T. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin A. Thompson
Mrs. Turkessa R. Thompson
Ms. Jean Thompson
Deidra Thompson
Maestro Dennis Thompson
Mr. Dexterr Thompson
Mr. Jared N. Thompson, '10
Ms. Beverly Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thomson
Mr. and Mrs. Jason D. Thorne
Ms. Daniela G. Thorne, '20
Mr. William Thornton
Mr. James Thornton
Ms. Brittany L. M. Thornton, '09
Ms. Olga B. Thorp
Ms. K. Victoria Threlfall
Thursday Morning Music Club - Winston Salem
Ms. Silvia Tiboni-Craft
Mr. Michael D. Tiemann and Dr. Amy P. Tiemann
Mrs. Adrian R. Tiemann*
Mr. Scott T. Tilley, '79 and Mrs. Susan D. Tilley
Ms. Leslie Tillman
Ms. Ann Tillman
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Tillson
Ms. Emma K. Tilson, '11
Ms. Mary-Elizabeth Tippette
Mr. Bruce W. Tippette, '13
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Tisdale
Mrs. Tabitha Tisdale
To The Pointe Dance Arts Academy
Mr. Richard Tobaben
Ms. Marla Tobey
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice B. Tobin
Mr. John W. Todd, '85
Ms. Shawn H. Tolleson, '96
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert G. Tolson
Ms. Julie Tomlin
Dr. Eric Tomlinson, Ph.D. and Ms. Dee Dee Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Tomosunas
Mr. Preston Toney
Mr. Maha Torabi
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Toretsky
Ms. Dana Torrente
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Torres
Ms. Donna T. Torreyson
Mr. Louis Tortora
Total Body Development
Mr. Keith Guarino and Ms. Felicia Touchstone
Ms. Patricia G. Towle
Mr. and Mrs. Roxie W. Towns
Dr. Elizabeth J. Towns and Mr. Mark D. Robinson
Ms. Margaret Townsend
Mrs. Mary Ellen Townsend
Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher L. Townsend III
Mr. Alan S. Toy, '71 and Ms. Theresa Karanik
Tracey St. Hill-Blake Trust
Trader Joe's
Ms. Paula Traffas
Mr. Ryan Traylor '03 and Ms. Caroline Sharp
Ms. Hayley A. Treider, '09
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Trementozzi
Ms. Joyce A. Trescot
Ms. Elaine Trevey
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Trexler
Triad German Club, Inc.
Triangle Community Foundation
Triangle Youth Ballet
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Tribby
Mr. Colin R. Tribby, '04
Mr. and Mrs. W. Kenneth Pruett
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tribus
Ms. Stephanie Trilling
Luisa Tripoli-Krasnow
Ms. Molly Tripp
Ms. Kristina K. Troost
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley A. Trotter III
Mr. William Trotter
Ms. Jamie C. Trout, '94
Trouvaille Home Inc.
Ms. Nancy K. Trovillion
Mrs. Jean C. Trowbridge, '90 and Mr. Charles Trowbridge
Mr. Matthew Troy
Mr. Seth H. Truby, '92 and Ms. Angela Truby
Mr. James B. Trudeau, '78 and Mrs. Virginia M. Trudeau, '79
Mrs. Elizabeth E. Truelove McDermott, '84
Truist Charitable Foundation
Truist Corporation
Truist Financial Coproation Matching Gifts
Mr. and Mrs. George Truitt
Ms. Marissa B. Truitt, '20
Ms. Ilene Trujillo
Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Trull
Ms. Ashley B. Trupp, '04
Ms. Elizabeth H. Truscott
Trust of T. W. Vittorio Giannini
Tryon Little Theater
Mr. Meng-Wen Tsai and Ms. Pei-Fan Chen
Ms. Mary M. Tucker
Mr. Timothy Tucker
Ms. Heidi Tucker
Mr. Patrick M. Tucker, '84 and Mrs. Debra A. Tucker
Mr. James M. Tucker, '78
Ms. Nancy Tuohy
Mr. John Turek and Ms. Bonnie Ray
Turlington and Company, LLP
Dr. Stephen R. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Turner
Lisa Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Turner
Randy Turner
Mr. Patrick Turner
Ms. Patricia Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Turner, Jr.
Ms. Anne Turner
Albert Turner
Rauhn Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Turoff
Sarah Turza
Nancy Tutterow
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Tuttle
Ms. Angela D. Tuttle
Ms. Skylar O. Tuttle
Mr. Doug Tuttrup
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Gaskins
Admiral David Tweedie
Twin City Development Foundation
Twin City Garden Club
Twin City Hive
Mr. Kevin Tyler

U - Z

Robert Ulery
Mrs. Virginia C. Underhill
Ms. Toni A. Underhill and Ms. Kandi Mason
Understood Connections
Mr. and Mrs. Randall A. Underwood
Mr. Charles Underwood
United Technologies Corporation
University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Mr. Howard Upchurch, Jr. and Mr. John Hoemann
Ms. Gaye T. Upchurch, '05
Mr. Richard W. Upchurch
Ms. Melissa G. Upton-Julio and Mr. Kris Julio, '13
Mr. Rodrigo Uran
Urban Land Institute
Ms. Ana Urhan
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Urmston
Ms. Sydney M. Urmston, '21
Mr. Ernesto Uscher
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Usilton
Mr. Tareake D. Vaden-Ramos, '17
Mr. Mark Vaders
Ms. Veronica Valenti
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Valentine
Mr. Roland S. Valentine, '76 and Mrs. Debbie Valentine
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Valentino, Sr.
Mr. David A. Valentino, Jr., '14
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Vallery
Mr. William M. Valles, '16
Mr. Paul H. Valoris, '79 and Mrs. Chi-Yun F. Valoris
Eric Van Camp
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Van Doren Jr
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Van Dyke
Faculty Emeritus and Mrs. William D. Van Hoven
Ms. Renee Van Hoy
Ms. Adela Van Name
Mr. Michael L. Van Nest, '97
Ms. Jessica P. van Oss, '15
Mr. David F. Van Pelt, '90 and Mrs. Jennifer Clark
Mr. Dirk R. Van Pernis, '03
Ms. Margaret Vance
Ms. Lynn  Vance
Ms. Irene Vanderzande
Ms. Mary Katherine K. Vandiver, '96
Mr. and Mrs. F. Hal Vandiver, Jr.
Ms. Anna Vandiver Hines
Ms. Rosalie C. Vaneck, '80
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Vanguard Community Fund
Vanguard Matching Gift Program
Ms. Leslie VanHoy
Ms. Brenda VanLunen
Ms. Kathaleen Vargas
Ms. Kim Vargus
Camryn Varney
Mrs. Melissa N. Vartanian-Mikaelian, '02
Mrs. Lee H. Vason, '68 and Mr. Wayne Vason
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie L. Vaughn
Ms. Carmen Vazquez
Mr. Andrew H. Veach
Amy Veatch
Mr. Charles K. Veenstra
Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Vendice
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Ventura, '04 and Mr. Michael Ventura
Mr. James S. Vera and Ms. Jennifer Ochs
Mrs. Amy Vernon
Ms. Jenny Vestal
Jeremy Vetterlein
The Honorable Carrie F. Vickery, '03 and Mr. Phillip Skipper
Professor D. Lauren Vilchik
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Villa
Mrs. Laly Villar
Mr. James F. Vincent, Jr., '78 and Ms. France Nguyen
Ms. Sharon L. Vinsant
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Virgil
Mrs. Alicia H. Vitti, '72 and Mr. Antonio Vitti
Mrs. Patricia Vlamis
Ms. Helen Vlasis
Ms. Kayla Vodnoy
Ms. Kelli Voelsing
Mr. Stefan Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Vogel
Ms. Amy Vogler
Ms. Michele Volino
Mr. Lucia Volino
Mrs. Hayley D. Volpe, '08 and Mr. Vince Volpe
Mr. William M. Volz, Jr., '85
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Von Ahn
Mr. Paul B. Harper and Mrs. Virginia B. Von Haven
Mr. Dmitri V. Vorobiev, '96
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Voskamp
Voya Foundation Matching Gift Program
Vulcan Materials Company
Mr. John Vynalek
Mr. Steven A. Wachholz, '98
Mr. Cailen E. Waddell, '04
Mrs. Niti Wade
Elaine Wade
Jill Wadsworth
Mr. Timothy J. Wagner, '80 and Mrs. Frances Wagner
Ms. Laura Wagner
Mr. Arthur Wagner
Dr. and Mrs. Chad M. Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Wagner
Mr. Jeff L. Wagner
Ms. Maria Wagner
Timothy Wagner
Mr. Wake Wagner
Ms. Margaret Wagstaff
Ms. Jen Wahlund
Ms. Sally A. Wahrmann
Mr. Christopher J. Waild, '05
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
Wake Forest University
Ms. Rebecca M. Wakefield, '76 and Mr. Murray Johnson
Ms. Katie C. Wakeford, '87 and Mr. Gregg Cusick
Mr. Michael P. Wakeford
Larry Wakeford
Ms. Rebecca L. Walden, '05
Mr. and Mrs. Wright Walden
Ms. Ellen L. Waldrep
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Waldron
Mr. Steve Walk
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Barrett L. Walker, Jr.
Ms. Heather N. Walker, '15
Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Walker
Mr. Charles Walker and Ms. Betty Cagle
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Walker
Mr. Terryl B. Walker
Ms. Jessie H. Walker, '84 and Mr. David Banner
Mr. Josef E. Walker, '66
Mark Walker
Ms. Joanna F. Walker, '11
Ms. Caroline E. Walker, '11
Ms. Caitlin Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Earl F. Wall
Ms. Mary Wall
Mr. Trent Wall and Mrs. Megan Martin-Wall
Ms. Becky Wall
Ms. Kelly Wall
Janice Wall
Ms. Rebecca Wall
Miss Marilyn E. Wallace
Ms. G. Marie Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Wallace
Mr. Carl L. Wallace, '74
Mr. Michael L. Wallace
Dr. Martha W. Waller, '87
Mr. and Mrs. Justin M. Waller
Dr. Harold Wallof
Walmart Foundation
Ms. Elizabeth S. Walmsley, '14
Ms. Julia L. Walpole, '21
Erica Walpole
Ms. Lynn Marie  Walsh
Walt Disney Company Foundation
Assistant Dean Greg C. Walter
Mr. Robert L. Walter
Mr. Edward Walter
Ms. Anne Walter
Ms. Rebecca L. Walters, '20
Mr. Frank Walters
Mrs. Eleanor Walther
Ms. Julie Walther
Mr. Mark T. Walton
Walton Lantaff Schroeder & Carson LLP
Ms. Jacqueline R. Walukas, '11
Mr. Hans W. Wanders*
Mr. and Mrs. Yu-wang Wang
Mr. Zhan Wang, '95
Mr. Kyle Wanko
Ms. Elsa Wansink
Estate of Dr. Benjamin F. Ward*
Mr. Michael H. Ward, '98
Ms. Corinne M. Ward
Ms. Mary Ward
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ward
Mr. Ben Ward
Mr. Dylan P. Ward, '15
Mrs. Teresa M. Ware, '69 and Mr. Lewis B. Ware
Josina Ware
Stephen Ware
Mr. Justin Ware
Caitlin Ware
Ms. Jennifer L. Ware
Ms. Felicity Warf
Mr. Frank Warfield
Mrs. Leslie T. Warlick, '90 and Mr. David G. Warlick
Mr. Robert E. Warner, '84
Mr. Kenneth Warner
Ms. Cynthia Warner
Mr. Kevin D. Warner, '08
Mr. Byron Warner
Mr. John C. Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle N. Warren
Jane Wasem
Ms. Pauletta P. Washington, '73 and Mr. Denzel Washington
Mr. Andrew E. Wassenich, '02
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Wassil
Mr. Stuart D. Watarz
Ms. Anne Watkins
Mrs. Nancy S. Watkins
Mr. Chad Watkins
Watkins Murray Group, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Watson
Mr. David R. Watson, '66 and Mrs. Betty E. Watson, '66
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Watson
Mr. Parker Watson
Ms. Laura Watson
Ms. Kimberly Watson
Miss Heather Watts
Dr. Velma G. Watts, Ph.D.
Ms. Kaye P. Watts
Ms. Barbara Lankford Watts
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Watts
Mr. Justin D. Waugh, '94
Mr. Michael Way
Ms. Jorja L. Waybrant
Mr. Carey Waye
Ms. Anne Wear
Mr. Tyler Wease
WeatherPredict Consulting Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Stacy Weaver, Jr.
Ms. Jennifer N. Webb, '11
Ms. Lisa Weber
Mr. Robert C. Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Weber
Mrs. G. Chloe Webster
Ms. Caroline S. Webster, '95 and Mr. Mike Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Webster
Mr. Kyle Webster
Mr. Douglas Webster and Ms. Elizabeth A. Byrd, '82
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Webster
Mr. Norman Wedderburn
Ms. Angela Weddle
Mark Weddle
Mr. Jason W. Weeks, '02
Ms. Wendy Weeks
Ms. Jessica J. Weeks, '10 and Mr. John Bryant
Ms. Deborah Wegh
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Weider
Ms. Barbara Weider
Ms. Debra Weigl
Ms. Virginia R. Weiler
Dr. Richard B. Weinberg
Ms. Cynthia Weinstein
Mr. Jeffrey Weinstein
Ms. Elizabeth Weinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Weinswig
Robert Weis
Ms. Diane Weis
Ms. Nora Weiser
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Weisler
Dr. Charles M. Weiss
Ms. Heather J. Weiss, '03
Mr. Ron Weiss, '21
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Welch
The Reverend and Mrs. Nelson A. Weller
Mr. Fred A. Wellisch and Ms. Edith F. Canter
Mr. and Mrs. P. Everett Wells III
Dr. Twyla C. Wells, '86
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wells
Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Mr. C. Rex Welton and\ Mr. Bradley L. Moss
Dean Emeritus Joseph P. Tilford and Ms. Deborah Wentworth
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Werber
Mr. and Mrs. George Werkmeister
Ms. Amy L. Werner and Dr. Michael K. Cundall, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jonas P. Werner
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Werner
Ms. Kathleen Werner
Mr. Brett L. Wery, '85
Mr. and Mrs. Warren F. West, Jr.
Mrs. Kim L. West, '92
Ms. Megan N. West, '13
Ms. Leslie West Bugg
Ms. Lynne Wester
Bishop Einar Westerlund III
Mr. Dale P. Westhoff and Ms. Dana R. Barnes
Ms. Celia W. Weston, '73
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn O. Weston
Mr. Seth H. Easter, '04 and Ms. Adrienne F. Westwood, '03
Mr. Brian Westwood
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Westwood
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wetzel
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Weyant
Mr. Jeanne Weyant
Ms. Sara C. Weymouth
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Whaling, Jr.
Mr. David W. Wharton
Mr. Kevin A. Wheatley, '02
Ms. Rebecca S. Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Harden B. Wheeler, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome E. Wheeler
Mr. Kyle Whisner
Mr. and Mrs. Jarrod Whitaker
Ms. Jennifer Whitaker
Mr. and Mrs. John G. White
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred White
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. White
Ms. Ellen White
Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher White
Mr. James B. White III, '84
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall C. White
Mr. Samuel R. White, '17
Mr. Jason L. White
Mr. Kevin White
Richard White
Mrs. Rachel E. White-Ball, '94
Ms. Kimberly Whiteman*
Ms. Tina Whitfield
Ms. Rebekah Whitfield
Ms. Dianne H. Whitlock
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whitmore
Ms. Katharine Whitmore
Mr. Gabe Whitnack
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Whitney
Ms. Susan A. Whitney
Mr. and Ms. Ken Whittaker
Mr. Robert W. Whittaker, '87 and Mrs. Christa J. Whittaker, '86
Mr. Richard G. Whittington and Ms. Courtney B. Kilpatrick
Ms. Lynn Wichern
Mr. Fredrick R. Wicker, Jr.
Mr. Glen D. Wieland
Mr. Michael W. Wiesman, '70 and Mrs. Margie P. Wiesman, '70
Mr. Randy Wigg
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Wiggins
Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark Wiggins
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wigodsky
Dr. Dean R. Wilcox and Ms. Sherry L. Lyon
Ms. Cherryn G. Wilder, '01
Ms. Elise Wile
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilen
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Wiler
Mr. Matthew A. Wiles
Ms. Katherine Wiley
Ms. David S. Wiley
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wiley
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Wilhelm
Mr. Mark Wilhoit
Ms. Lee R. Wilhoite, '96
Mrs. Benedita Wilkerson
Ms. Glenda Wilkinson
Judith Willcott
Julea Wille
Ms. Lisa Willett
Mr. Chris William
William Bryant Church Revocable Trust
William E. Gregory, PA
William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust
William R. Kenan, Jr. Fund for the Arts
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick N. Williams
Mr. Alan H. Davis and Dr. Kathryn B. Williams
Mr. Samm-Art Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. George Williams
Mr. Tom S. Williams
Mrs. P.J. Williams
Ms. Christie Williams
Mrs. Sonja Z. Williams, '85 and Mr. Gregory J. Williams
Mr. David Williams
Ms. Lorraine Williams
Ms. Stephenie Williams
Ms. Mildred Williams
Ms. Elizabeth Williams
Ms. Mary J. Williams
Mr. and Ms. Paul Williams
Mr. John Williams
Mrs. Tami E. Williams, '93
Ms. Gwendolyn N. Williams*
Edward Williams
Ms. Kanya Williams
Seth Williams
Mr. Terry Williams
Ms. Karen Williams
Kathy Williamson
Ms. Karyn Williamson-Coria
Mr. Jonah B. Williger
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. Willis, Jr.
Ms. Patricia J. Wilmot
Mr. Kenneth L. Wilmot, Jr., '91 and Mrs. Monika P. Wilmot, '02
Ms. Colleen Wilmoth
Ms. Denise Wils
Ms. Mary Wilsch
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Wilson III
Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Wilson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Wilson III
Mr. Charles R. Cardinaux and Ms. Gray W. Wilson
Mr. James Smith and Ms. Aimee Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. William Wilson
Mrs. Jane M. Wilson, '67 and Dr. Victor M. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Wilson
Mr. David L. Wilson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson III
Ms. Luisa N. Wilson, '21
Mr. Ronald D. Wilson
Mr. Jeffrey A. Wilson
Ms. Diana D. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher P. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Wilson
Ms. Aimee Wilson
Ms. Joli Wilson
Ms. Susan Wilson
Mr. and Ms. Rod B. Wilson
Ms. Emily K. Wilson, '10
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Wilson
Ms. Susan H. Wilson
Ms. Tasia Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Wilson III
Mr. Bobby Wilson
Diana Wilson
Janelle Wilson
Ms. Janet Wilson
Ms. Kimberly Wilson
Windsor Jewelers
Mr. Ryan A. Wineinger-Schattl, '09
Mr. and Mrs. M. Alan Winesett
Ms. Delaney G. Wing, '11
Mr. David Wingo
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Winikoff
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Winkelman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Winquist
Winston Salem Foundation Employee Match Program
Winston-Salem Foundation
Winston-Salem Jewish Community Council
Winston-Salem Journal
Winston-Salem Urban League
Melizza Winterhalter
Mr. and Mrs. H. Vernon Winters
Ms. Ashley C. Wise, '21
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wishart
Ms. Deborah Wishon
Ms. Martha Wishon
Ms. Lisa L. Wishon
Ms. Christy Wisuthseriwong
Mr. Adam A. Witmer, '16
Ms. Mary E. Witt, '75
Ms. Karen K. Witt
Mr. Todd Witt
Wittman Family Trust
Mr. and Mrs. John Wittmann
Ms. Susan Wittmann
Mr. Phillip A. Wogatzke
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Wolanski
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh D. Wolcott
Mr. Michel E. Wolf, '97
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wolf
Ms. Janet R. Wolf
Ms. Judith Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wolf
Ms. Ann Louise Wolf, '11
Barbara Wolf
Fawn Wolf
Mr. Raymond D. Wolfe, '05 and Mr. Matthew Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Wolff
Mr. and Mrs. A. Daniel Wolff III
Gregg Wolff
Ms. Pamela D. Wolfman, '84 and Dr. Neil Wolfman
Woman's Club of Winston-Salem
Mr. Ralph H. Womble and Mrs. Ashley Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. William Womble, Jr.
Mrs. Martha H. Womble*
Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Wood
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wood
Ms. Barbara F. Wood
Ms. Diane Wood
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Wood
Mr. Selbert M. Wood and Mrs. Mary Beth Wood
Mr. and Mrs. William Z. Wood, Jr.
Mr. Billy Woodall and Ms. Geitza Posada
Ms. Rachel Woodruff
Mr. Gerald W. Woods and Dr. Deborah J. Bates
Mr. Keyon M. Woods, '19
Wendy R. Woods-Hartwell
Ms. Jennifer L. Woodson, '00
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Woodson
Ms. Jennifer Woodward
Dr. and Mrs. Joe H. Woody
Ms. Lyssa K. Wopat, '17
Ms. Melissa Workman
Kenney Workman
Worldstage Operations Inc.
Ms. Paige C. Worsham, '98
Worth of Winston-Salem
Shannon and Bill Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Zachary H. Wright
Mr. Mark F. Wright and Ms. Peggy Gheesling
Mr. William B. Wright, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin F. Wright, Jr.
Mr. John E. Wright, '69*
Mr. and Mrs. Abner Wright
Ms. Tammy Wright
Mr. Richard A. Wright, '99
Mr. Daniel S. Wright, '84
Mr. Josh Wright
Ms. Anna G. Wright
Ms. Susan Wright
Shannon Wright
Ms. Latonya Wright
John Wright
Ms. Marilyn Wright
Sophia Wright
Dr. and Mrs. Wallace C. Wu
Mr. Michael Wunder
Wunder Lighting & Controls, Inc.
Ms. Judy Wunsch and Ms. Margaret L. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wurtz
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wuthrich
Miss Adrian M. Wyatt, '06
Dr. Antoinette Wymer and Dr. Michael Sollenberger
Catherine Wynne
Julia Wynne
Ms. Veronica Wyss
Ms. Jennifer D. Xiao, '14
Mr. Renzhu Xu and Ms. Zheng Wang
Mr. Kurt H. Yahjian, '71
Ms. Kim A. Yancey, '99
Ms. Sonia Yancey
Mr. Zhou J. Yang and Mrs. Jiahui Zhang
Mr. Ben M. Yannette, '09
Dr. Jonathan Yao
Mr. Jayson Yao
Ms. Katie Yarbrough
Mr. Hok Yau and Ms. Yingping Zou
Ms. Hannah K. Yau, '19
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Yau
YAZOO! Studios
Ms. Amy Yeager Jorge
Ms. Ellie Yearns
Ms. Emily Combs C. Yeatts
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Yekovich
Ms. Sydney M. Yeoman, '19
Mr. Kristoffer M. Ylanan, '18
Ms. Margaret Yoder
Ms. Mary Yodzis
Mr. Daniel W. Yoerges, '09
Miss Alexis Yohe
Mrs. Michele Yohe
Mr. Stephen Yokeley
Mrs. Carolyn A. Yokley
Ms. Nina G. Yokley*
Ms. Linda G. Yoquelet
Ms. Melanie York
Mr. Thomas C. Younce
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Young
Dr. and Mrs. William O. Young
Ms. Alice W. Young, '08
Ms. Stacey Young
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Young
Ms. Jayne F. Young, '71
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Young
Debbie Young
Mr. Matthew Young
Youngblood Family Revocable Trust
Ms. Caroline Youngdale
YourCause Corporate Employee Giving Programs
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Yow
Mr. Eugene Yow
Mr. Gregory Zachmann
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Zades
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Zambor
Ms. Angelia Zamora
Mr. Victor Zamora
Zangas Family Trust
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Zastrow
Mr. Nicholas A. Zayas, '06
Mr. Jason Zellers
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Zellinger
Margaret Zentner
Ms. Jennet Zerbe
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Zermuehlen
Deborah Zetterquist
Mr. Yonghe Zhang and Ms. Huifen Qu
Mr. De Xing Zheng and Ms. Jian Xi Chen
Mr. Xianjun Zhou and Ms. Chen Xiang
Ms. Zonia Ziada
Mr. Chris Zieber
Ms. Laura Ziesel
Dean Scott Zigler and Mrs. Korin M. Zigler
Mr. Robert R. Zimmerman and Mrs. Susan C. Alberts
Mr. and Mrs. J. Larry Zimmerman
Mr. Brian S. Zimmerman, '03
Miss Teresa C. Zimmerman
Ms. Michele P. Zimmerman, '20
Suzie Zimmerman
Mr. Lucia Zinzow
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Zogbi
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Zohn
Ms. Erica Zollo
Mr. Steve R. Zorn
Ms. Margaret Zorn
Mr. Marc A. Zuckerman, '12 and Ms. Louise De Laender
Ann Zuhr