Volunteer with The Associates

Volunteer with The Associates

Founded in the late 1970s, The Associates is a group of dedicated people whose common interest is the advancement of UNCSA and the well-being of its students. The mission of The Associates is to:

  • Support, promote and build audiences for student performances, activities and needs.
  • Foster increased visibility and relationships between UNCSA and the Triad.
  • Increase the number of community volunteers and provide them the opportunity to participate in UNCSA’s mission of preparing exceptionally talented students for careers in the performing and moving image arts.

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Volunteer Opportunities

The Associates provides a number of opportunities for you to support and promote the activities of the school. We invite you to become involved in the life of the school through one or more of The Associates’ volunteer opportunities listed below:

  • Helpmates: Assist on a regular or ad hoc basis in offices, the Mail Center, and other campus locations; deliver performance calendars; welcome new students and their parents on audition days, open house days, and campus move-in days; assist with Behind the Scenes programs; assist during Community Day. Opportunities fit almost any schedule. All Helpmates are notified of all opportunities as they arise.
  • QUIP (Quick Trip): Provide transportation in your vehicle for high school students who need to pick up supplies for their classes from local businesses. QUIP providers must register for clearance from the High School Division. 
  • Cookie-baking: Provide cookies for high school exam periods (late fall and spring) and the supper for "The Nutcracker" cast and crew (December). This is a beloved tradition among high school students!
  • Hospitality: Join a team of cooks and bakers who prepare and serve sweets and savories for receptions following Associates-sponsored events including the Annual Kick-off (fall) and Behind the Scenes (fall and spring) and for the reception following Mozart’s Birthday Concert (January).
  • Host Families: Get to know students personally and form lifelong friendships. Local families and individuals provide a local ”home away from home” for students who would like a break from campus life and/or short-term housing for students who cannot make it home when the campus is closed for a scheduled seasonal break. Host Family applicants are subject to background checks.
  • Photographers: Snap photos at Associates’ events for posting on The Associates’ Facebook page and for the UNCSA archives.
  • Student Filmmaking: Participate in day-time talk-back sessions with filmmaking students and their instructors by viewing a student film in-progress and sharing your reactions; offer your home or other property you own for student filmmakers to consider as a location for film shoots. All Associates are notified of all opportunities as they arise.
  • Salon@Six Host: Host a student artist performance in your home including refreshments. A Salon@Six team will consult with you to match your space with performance needs.
  • Guest Artist Housing: Provide short-term or long-term lodging in your home or guest house/apartment for an artist visiting the campus.

Membership Benefits

Membership benefits for all Associates include:

  • Opportunities to get to know talented UNCSA students, gifted faculty, and our world-renowned performing arts conservatory.
  • Invitations to attend monthly board meetings and to hear engaging UNCSA speakers.
  • Informative monthly newsletters.
  • Invitations to Associates-sponsored special events and receptions including:
    • Annual kick-off in the fall which showcases student performances;
    • Behind the Scenes programs which provide glimpses of student artists’ work-in-progress in design, production and performance;
    • Salons@Six which are intimate evenings hosted in private homes to feature individual and ensemble performances by student artists. Reservations are required. Your admission to a Salon@Six is your guest who is new to UNCSA!
    • End-of-year volunteer appreciation party sponsored in part by the UNCSA Office of Advancement  to celebrate The Associates’ accomplishments.

The Associates’ Endowed Scholarship Fund, established in 2012 with an anonymous matching gift, yields annual awards to student artists demonstrating need. By Associates paying modest dues and, when possible, sharing their valuable time, we together contribute significantly to support and promote the performing and moving image arts at UNCSA. The Associates are able to allocate monies for student scholarships and discretionary funds to the Deans to benefit students directly.


Contact Us

For more information on how to become a UNCSA volunteer, please contact Savannah Stanbery by phone at 336-770-1427 or email at stanberys@uncsa.edu.


Board of Directors and Meetings

Executive Team:

  • President: Linda Bettis
  • Vice President: Shelley Holden
  • Secretary: Susan Melville
  • Financial Liaison: Calvin Jones

Team Chairs

  • Behind the Scenes: Nola Miller, Anne Sessions
  • Film Liaison: Howard Skillington
  • Helpmates: David Valentino, Judy Watson
  • Hospitality: Inez Davis, Sarah Pierce-Rubio, Janet Bealer Rodie
  • Host Families: Anna Goodman, Amy Hubbard
  • Members at Large:  Nancy Gwyn, Mary Allen Martin, Diane Nations
  • Membership Relations: Amy Orser, Karen Robertson
  • Newsletter: Howard Skillington
  • Salon@Six: Carolyn Bailey, Sandy Romanac Broadway, Becky Brown

The Board of Directors of The Associates meets at 11:30 a.m. on the first Tuesday of each month of the school year. All Associates are invited to attend most monthly board meetings. Associates are notified of meeting dates, locations and speakers.



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