Appendix F: Content of Posters and Disseminated Materials

The Division of Student Affairs supports the needs of individuals and groups to promote events, services, and merchandise to the campus community, provided the time, place, and manner of the promotions does not contradict the mission of the institution, does not endanger persons or property, does not interfere with campus operations, and does not damage physical facilities of UNCSA. This policy defines restrictions that pertain to materials posted in or around Hanes Student Commons. The term “poster” is used herein to describe any type of flyer, banner or placard that is used for promotional purposes, regardless of its construction or size.

Poster Approval Form

Location of Posters

  1. The Hanes Student Commons Administrator (or their designee), located in the Hanes Student Commons 1st floor (inside the One Card office), is responsible for designating approved posting locations in the Hanes Student Commons.
  2. General purpose bulletin boards are provided at several locations. These bulletin boards may be used for commercial purposes, informational purposes, or for solicitation of charitable contributions. They may not be used by any person or group, whether affiliated or not affiliated with UNCSA, without prior approval. Please contact the Assistant Director for Occupancy Management and Hanes Commons or use the Hanes Commons Poster Approval Form to obtain approval for posting. Such bulletin boards bear the title “General Purpose.” All notices will be removed at approximately two-week intervals. Bulletin boards not marked “General Purpose” are reserved for the use of particular offices; unauthorized postings may be removed immediately by those offices.
  3. The only exceptions to the “General Purpose” boards are materials pertaining to political speech. Advertisements advocating political activities, candidates, and positions should be placed on designated “Political Speech” boards that are located on the third level of the Hanes Student Commons. Political postings are for two weeks or until a related time and date has passed, whichever comes first.
  4. No notice, advertisement, or document of any kind should be attached to any wall, door or other surface other than bulletin boards provided for such purposes. Damage to walls or other surfaces resulting from violation of this policy will require that the individual responsible pay the cost of repair, and may subject that individual to criminal penalties under applicable law and to disciplinary action pursuant to university policy. Push pins and/or blue “painter’s” tape are the only approved methods of affixing posters.
  5. Outdoor areas: Posters may not be attached to outdoor fixtures and structures other than those specifically designed for that purpose. Flyers may not be attached to utility poles, light poles, directional signs, fences, benches, trees, or sidewalks.
  6. For safety reasons, no posters may be attached to exterior doors of any building.

Removal of Posters

Posters placed in unauthorized locations will be removed and discarded by a designated staff member within that administrative entity, or by housekeeping or grounds keeping staff during their normal course of work in that area. The Hanes Student Commons Administrator will sweep the building daily for out of date, expired, and improperly hung posters and will remove postings that do not follow this policy.

Content of Posters

In keeping with the Mission of UNCSA, and recognizing that it serves students of all ages, including high school and college, UNCSA will exercise its authority and obligation to restrict the content of materials posted on the campus as follows:

  1. Posters may not promote or condone any activity, service, or merchandise that is illegal, incites violence, or causes disruption.
  2. Posters may not offer for sale any items which cannot be legally purchased or possessed by individuals under the age of 18.
  3. Posters and disseminated materials may not contain unlawful communications of any kind; including but not limited to, threats of violence, obscenity, child pornography, or a violation of the UNCSA policies on the prohibition of harassment, sexual misconduct, and discrimination.
  4. Posters may not be obscene, based on standards adopted by the Student Press Law Center: “The average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find that the material, taken as a whole, appeals to prurient interest in sex; and the material depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct; and the material, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value.”
  5. Posters may not promote the use of tobacco, illegal drugs, or alcohol. Phrases which commonly refer to alcohol (“BYOB, keg, brew,” etc.) or to specific drugs are not to be used on flyers.
  6. All posters must clearly note the group, business, person, or organization responsible for the posting with full name and accurate contact information. The posting date must be designated on the poster. Posters that do not have the full information described above will be removed immediately. Individuals needing assistance to comply with these requirements may come to the One Card office (located on the first floor of the Hanes Commons) during working hours or see the building manager, located at the Housing Office (Hanes Commons Room 334) in the evenings or on weekends.

For any questions or concerns regarding the posting policy, please contact the Assistant Director for Occupancy Management and Hanes Commons.