Audition Requirements

Prepare, memorize and perform: 

  • Two (2) memorized contrasting monologues no more than 90 seconds a piece. Applicants may elect to include the monologue from their uploaded video as one of their two pieces.
  • Possible contrasts can be comic and serious, classical and contemporary, or pieces with a contrast in theme or tone. Whatever contrast is chosen, each monologue should stand on its own.
  • Monologues must be from published plays and not from movies or generic monologue books.
  • No accents, dialects or stylized characters.
  • Applicants are expected to have read the entire play and understand the context and circumstances from which the character is speaking. 
  • Dress comfortably and appropriately for an audition. No torn jeans or T-shirts. 
  • At the audition, applicants begin with introducing themselves (first and last name) and tell faculty the name of the plays, the playwrights, and the characters' names before performing the audition monologues. It is helpful to rehearse this introduction.
  • 16 bars of a song (30 to 45 seconds in duration) from a published musical performed without accompaniment. A pitch pipe (or a pitch pipe app) is allowed. Applicants may sing either the song included in their uploaded video or a different 16-bar selection.
  • After an audition, faculty might ask brief interview question so they can gain insight into who you are and learn more about you and your goals for training.
  • Be yourself.