Video Audition Requirements

All applicants for the School of Drama High School program are required to submit a video audition. Please prepare the following for your audition:

Part I

  • Please prepare, memorize and perform two contrasting monologues:
    • Each monologue should stand on its own.
    • Do not use accents, dialects or stylized characters.
    • Audition pieces should be selected from published plays. Read the complete play.
    • Do not use monologues or speeches from movies.
    • Do not use generic monologue books as a source of material.
  • You must sing 16 bars of a song without accompaniment. You may use a pitch pipe if desired or an app for a pitch pipe.
  • The monologues and song must not exceed four minutes total.
  • Your monologues, song and interview questions can be separate videos if you prefer.

Part II

Interview Questions

In addition, we want to get to know you better. Answer the following questions at the end of your audition video. This portion should not exceed five minutes.

  • What interests you in applying to our school?
  • Please describe your high school theatre program.
  • In your time at your current school, what have you discovered about yourself as an actor?
  • Heading into conservatory training, what do you imagine will be the most challenging aspect for you personally? What do you imagine the training will demand that will confront you in your work as an artist?
  • What are your interests outside of theatre and performing? What do you do for fun?

When you're ready to record your audition video, dress comfortably and appropriately -no torn jeans or T-shirts please. You can record the required items in one video or separate videos, whatever works best for you. Once recorded, you will be able to upload the video links and/or files to your Admissions Portal. Remember your video audition must be completed and uploaded by the designated deadline.