Required Application Documents

The following supplemental documents are needed to complete an application. With the exception of official transcripts and official test scores, applicants upload supplemental documents to their Admissions Portal after submitting the initial application to UNCSA.


Applicants may upload unofficial transcripts into their Admissions Portal for initial review. If admitted to UNCSA, official transcripts must be sent to UNCSA directly from each attended institution so UNCSA can confirm the final grades at each school..

Transcripts should be submitted to the UNCSA Office of Admissions electronically whenever possible. If an institution does not have the capability to send a transcript electronically, the official transcript can be mailed to the Office of Admissions.

Official Transcripts should be sealed, signed or notarized for all secondary school academic records, and should include a list of courses in which the applicant is enrolled at the time of application. Any transcript uploaded by the student through the Admissions Portal is considered unofficial.

Home Schooled Applicants
Home schooled applicants should provide documentation that the home school is recognized by the state of residency (if applicable), a transcript with course titles and course descriptions for each year of home schooling, and any tests or assessments used to show that the applicant has completed the equivalent of the UNC System minimum course requirements. If the applicant has attended a traditional high school, an official transcript from that school should also be submitted.

International Applicants
Transcripts MUST be translated to English with both a credential evaluation and a GPA equivalent from a certifying agency. Transcripts from each school attended must be sent to the certifying agency for evaluation and certification. Approved agencies can be found at or

A certified credential evaluation is required in order to be reviewed for admission.

Test Scores

AP or IB Scores
Any AP or IB test scores should be reported to the UNCSA Office of Admissions.

ACT or SAT Scores
ACT and SAT scores are not required for students applying to the high school program. However, if you have already taken these tests, you are welcome to have official scores reported to UNCSA.

International Applicants
International applications are required to submit official TOEFL Junior or Duolingo scores. Minimum score requirements for international students are:

TOEFL Junior: 745
Duolingo: 100

Letters of Recommendation

UNCSA requires applicants to submit contact information for two references. UNCSA will send the references a recommendation form and the ability to upload a recommendation letter. UNCSA requires contact information for the following:

  • One letter from an arts instructor
  • One letter from an academic instructor

If not currently enrolled in school, a letter may come from an employer, mentor, instructor, director, etc

Application Agreement Statement

All high school applicants should print, complete and upload a copy of the Application Agreement Statement.

Artistic Statement

A two-page statement expressing interests, goals and other information that provides insight into your work.

  • Include full name on the document.
  • This document may be used if recommended for scholarship consideration. 

Need help? See "How to Write an Artistic Statement" and read examples from our students.


A resume detailing artistic experience and educational objectives.


A photo that looks like you. "Selfies" are acceptable.


A video consisting of a monologue, song, and responses to interview questions. This is not used for "prescreening" or as a substitute for an in-person audition. The objective is to help faculty prepare to meet you.

What to include in a Video:

  • Monologue
    • Choose something you are excited to share with us!
    • Prepare, memorize, and perform one contemporary monologue.
    • Monologue may not exceed 90 seconds and must be from a published play.
    • You are expected to have read the entire play and understand the context and circumstances from which your character is speaking. 
    • No monologues or speeches from movies or generic monologue books.
    • No accents, dialects, or stylized characters.
  • Song
    • 16 bars of a song from a published musical.
    • Song selection may not exceed 45 seconds.
    • Performed without accompaniment.
    • Pitch pipe (or a pitch pipe app) is allowed.
  • Your responses to the following questions:
    • What interests you about applying to our school?
    • How do you desire to grow as an artist?
    • What is something enjoyable or interesting to you outside of theatre and performing?

Guidelines for recording a Video:

  • State first and last name at the beginning of the recording, 
  • State the title of the play and the name of your character.
  • State the title of the song.
  • Dress comfortably and appropriately. No torn jeans or T-shirts.
  • Choose a location with good lighting and a neutral background free from visual distractions.
  • Review your recording before uploading. Check that you are clearly seen and heard.
  • The monologue, song, and interview responses may either be uploaded as separate recordings or as a single recording.
  • Videos must be completed and uploaded in time for the materials deadline assigned to your audition date.

Additional International Documents

In addition to the documents & video listed above, international applicants should prepare to submit the following documents to your Admissions Counselor only if notification of being accepted to UNCSA is received:

  • A copy of a current passport
  • If currently holding an F-1 Visa, submit a copy of this visa and Form I-20
  • Complete a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (to be provided by UNCSA)