Frequently Asked Questions about Living on Campus

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Residence halls have a central kitchen students can use. The kitchens contains a full-size oven, refrigerator, microwave and sink. Students will need to bring pots, pans, utensils and cleaning supplies. For these reasons, most students find it easiest to cook foods prepared in a microwave.

Students may bring a microwave or a refrigerator up to 4.4 cu .ft.

All residence halls and apartments are wired for computer connection to the campus network and the Internet. Computer users will need a 10/100 Ethernet card and cable to connect their computer to the wall jacks.

To maintain general fire safety, candles, incense, oil lamps and halogen lamps are not permitted in the residence halls or apartments.

Residential High School students cannot have cars on campus or in the Winston-Salem area. College students can have a car on campus. The car must have a parking decal from UNCSA Police to park on campus. Students should park only in spaces designated for residential students.

Coin and card-operated washers and dryers are provided in the E/F College lounge, Bailey Street laundry room and in the High School halls. Center Stage apartments are equipped with a washer/dryer in each apartment.

Housekeeping Staff clean the public areas of the living spaces. They sweep, mop and wax the floors, empty the trash cans, clean the bathrooms and stock supplies such as toilet paper. Cleaning services are not provided for residents’ rooms or apartments. You are responsible for cleaning your own space.

The furniture is constructed so that some of the beds can be lofted or bunked by the maintenance staff. Beds in the single rooms in Residence Halls A-F may be lofted. Lofting will place the bed approximately five feet off the floor. Beds in Moore, Sanford and the double rooms in Residence Halls A-F may be bunked only.

Students should submit a maintenance request for repairs. Minor repairs are done by Residence Life & Housing office. Major repairs are referred to Facility Services.

Only certified and trained guide dogs and fish in aquariums are permitted. The aquarium tank may not exceed eight gallons and must be kept in a sanitary condition.

Decorations can add immensely to the comfort of your room and make it more attractive and home-like. Keep in mind while you decorate that you are responsible for maintaining the condition of your room. Tacks, nails, screws and any type of adhesive that may remove the paint or mar the walls may not be used on room walls. Decorative tapestries, drapes, sheets, bedspreads or any other materials may not be suspended from ceilings or attached to furniture. All furniture must remain in the student’s room.