Artists Abroad

Artists Abroad

The Office of Community and Belonging helps students and faculty navigate the study abroad process and experience.

Whether you are a student or a faculty member, the office is here to help you navigate the entire process, from students deciding when to go and preparing for departure to assisting with faculty study abroad proposals.

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Information for Students

Undergraduate and Graduate students at UNCSA have opportunities to study and perform internationally through invitation-only faculty-led trips. Examples of such trips include participating in international competitions and festivals or apprenticing under faculty on work sites abroad.

Students traveling abroad while representing UNCSA must:

  1. Submit for International Travel Insurance(opens in new tab).
  2. Consult with the Department of Public Health(opens in new tab) and the Center for Disease Control(opens in new tab) on needed immunizations.
  3. Complete the International Travel and Potential Exposure Form upon returning from abroad. The form is available in the Online Student Health Portal(opens in new tab).

Information for Faculty

Full-time academic faculty interested in leading a short-term study abroad program must complete a proposal five months before the anticipated departure date. Submissions must be sent to Karen Beres, Vice Provost and Dean of Academic Affairs.

The Artist Abroad representative facilitates enrollment for International Health and Evacuation Insurance. Students, faculty, or staff traveling abroad are required to purchase this insurance.

The Office of the Provost approves international student travel. For additional information about the Artist Abroad program, contact or 336-770-1305.

Funding for International Trips

The following is a list of sources to assist students or faculty in financing international trips for performance or education:

 Other funding possibilities are:

International Travel Insurance FAQs

Below you will find common questions regarding the UNC Approved International Health & Evacuation Insurance.

Is this just travel insurance?

No. The UNC Approved International Health & Evacuation Insurance is not the same as travel insurance, which covers the travelers luggage, flights, etc.

The UNC Approved International Health & Evacuation Insurance provides travelers with direct and free access to medical professionals and services, medical translation assistance, emergency evacuation logistics and much more. It does not; however, cover lost luggage!

Who is required to sign up?

Every faculty member, staff member or student traveling overseas under the auspices of UNCSA must sign-up for the UNC Approved International Health & Evacuation Insurance.

Examples include business travel, study or performance opportunities, film festivals, etc.

Do I have to use the school's insurance, or can I just use my current health insurance, which has some international coverage, or purchase my own?

No. You must use the UNC Approved International Health & Evacuation Insurance if traveling on any form of university business.

Can I get insurance for a spouse or family members that are also going on the trip?

Yes. However, you must fill out the International Health and Evacuation Form for each traveler.

Please note that the rates for accompanying family members will be more than for UNCSA faculty, staff or students.

How much does this insurance cost?

The UNC Approved International Health & Evacuation Insurance has already been subsidized by the UNC General Admission (GA) at an extremely competitive daily rate. An additional day is added in the case of delayed flights.

Daily Rates for 2023-24

Who can I contact for more information?

For additional questions, contact