Campaign Leadership

Campaign Leadership

Powering Creativity: The Campaign for UNCSA is an opportunity for our generous and vibrant community to support innovation at UNCSA that will help our school fuse conservatory training with advances in technology and technique, helping prepare our gifted emerging artists to tell timeless stories in relevant ways for today’s and tomorrow’s audiences. Meet our leadership team:

Campaign Co-Chairs

  • Charles C. Lucas III
  • Ralph H. Womble
    Board of Trustees Chair

Campaign Leadership Circle

  • Stephen R. Berlin
  • Linda G. Bettis
  • Sandy Broadway
    The Associates Co-President
  • Mary Louise Burress
  • E. Greer Cawood
  • Steve Berlin
  • Christopher J. Chapman
  • Claire P. Christopher
  • Noel "Skip" Dunn
  • Lynn and Barry Eisenberg
  • Paul Fulton, Jr.
  • Charlotte M. Hanes
  • Eldridge C. Hanes
  • Susan and Douglas Henderson
  • Robert L. King III
  • Mark E. Land '78
  • James and Mary Allen Martin
    Giannini Advisory Committee Co-Chairs
  • John D. McConnell
  • Anne Rainey Rokahr
    Board of Visitors Chair
  • Myles and Lee Thompson
  • Michael D. Tiemann
  • Judith Watson
    The Associates Co-President
  • John Wigodsky
    Foundation Board Chair
  • Mary Lynn Wigodsky
  • Erna Womble

Honorary Leadership Circle

  • Malcolm and Patricia Brown '01
  • Thomas S. Kenan III