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Doing Laundry in Residence Halls

Laundry facilities are located at the Bailey Street Apartments, Residence Halls (E/F Building), Connector Building, Moore Hall 2nd floor, and Sanford Hall 2nd floor.  The washers and dryers can be started with your One Card or with quarters and machines can be monitored online.

Online monitoring of laundry status
Use the Wash Alert monitoring system to know the status or availability of washers and dryers in your residence hall. Set alerts to email or text you when a machine is available or when your wash or dryer cycle is complete. If several machines are in use, you can request a text or an email when a select number of machines become available.

Use the QR code posted in each laundry room to monitor using your smartphone or your computer by selecting one of the laundry room locations:

Washing Tips

  • Have a full load of clothes each time for best results.
  • Use HE (High Efficiency) detergent.

Issues with a washer or dryer?
Laundry services are provided through a partnership with Caldwell & Gregory. Each laundry room has instruction signs on the proper use of the equipment and how to notify the Caldwell & Gregory if a machine malfunctions.