AP and IB Score Reporting

AP and IB Score Reporting

Requesting AP Score Report

The Division of Liberal Arts grants either three or six semester hours of college credit for a minimum score of 3 or higher on those AP tests that fit the requirements of our bachelor’s degrees. To receive credit, we need an original score report sent directly to the UNCSA college division, CEEB #5512.

You will need your Social Security number and the location, month and year of the test. Send requests to: AP Services PO Box 6671 Princeton NJ 08541-6671 or fax: 610-290-8979.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidates

The Division of Liberal Arts grants either three or six semester hours of college credit for higher level subjects with a final mark of 5 or higher that meet the academic degree requirements for the particular arts school; we grant three semester hours of college credit for standard level subjects with a final mark of 5 or higher, again for those subjects that meet academic degree requirements.

To receive credit, UNCSA requires a copy of the International Baccalaureate Certificate, signed by the guidance counselor or registrar of the school from which you graduated. Contact your guidance counselor for assistance.

International Baccalaureate Transfer Credit Update

Subject Minimum Score Course Equivalent
Anthropology HL 5 6 credits: HUM 1198
Biology SL 5

3 credits: SCI 1198

Biology HL 5 6 credits: SCI 1198
Chemistry SL 5 3 credits: SCI 1198
Chemistry HL  5 6 credits: SCI 1198
Economics SL 5 3 credits: ELEC 9999
Economics HL 5 6 credits: ELEC 9999
English HL 5 3 credits: ENG 1200
French HL 5 6 credits: FRE 1101 and FRE 1102
Geography HL 5 6 credits: ELEC 9999
German HL 5 6 credits: GER 1101 and GER 1102
History Africa HL 5 6 credits: HIS 1198
History Americas HL 5 6 credits: HIS 1198
History Europe HL 5 6 credits: HIS 1198
Math Studies SL 5 3 credits: MAT 1198
Math Studies HL 5 6 credits: MAT 1198
Philosophy HL 5 6 credits: PHI 1100 and PHI 1198
Physics SL  5 3 credits: SCI 1100
Physics HL  5 6 credits: SCI 1100 and SCI 1300
Physchology  5 6 credits: PSY 1100 and PSY 1198
Visual Arts HL 5 3 credits: ARH 1000
World Religion  5 3 credits: PHI 2200


Undergraduate transfer applicants

The UNCSA Division of Liberal Arts accepts transfer credit in the liberal arts and sciences from accredited colleges and community colleges in the U.S. and, in certain cases, from abroad. The course content must correspond to UNCSA Division of Liberal Arts requirements and the student must earn a minimum grade of “C.”

  • UNCSA recognizes the Joint Transfer Articulation Agreement with the North Carolina Community Colleges; however, the student must still complete all UNCSA graduation requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Music degree.
  • We do not accept remedial courses; business courses; many computer courses; arts courses; or other professional courses of any kind for Liberal Arts credit.
  • Regardless of the number of transfer credits awarded, all students must take at least one course in residence in Liberal Arts at UNCSA.
  • Currently enrolled students cannot transfer in college credits if their Liberal Arts GPA is below a 2.0.
  • Currently enrolled students who wish to fulfill their Liberal Arts requirements with courses from another college must submit a Transfer Request Form to the Assistant Dean before enrolling at another institution.

Use the course descriptions from the UNCSA Bulletin as general guidelines and match them as closely as possible to a course description of the college you have attended or are currently attending. Please bring your former college Bulletin or copies of course descriptions with you upon enrollment, as this will greatly facilitate our process. All preliminary responses via phone, fax, and e-mail are unofficial until you are registered and we have all final transcripts.

Advanced standing for undergraduate students through placement tests

Advanced Placement (AP)

Undergraduate students may qualify for advanced standing or credit through placement tests. A student who participated in the Advanced Placement® (AP) Program of the College Board may have his/her record considered for advanced standing or credit or both in the college program when a score of three (3) or above has been achieved on an Advanced Placement exam. 

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

College Level Examination Program® (CLEP) test scores in areas that correspond to courses in the UNCSA curriculum also may be presented for evaluation for possible credit. Credit for CLEP tests is available only to students with freshman or sophomore standing and is considered inappropriate for more advanced students. UNCSA will only consider credit for such tests that have been completed prior to the beginning of the junior year. 

International Baccalaureate (IB)

International Baccalaureate® Diploma students may have their records considered for advanced standing or credit in the college program with a minimum score of five (5) or higher on the official IB exam for each subject. Credit awarded will vary for higher-level or standard-level subjects. 

Cambridge International Certificate

Cambridge International Certificate® AS Level, A Level, or AICE Level examinations at scores of C or higher will be awarded course credit. UNCSA recognizes Cambridge qualifications for admission, as well as awards credit and advanced standing placement.


Please contact the Dean of DLA, Dr. Rachel Williams with questions at williamsra@uncsa.edu or 336-770-3243.

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