Division of Liberal Arts

Division of Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts curriculum develops knowledge and skills that enrich the content and style of your work in the arts, and allows you to participate effectively as a responsible citizen in the world in which you live and work. You will study how humans think and create in different times, places, and forms — including our own. As understanding of these ideas grows, so do your capabilities as an imaginative, creative, and articulate person.

We aim to inspire curiosity about the world, to demonstrate the pleasure and interest in becoming educated, and to introduce the habits of life-long learners, believing, as did American philosopher John Dewey, that “education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

With a full-time faculty of fourteen The Division of Liberal Arts offers courses in composition, foreign languages (French, German, and Italian), history, humanities, literature, mathematics, media studies, philosophy, psychology, science, and writing in styles ranging from traditional lectures and seminars to project and studio based courses.

Welcome from Dean Wilcox, Dean of Liberal Arts
Dean Wilcox

As the world around us evolves, so does the role of the artist. The courses offered through the Division of Liberal Arts are designed to expose students to this changing world. Our goals are to inspire you to push beyond the boundaries of imagination to actively create your future, and empower you in the process of learning to learn for the rest of your life.