Portfolio Requirements

Digital submission of a portfolio is required as part of the application. If invited to interview, applicants will bring a physical portfolio to their interview. A physical portfolio can include physical work examples, photographs, sketchbooks and digital work presented on a portable screen or laptop.

Requirements below include specific examples for each concentration. Portfolios may include but are not limited to the following: 

Costume Design, Costume Technology

Renderings or costume sketches, photographs or slides of produced costumes, millinery, accessories, demonstrations of patterning, tailoring skills; figure-drawing; work in watercolors, acrylic, ink, etc.

Production and Project Management

Drawings, budgets, schedules, organizational paperwork that accurately represents your professional work and/or classwork up to the current time. Include any work or description of shows and/or projects where you had control of a segment of, or the entire, production timeline.

Scene Design

Sketchbooks and preliminary sketches (we are interested in your process), renderings, models or photographs of models, drawings, photographs of realized designs and their related materials-drafting, paint elevations, prop drawings, and other non-theatrical artwork demonstrating your visual expression and the exploration of ideas. 

Scenic Art

Sketchbooks, drawings, paintings, production shots of your work, renderings, sculpture, designs, paint elevations, examples of soft good skills and other non-theatrical artwork. This pre-screen portfolio will be uploaded with your application.


Stage Automation

Mechanical designs, draftings, structural designs, technical drawings, production work, and examples of computer or programming work.

Stage Properties

Sketchbooks, drafting, prop drawings, examples of your painting, scene painting, renderings or designs, woodworking skills or construction, metalworking, mold making, sculpture, soft good skills: sewing or upholstery, as well as items you have built: furniture, masks, puppets, costumes, craft pieces, and examples of craftsmanship.

Sound Design

System design draftings, photos, audio examples used in productions, any documentation supporting script analysis and sound design for productions. Examples of any creative work.

Technical Direction

Draftings, technical drawings, production photographs, construction detail photographs (if available), any documentation supporting your organizational and technical skills, and some examples of the quality of your craftsmanship.

Wig & Makeup Design

Renderings, makeup designs, portraits, photographs of realized makeups and/or hairstyle designs, photographs of hairpieces or wigs constructed, examples of costuming, masks constructed or millinery. This pre-screen portfolio will be uploaded with your application.


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Design & Production Admissions Counselor

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