Mail Center

UNCSA provides a full service mail center located in Hanes Student Commons. The office is responsible for delivering all U.S. mail and inter-departmental mail to students, faculty and staff. The Mail Center offers U.S. Post Office services such as stamp sales, UPS and Federal Express shipping options.

Each student is assigned a mailbox that serves as the student’s official campus address. Once assigned, a student's box number remains as long as they are a student here. The student’s UNCSA mailbox is used for all correspondence with the exception of grades or tuition bills. Financial aid, graduation and registration information are examples of important campus mailings that are distributed to mailboxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I address mail to students or employees?

Mail to a Student
(Student’s Name)
(Student’s UNCSA Box Number)
1533 South Main Street
Winston-Salem NC 27127-2738
Do not include your residence hall or room number as part of the address

Mail to Faculty or Staff or Departments
Mailing address is based on weight of the mail or package being delivered.

Less than 70 Pounds:

Recipient Name/Department
UNCSA Campus Mail Center
1533 South Main
Winston-Salem, NC 27127

More than 70 Pounds:

Recipient Name/Department
UNC School of the Arts Central Receiving
65 East Acadia Avenue
Winston-Salem, NC 27127

How will I know I have mail?

For packages, you'll receive an email to your address. If the email is from:

  •, your package is in the smart lockers in the Mail Center lobby.
  •, you need to pickup the package at the Mail Center window Monday-Friday.

Be sure to check your clutter or spam folder if you haven't heard from the Mail Center. 

If your package is to be picked up at the Mail Center window, present your One Card and sign for the package. 

If your package is in a smart locker, you'll scan the QR code in the email you received, verify your identification, sign for the package and a picture of you is taken.

If small enough, packages may be placed in the student’s mailbox. Periodically check your student physical mailbox for letters and small packages. 

How can mail be sent within campus?

All on campus mail is delivered free of charge and should contain the following information:
(Student’s full name)
(Student’s UNCSA Box Number)
OR –
(Faculty or staff person’s full name)
(Department or office)

Place this mail in the interoffice mail slot in the lobby of the Mail Center.

When can I pickup my mail? What are your hours?

During the academic year, students have access to their mailboxes or the smart lockers in the Mail Center lobby. The Mail Center window is available from 8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

The US mail is distributed to the mailboxes by noon Monday-Friday. Mail distribution may be delayed on Mondays, and following holidays or official school closings, as the volume of incoming mail is much greater. Campus mail is distributed to departments throughout the day, as it is received.

Stamp sales, shipping, and any other paid services are available between 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday at the Mail Center window. No credit card or Pickle Dollar sales will be available after 5 p.m. The Mail Center window is closed on Saturday and Sunday. 

Any other adjustments in Mail Center hours will be communicated to campus via a UNCSA Campus announcement.

What is my mailbox number and combination?

New Students: About two weeks before arriving on campus, new students are assigned a UNCSA mailbox. Students are notified by email or can online through the Student Housing Portal.

Students will receive the combinations for their mailbox when they check in as a new student. Students are encouraged to put their combination in their cellphone. Combinations are also available in Student Housing Portal.

Note: All students both residential and commuters are assigned a campus mailbox number, which they keep the same mailbox assignment during their whole time as a student at UNCSA.

Directions for using the combination:

Step 1 – Start on the first # in the combination. Turn LEFT four times & stop the fourth time at that number.

Step 2 – Now, turn RIGHT & pass the second # in the combination once & stop on the second number the second time around.

Step 3 -  Turn LEFT directly to the third # in the combination.

Step 4 -  Now turn RIGHT a really hard to open

How do I protect my mail?

  • Keep your mailbox number and combination confidential.
  • Don't preset your mailbox combination for convenience. Spin the dial several times after closing your mailbox door. This will ensure that your combination is not preset.
  • Don't let items accumulate in your mailbox.
  • Students should always close and secure their mailbox door. Loss or damage to mail in unsecured boxes is the responsibility of the student.
  • Never give your combination to another person. This compromises your mailbox security.
  • Report suspicious activity to a Mail Center employee or the UNCSA Police immediately.

How do I mail a package?

Bring the package to the Mail Center window taped and addressed. The Mail Center staff will give you several options and prices to compare and even make suggestions, if you like. They do not have packaging for sale, but a resource area is in the Mail Center for individuals receiving a package to leave their empty box and packing materials for others to use. The Mail Center accepts credit cards, or Pickle Dollars for payment.

Can I buy stamps in the Mail Center?

Yes. The Mail Center carries first-class, postcard and international stamps. Purchases are at the Mail Center window.

Do I keep the same mailbox year after year?

As long as you remain a student, you will retain the same mailbox number.

How do I forward my mail?

When graduating or leaving UNCSA, it is the students’ responsibility to contact family, friends, businesses, etc. to permanently change their mailing address.

Complete Mail Forwarding Form

For Students Who Are Graduating or Leaving UNCSA
A student’s mailbox will close at the end of the spring term. Therefore, the student will need to inform the Mail Center of a forwarding address. Only first-class mail will be forwarded. The Mail Center cannot forward magazines or catalogs. Students who graduate or will not return to UNCSA will have personal first class mail forwarded for one year. Any mail that cannot be forwarded will be returned.

For Returning Students
Students who would like their mail forwarded for the summer will need to inform the Mail Center of their temporary address. First class mail will be forwarded to the temporary address over the summer.  If students have magazine subscriptions or catalogs, they will need to notify the company. The Mail Center will not forward or hold magazines/catalogs. Any mail that cannot be forwarded will be returned.

Note: All mail must be directed to the correct mailbox address or it will be returned to sender.



UNCSA Mail Center
Phone: 336-770-3313
Fax: 336-631-1580
Location: Lower-level of Hanes Student Commons building