Campus Development Committee

The Committee advises the Chancellor and the Faculty Council on matters concerning: long-range campus planning; the siting and external appearance (design) of new buildings and of existing structures; changes in long-term use and appearance of campus grounds; placement and design of campus signage; recommendations for physical improvements, including space allocation and campus safety; student, faculty, and staff welfare related to campus development and maintenance.

2023-24 Committee Members (2 year terms):

  • Co-Chairs: Michael Dodds (ex-officio), Sarah Falls
  • High School Academic Program: Allen Smith (year 2); Alt: Sarah Hester
  • Division of Liberal Arts: Betsy Towns (year 2); Alt: Krys Puck
  • Filmmaking: Chris Dorr (year 2); Alt: Eve Cauley
  • Design & Production: Scott Beckwith (year 1); Alt: Vacant
  • Music: Michael Dodds (year 1); Alt: Vacant
  • Dance: Misha Tchoupakov (year 2); Alt: Kira Blazek Ziaii
  • Drama: Jason Bohon (year 1); Alt: Carl Forsman
  • Library: Sarah Falls