Faculty Welfare Committee

The Faculty Welfare Committee is advisory to the Chancellor and the Faculty Council on matters including but not limited to salary, workload, health benefits, and retirement as they pertain to all full-time, part-time, and adjunct faculty. The Committee will address issues called to its attention by individual members of the faculty, by the Faculty Council, or by the Chancellor.

2023-24 Committee Members:

  • Chair: Anson Koch-Rein (year 2)
  • High School Academic Program: Marci Harvey (year 2); Alt: Sarah Hester
  • Division of Liberal Arts: Anson Koch-Rein (year 2); Alt: Mike Wakeford
  • Filmmaking: Clint Smith (year 2); Alt: Chris Heckman
  • Design & Production: Susan Crabtree (year 1); Alt: Vacant
  • Music: Tim Olsen (year 2); Alt: Paul Sharpe
  • Dance: Ilya Kozadayev (year 1); Alt: Ming Yang
  • Drama: Krisha Marcano (year 1); Alt: Robin Christian McNair