Housing Policy

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts Board of Trustees enacted the following policy regarding room and meal plan for students.

All full-time students must reside in housing provided by the School and participate in a meal plan as outlined below unless they are members of one of the following groups:

  1. Students who are married or living with a dependent.
  2. Students who reside at an established legal residence within a 25-mile radius of the campus at the time of enrollment.
  3. Graduate students
  4. Special enrolled students
  5. College students who are classified as CIII
    (juniors) or CIV (seniors)
  6. Students who have or will turn 21 with in
    the Fall semester of the academic year
  7. UNCSA high school graduates may live
    off campus their CII (sophomore) year of

Any student representing one of the aforementioned may apply for on-campus housing. Approval shall be based upon available space and the contract period will be for the entire academic year (August - May).

A student required to live on campus who has a highly unusual medical, psychological or personal reason may be granted exemption from the residency requirement. The student should submit the Application for Release from College Housing in the Housing Portal with supporting documentation to the Residence Life Programs Office by July 1 (for new students) for the next academic year, and by October 27 (for the spring semester). No change in the student status will take place until the student has been formally notified in writing.

You are encouraged to submit your Housing Application to the Residence Life Programs and Housing Office to register your room preference in case your appeal is denied. Failure to pay your housing deposit has no effect on the success or failure to be granted an appeal. Do not sign a lease off-campus before you receive a final decision in writing.