Taylor Pinney


School of DanceFourth-Year Student

Taylor Pinney is a student at UNCSA as a B.F.A. candidate concentrating in contemporary dance. During her time at UNCSA, Taylor has worked with esteemed faculty Brenda Daniels, Sean Sullivan, Abigail Yager, Ming Lung-Yang, Kira Blazek Ziaii and more through the studies of Cunningham Technique, Limón Technique, Counter-Technique, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, improvisation, composition and music Studies.

Taylor has furthered her love of art into her love of photography where she has received the Congressional Art Award in 2018. She is also the Student Body Vice President at UNCSA and loves advocacy-based work as she works for the UNC System on a panel of students. Taylor is also a certified Pilates Mat Teacher Trainer from instructor Carrie Pages and aims to bring the value of dance training into the sports world by gaining a master’s degree following her time at UNCSA.

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