PowerPoint: Media

PowerPoint: Media

PowerPoint allows for the insertion/embedding of many types of media and art formats via the insert ribbon bar and insert menu. There are differences, so please explore both. 

Inserting and Embedding Media 

Insert a video file 

  • Movie Browser: Collects movies on your computer created/housed by various programs.
  • Movie from File: Select using file browser.
  • Online movie: Enter URL of video* 

Insert an image file 

  • Picture browser
  • Picture from file
  • Stock images: collection of pictures available through pop out menu on the right side of screen.
  • Online pictures: Enter URL of image* 

*If the linked media is removed, it will not appear in your slide. 

Insert an audio file

  • Audio browser
  • Audio from file
  • Record audio: This is an individual recording similar to slideshow narration. 

Insert a Screenshot

Select Insert > Screenshot 

  • Clicking the icon will capture a picture of your current PowerPoint window.
  • Clicking Screen Clipping will open a selector tool. Click one corner of the area you wish to clip then drag to the opposite corner. (ESC exits the clipping tool for another try).