Zoom: Technical Setup

Zoom: Technical Setup

General Settings

Securing Zoom

Hardware Setup

  • Managing multiple monitor setup
  • Presenting in Zoom with more than one camera
    • Objective: To present multiple views to students in a live session.
    • Materials: Zoom, computer, two or more cameras that function as webcams, USB cables. Optional: tripods, USB extension cables.
    • Setup: Two (or more) cameras connected to the computer, which is placed within easy reach of the instructor. Tripods and USB extension cables may be used to better control visual placement. 

    • Instructions:
      1. With Zoom running and all cameras installed, select zoom.us > Preferences in the menu bar. This opens the Zoom preferences panel. 
        Select preferences from menu
      2. Select the Video tab.
        Select video tab
      3. Under Camera, select the view you wish to present. These selections can be switched at any time during the presentation.
        Select preferred video camera or webcam
        The preferences pane can remain open while presenting. Be aware the pane will remain on top of the meeting window. One solution is to resize the meeting windows to sit beside the Preferences pane.