High School Handbook


High School Handbook

Brian Cole

Patrick Sims

Martin Ferrell
Dean of High School Academics

Tracey D. Ford
Vice Provost and Dean of Student Affairs

The High School Student Handbook is one of several publications students are responsible for reading. The UNCSA High School Bulletin and supplemental art school and academic program handbooks or handouts also include student policies and expectations. In the event of a conflict between this handbook and the actual policy or procedure, the actual policy or procedure controls.



Welcome from the Dean of High School Academics and Vice Provost and Dean of Student Affairs

Dear UNCSA High School Students and Families, 

In this special place, you are immersed in a demanding, yet caring artistic community, one to which you will contribute much and receive much back. Here, the expectations are high: of you, of your fellow students, and of the faculty and staff. Since 1965, this has been a place where artists come together to learn, hone their craft, and become artist-citizens who strive to be their best selves.

We appreciate the confidence you have placed in UNCSA. On behalf of our faculty and staff, we pledge to honor this confidence by offering you an unmatched educational experience in the classroom, on the stage and in the studio, in the residence halls and across campus. 

At UNCSA, our commitment to training citizen-artists through rigorous academic and arts programs also requires that we intentionally partner with you (students and parents) to develop and build this community. This is work we do not take for granted; indeed, it requires similar thought and rigor and care that all of our work here demands. With extensive programming, we guide students through an exploration of one’s identity and the relationship and responsibilities of each of us to this community, ensuring that both the individuals and community are healthy. Our policies and rules proceed from this first priority - the health and safety of the community and each of us within it. In that spirit, we ask that you read the following pages carefully, familiarizing yourself with our policies and expectations. If there are passages about which you have questions, please ask! Call or email us directly, or use one of the scheduled Coffee Talks or campus events for parents to get your answers. We look forward to partnering with each of you to make this another successful year at UNCSA.


With excitement and gratitude,


Martin Ferrell and Tracey Ford