Appendix F: Bulletin Boards and Disseminated Materials

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts supports the lawful exercise of free speech and dissemination of information to the campus community, provided that the time, place, and manner of the display and dissemination of information and materials does not interfere with UNCSA’s mission, disrupt the operations of the institution, or damage UNCSA facilities.

1. Bulletin boards labeled “General Purpose” are provided at locations on campus. These bulletin boards may be used for commercial purposes, informational purposes, or for solicitation of charitable contributions, and may be used by any person or group, without prior approval.

2. Notices and disseminated materials may not contain unlawful communications of any kind; including threats of violence, obscenity, child pornography, or a violation of UNCSA policies on the prohibition of harassment, sexual misconduct, and discrimination.

3. Bulletin boards not labeled General Purpose are reserved for use by particular offices, and unauthorized postings may be removed immediately by those offices.

4. All notices must be removed when outdated, and all notices will be reviewed for removal at two-week intervals.

5. No notice, advertisement, or materials of any kind may be attached to any wall, door, or other surface, other than bulletin boards, without the approval of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management.

6. Display of any notice or other materials on the exterior of any building, exterior door, landscape features (including trees and light posts), or other surfaces not specifically designated as a General Purpose bulletin board is prohibited.

7. An individual or group responsible for damage resulting from a violation of this policy will be charged the costs of repair, and may result in disciplinary action pursuant to University policies.

8. Because UNCSA has a high school population, notices and disseminated materials may not promote or offer for sale any items which cannot be legally purchased or possessed by individuals under the age of 18.