Chapter I: Student Services

UNCSA provides many services and resources for its current students. Please review the following descriptions so that you will know where to turn if and when a need arises.

A. Academics and Study
B. Campus Involvement
C. Counseling Center
D. Dining Hall
E. E-Z Arts
F. Emergency Response Guidelines
G. Financial AidH. Fitness Center
I.  Hanes Student Commons: 
In the center of the campus, the Hanes Student Commons provides space for students, faculty and staff to eat, socialize, meet, organize activities and so forth.  In Hanes Student Commons you will find the following:

  • Dining Hall and the Pickle Jar (the UNCSA snack bar)
  • Mail Center
  • P.O.D. Market
  • ATM, located within the Mail Center and available for withdrawal and transfer of funds (accepts PLUS, Cirrus, Discover/NOVUS Cash Network, MasterCard, VISA, and American Express)
  • VTS (value transfer machine) located within the Mail Center and used for depositing bills onto One Card)
  • Computer Lab
  • One Card Office
  • Student Health Services
  • Counseling and Testing Services
  • Student organization space (including the College Student Government Association)
  • Eisenberg Social Hall
  • The Well and TV lounge
  • Administrative offices for College Residence Life Programs & Housing
  • The Kenan Center for Student Life (Vice Provost and Dean of Student Affairs, Associate Director of High School Life, Student Engagement, Transportation, and Clinical Case Manager)

How to reserve a space in the Commons (planning in advance is encouraged): 

  • Groups wishing to reserve space in the seating area by the Pickle Jar for information tables, recruiting, or fundraisers should contact the Housing Office (336-770-3280). 
  • Groups wishing to reserve Eisenberg Social Hall or any meeting room in the Commons should contact Campus Performance Facilities (336-734-2866). 

Rules for Hanes Student Commons:  

  • Smoking is not allowed in the Commons, within 50 feet of any of the entrances, on the patio of the Pickle Jar seating area, or the dining hall balcony. 
  • All who enter the building must wear shoes and shirts. 
  • Fliers may only be posted on bulletin boards; no fliers may be posted on doors and windows.  (See Appendix C:  Poster Policy for Hanes Student Commons). 

J.     Human Resources and Title IX
K.    Information Technology
L.    International Students Admission
M.   Learning Resources
N.    Mail Center
O.   Office of Career Development
P.     Office of the Registrar
Q.    One Card
R.    Parking Forms
S.     Parking Policies
T.     Police & Public Safety
U.    Residential Life
V.    Library
W.   Services for Students with Disabilities
X.    Social Media Directory
Y.    Student Accounts in the Bursar's Office
Z.     Student Forms
AA.        Student Health Services
(in the Wellness Center) students can receive primary health care; women’s health care; pharmacy services; surgical, x-ray, foot, and dental referrals; routine laboratory testing; allergy injections; immunizations; nutrition counseling by a registered dietitian; dance-related medicine/orthopedics; athletic trainer evaluations; whirlpool hydrotherapy; ultrasound; electrical stimulation treatment; physical examinations at minimum cost (complete physicals and gynecological examinations); and confidential STD testing. 

Health Insurance:  All UNCSA students registered for six (6) or more credits in a given semester must have health insurance coverage either through the UNC system’s student health insurance plan or through a private carrier.  Complete information regarding the UNC insurance policy offered by the school may be obtained at  Students obtain this insurance by paying the student health service fee and the student health insurance premium.  A student wishing to waive UNC plan coverage must do so via the above web address.  In such a circumstance, filing insurance claims and covering charges for outside providers, outside emergency services, hospitalization, and so forth, are the student’s responsibility.  Medical bills are not mailed to parents.

Health Fee:  Students registered for six (6) or more credit hours in a given semester must pay a prorated Student Health fee, which is based upon the number of credit hours. 

Required Health Records:  Before registering for classes, all students planning to take four (4) or more credit hours in a given semester must have on file at Student Health Services a completed UNCSA health form and a current record of immunizations.  In addition, any student taking six (6) or more credit hours in a given semester must have on file at Student Health Services a physical examination performed within the six (6) months prior to initial matriculation. The medical providers will review all medical forms and reserves the right to request tuberculosis skin testing or a physical exam if the medical history indicates a community risk. 

Special Notes:

Students registered for fewer than six (6) credit hours in a given semester do not pay a health fee (and therefore may not utilize Student Health Services), are not required to have a physical exam on file, and are exempt from the health insurance requirement.

Students enrolled in an internship program located such a distance from campus that utilizing Student Health Services is impractical are not required to pay the health fee (and therefore may not utilize Student Health Services), are exempt from the insurance requirement, and do not have to file a health form. Any student wanting to be on the school-sponsored insurance must pay the health fee.

International Travel:  Students anticipating international travel should contact the Wellness Center for a complete health history form, recommendations for required immunizations, a self-care kit (first aid supplies), prescriptions, any letter necessary for specific health documentation, and the latest information about health concerns pertaining to the destination (including recommendations for food, water and medical care while out of the United States).  Those planning international travel should schedule an appointment with the travel nurse at the earliest possible date, as many immunization protocols must start six months prior to departure. 

Transportation to Medical Appointments:  Arrangements can be made through Health Services for transportation to medical facilities.  There will be a charge for this service and students are strongly encouraged to make transportation arrangements as soon as they are aware of their needs. 

Pandemic Protocols:  Should pandemic directives become relevant (e.g., the H1N1 flu pandemic), UNCSA will enforce provisions for student confinement and quarantine.

BB.        UNCSA Bookstore
CC.        Web Email
DD.        Writing Center