Appendix H: Violations of Community Health Standards

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards contributes to the educational mission of the University and to support a safe environment conducive to learning excellence. In collaboration with the University Health Services, the Office expects all students to demonstrate equal care for the UNCSA community by adhering to the Community Health Standards.

Violation reported to the Office of Community Standards
  • Individuals may report violations utilizing the Community Health Standards report form 
  • Violations include, but are not limited to: Not wearing a face covering in accordance with the UNCSA face-covering guidance, mass gatherings over the established capacity, violation of quarantine or isolation, failure to maintain hygienic standards, bunking beds, failure to willingly report exposure and positive case, failure to participate in required surveillance testing, providing false or forged documents, and other violations of Community Health Standards or policies outlined in the UNCSA Student Handbook. The Community Health Standards apply to the entire UNCSA community.

Notification sent to UNCSA student

The student is contacted via e-mail and/or phone to discuss reported behavior.

Minor Case Resolution Meeting

Students alleged to be in violation of the Community Health Standards will be charged with a Minor or Major Infraction depending on the severity level of the case and will meet with a Case Resolution Officer to discuss reported behavior.

Responsible Finding of Violation*
In most cases, students found responsible as a result of a Minor Case Resolution Hearing are subject to sanctions depending on the severity and level of the case including:

  • Oral Reprimand
  • Written Reprimand
  • Conduct Probation
  • Other sanctions in addition to the above status outcomes include Remuneration, Loss of Privileges, and Educational Outcomes.

*For Students Charged with Multiple Student Conduct Minor Infractions or a Major Infraction

Accumulating multiple minor infractions or engaging in conduct that puts the safety of the campus in jeopardy may constitute a major infraction. Sanctions for students found responsible as a result of a Major Case Resolution include expulsion, suspension, and educational outcomes.

Role of UNCSA Police: Compliance and Refusals of Directives of UNCSA Officials

  • Students who comply will be documented and their compliance will be noted (i.e. forgetting and returning to room to retrieve face mask, etc.).
  • Students who refuse to comply will be instructed to leave campus or return to a private residence.  Refusing to leave campus or return to a private residence will result in a citation for trespassing and escort from the area. Students refusing escort are subject to arrest and charge of 2nd Degree Trespassing.

Residential visitor policy

Refer to Chapter V of this handbook.