Undergraduate Clarinet

Undergraduate Clarinet

As a student in the undergraduate clarinet program at University of North Carolina School of the Arts, your passion for the clarinet will be at the heart of your music intensive studies, preparing you for a life in the current professional world.

Bachelor of Music

Small studio sizes allow for close work and mentorship with your major teacher from day one. The music faculty are also active, accomplished musicians, meaning they bring with them their own perspectives from the current professional world. You will have weekly one-on-one lessons with your clarinet teacher, receiving close attention and developing your own personal style. Weekly studio master classes offer the opportunity to refine your performance skills with constructive feedback from your teacher and peers, while building your confidence on stage. 

Performance opportunities at UNCSA abound. In the School of Music, participation in large and chamber music ensembles is an integral part of the curriculum, as are recitals. The campus is situated in an area with a thriving arts culture and community performances and paid gigs are available to you. The woodwind program will also prepare you for state, national and international competitions, as well as orchestral auditions. 

First–Second Years
In your first two years of undergraduate clarinet degree study, you will begin private lessons, master classes and ensemble participation while studying the foundations of music theory, aural and keyboard skills and musical styles. You will take liberal arts courses in English, math or science, and the humanities. 

Third–Fourth Years
Your studies in the foundational courses will continue in your third and fourth years, which include additional liberal arts courses, music history, repertoire, orchestration and career development classes. To prepare you for the possibility of teaching professionally, in your junior year, you will take a course in pedagogy and woodwind literature. In your senior year, you will fulfill your capstone graduation requirement, a full recital at both a juried recital hearing and a public performance. 


Your time at UNCSA will prepare you to embrace a broad range of possibilities after graduation. Alumni of the woodwind program occupy positions throughout the United States as performers, educators, studio players and arts administrators.

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