Graduate Tuition & Fees

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Tuition & Required Fees for Graduate

Fees and tuition are for the entire (both semesters) 2021-22 school year. UNCSA does not require any additional charges associated with the verification of student identity.

Tuition and most fees for part-time students are prorated based on 9 credit hours for full-time. See a break down for per-credit charges.

Note: Tuition and fees are subject to change and may increase each year depending on the NC Legislature budget bill.

Tuition Rates
Graduate In-State $9,196
Graduate Out-of-State $23,899

Room & Board Plans

Note: Students in Gateway Loft residence hall will move to the new residence hall in the spring of 2022.

Center Stage Apartment (Double Occupancy)  $8,306
Center Stage Apartment (Quad Occupancy)



Gateway Loft (2 Bedroom/2 People) $8,150
Gateway Loft (1 Bedroom/2 People) $7,150
Gateway Loft (2 Bedroom/4 People) $7,000
All Access Meal Plan $4,502
175 Meal Plan  $3,130


General Fees (all)
Health Fee  $882
Health Center $596 
Counseling Services $286
Activity  $748
College Activity $691
Mail Center $57
Educational & Technology  $754
Campus Security Fee $60
Mandatory Major Health Insurance — unless waiver is submitted online each semester (before deadline) at Blue Cross Blue Shield. Waiver not applicable to foreign students. $2,616.80
School Special Fees (applicable by school)
School of Design & Production Students $412
School of Filmmaking $1,495
School of Music $695
Special Fees (all)
University-wide Production Fee $257
One Card $52
Application Fees
Application Fee - Domestic  $95
Application Fee - Foreign $130
Miscellaneous Fees
Transportation $121
Parking Decal $70
Transcript Fee $7
Returned Check Fee $25
New Student $82
Continuing Student $16
One Card  
Lost/Temporary ID Card, if needed $25
Replacement One Card, if needed $15
One Card Trade-In, if needed $5
Graduation Fee (for graduating students only) $75
Replacement Diploma $50