Transfer Students

Transfer Students

UNCSA accepts transfer applications from undergraduate students in each of our five conservatories. Undergraduate students who wish to transfer from other institutions of higher education must comply with UNCSA’s audition and entrance requirements.

Academic college courses carrying a grade of “C” or better from an accredited college which are equivalent to specific UNCSA academic courses, may be transferred to the UNCSA record by the Division of Liberal Arts. Transfer or advanced placement credits for liberal arts classes taken at another institution are subject to the general policies of the Division of Liberal Arts

Please see the admission requirements for your specific conservatory or contact your Admissions Counselor for more information. International students must follow additional guidelines for international admissions.


College transfer students should submit official transcripts from all colleges attended. If the transcript does not include coursework in which you are currently enrolled, please submit the courses in progress as a separate document. All transfer applicants that do not hold a Bachelor degree or higher must also submit official High School transcripts. Please check the admissions criteria for your specific conservatory for GPA and Academic Requirements.

Test Scores     

SAT and ACT scores are waived for college transfer students who are age 21 or older and/or have earned 24 or more academic credit hours at the time of application.